Biblical Months

As you read about the Biblical Months, Feasts, times and seasons we are currently living in we pray you will be inspired, motivated, and activated in your calling and purpose. We pray the Holy Spirit speaks to you as we delve into Biblical mysteries and prophecies that bring Scripture alive. Enjoy! There is much more coming soon!.


Sivan is a month of encounter and expansion. It is a time of moving into a territory largely unknown by us but familiar…


Iyar comes just after the month of Redemption when YHWH took the Israelites out of Egypt during Pesach


Nissan is a month of action as we hear clearly the voice of Adonai, and not a time to hesitate or be lazy with the new revelations He is giving.


We have reached the 12th and final month of the Biblical Year, a month of repentance, celebration, and a time to begin making new year resolutions.


This is the month to enter through the Water Gate, receiving refreshing and renewal as we enter into Abba’s promises for this month.


Tevet has officially arrived kingdom family and we are entering into the gates of a new Biblical Month!


It is time to enter through the gates of Kislev armed to the teeth with the perfect love and boldness of Adonai with His blueprint.


Although this month has no feasts or fasts like the other 11 months, as we delve deeper into Cheshvan’s prophetic meaning according the living Word.


The 7th month of the Biblical Calendar is a month to be prepared for, to understand according to the times and seasons we are living in, and for the birthing of promises.


Elul is the domino that is about to kick off the beginning of a series of global events that will be shocking in scale, and is the gateway into the new year


We have entered into perhaps one of the most polarizing and crucial months of the year, the month of Av. Av lasts from July 29th to August 27th. The word Av translates to mean “Father”.


This is a time to worship the King of glory in Spirit and truth, a time more than ever to be intentional with our relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.