The Road to Emmaus: The Path of Shavuot

We have entered the second month of the Biblical calendar and the next 7 year cycle is in full swing. We have begun a journey, and the highway of this new season is set before us, but how we walk it, run it, drive it, fly it, sail it, is up to us. There is open space before us to grow and mature into the sons and daughters God has called us to be, but how we see it and don’t see it is our main issue. This path we have entered into is very similar to the road to Emmaus.

The two disciples of Yeshua had set out on this road with 7 miles until their destination which was the town of Emmaus. They had heard of what the women who were bringing herbs and spices to the tomb of Yeshua had seen. An empty tomb, how could it be? The two men were distraught, confused, and heart broken because of Yeshua’s death just days before when suddenly a man they did not recognize began to walk with them. The man was of course Yeshua, but they were supernaturally kept from recognizing Him (Luke 24:13-29). This 7 mile journey holds a blueprint for these next 7 years we have entered into, and holds a message that will open our eyes to recognize clearly He who is journeying with us the whole way through.

No Distractions

Firstly, in this encounter with Yeshua on the road we are on, we remember not to be shocked at what has already come to pass and what is yet to come. The first thing Yeshua says to them after they explained to Him what had transpired in the three previous days was to rebuke them! “Then Yeshua said to them, “O foolish men, and slow of heart to trust and believe in everything that the prophets have spoken! Was it not necessary for the Christ to suffer these things and [only then to] enter His glory?” (Luke 24:25-26). Despite their heartache, Yeshua was reminding them that everything that had come to pass was already written, and likewise, many things that we will see happen in this next 7 years will be both difficult to bear, but also beautiful beyond imagining. Just as their time with Yeshua was priceless and His passing for three days so terrible, we must remember that for Yeshua to return the things that are coming must come to pass. Part of our role is not to be so distracted by these things that we fail to realize Yeshua is right there walking and talking with us through it all

No Favorites

Although the 12 Apostles, 11 after the suicide of Judas, were clearly the focus of much of Yeshua’s time and energy during His 3 years of ministry, for some reason they are the last ones to finally realize that He was risen once more. First were the women who found His open tomb and met the two angels, and then Cleopas and the other person who Yeshua walked with and then finally the Apostles, one of whom doubted the resurrection completely (Thomas). Often times we think that the people God speaks to and reveals Himself to most often are those with titles and well known amongst the Body of Yeshua, but the reality is, He reveals Himself to each of us everyday. Just like Cleopas and his unnamed companion who are never mentioned in Scripture before or after this 7 mile journey, we too do not need a name or title recognized by the world, but to know that we are already recognized and literally one in and with Yeshua, closer even than the skin of our bodies.

You have a title and position in the kingdom of God which is son or daughter, which is co-heirs with Yeshua seated right now at the right hand of the Father. Your title and position in the natural is no hinderance or express pass to the presence of God. Apostle, prophet, pastor, CEO, millionaire, billionaire, etc. mean nothing to God and give us no greater or less access to the King of glory, and Cleopas and His companion learned this first hand. Almost unknown in all of Scripture, they were the first to speak with Yeshua face to face after His resurrection. On this new 7 year road, Yeshua is speaking directly to you and as He speaks through others to you may it be confirmation of what He has already spoken beforehand.

Breaking Bread

After 7 miles of walking together with Yeshua and He beginning with Moses and [throughout] all the [writings of the] prophets, explaining and interpreting for them the things referring to Himself [found] in all the Scriptures (Luke 24:27), they were hungry. But during all that time hearing from the Bread of Life Himself they still did not recognize Him until they sat together at the table and He blessed the food and broke the bread (Luke 24:30-31). Not only hearing the Living Word, but being seated at the table with Him, beholding Him and dining with Him do we fully recognize and reflect on all that He has been doing in us and with us. We are being invited to invite and insist that Yeshua join us at the table just as Cleopas and his companion did.(Luke 24:28-29). We are likewise being invited by Yeshua Himself to take our place with Him as He has set a table before us in the midst of our enemies. At the table our vision is clear as our eyes connect with those of Yeshua, and the distractions of the world suddenly disappear. As we begin this next 7 years clarity is key, and as we break bread with Yeshua daily our vision will not be so easily clouded. In our distractions, sorrow, grief, and misunderstanding, we are blind, but when we are with Him at the table, all becomes clear.


The name Cleopas is only mentioned once in all of Scripture and for it to be mentioned in such a crucial place is no coincidence. The meaning of Cleopas is often translated to the Father’s glory, but that is not quite right. The exact meaning is Glorious Everything or All Glory pointing to the whole creation of God and Himself being glorified. Cleopas himself was beholding the Creator Himself amongst His creation for the first time since His resurrection and was a part of the first moments that man was reconciled by God on the journey to receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit. Cleopas was seeing the history of man come full circle for the first time since Adam and Eve, and Yeshua revealed it all in detail to him in person. As we also are on this road to Shavuot (Pentecost May 26-27), we are being called to recognize what Adonai has done, is doing and about to do in our lives, and if we do not know these things, to insist like Cleopas to break bread with Him so that our eyes will be open and our understanding cleared up as we behold Yeshua Himself. We are all on the road to Emmaus, and this next 7 years will require clarity and focus that can only be found in the presence of Yeshua Ha’Mashiach. Adonai bless you and keep you!

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