Evil and Holy Trading Floors of SEA

Dream received in Dubai on April 24, 2023 | Iyar 03, 5783

As the dream began I immediately knew I was on a quest and I began in a hotel (like the continental hotel in the movie John Wick where undercover operatives go, where others knew about this quest). I felt very young and inexperienced at that moment and had with me an Ancient pistol that was loaded. I was with a young woman who was carrying a rifle ready to use, and she seemed to be bold and with experience. Our mission was to recover a golden coin (key) that was hidden, and we found it in a secure box in one of the rooms of the hotel. We found it and I took it and put it in one of my pockets. The young woman was not bothered or jealous by this which made me trust her more. Other enemies began to arrive and we decided the best option was to flee as fast as possible to the airport, and to take a flight to Egypt. As she knew all of the entries and exits of the hotel, she led us to one of the hidden exits. As soon as I stepped outside the hotel I was alone and suddenly I found myself in an ancient civilization that was a mix of Angkor Wat and the Greek empire. 

There were no roads, cars, or buildings like the modern era. In my renew mind I was seeing the way I needed to go. Instinctively, I knew my enemies were getting closer and I knew I was getting closer to the airport but suddenly I found myself approaching an ancient staircase made of stone and saw this child that did not speak my language or any language that is spoken in the world right now, but I knew I could trust him and using his body language he led me to a hidden rocky cliff. I could see dark green waters more than 100 meters below and I thought about jumping in but then I saw ancient creatures moving under the water. I almost fell but I found a sturdy rock to keep me from falling in. Then I hid in a small cave beneath the rock and I could hear above me my enemies passing by until they were gone.

Then had the chance to look around and I saw Greek columns and huge trees that made the entire place a shaded cool place. There were also large rocks surrounded by water and 20 or so people sitting on the rocks scattered throughout the waters. It was like in a church service, and I recognized one pastor from Southeast Asia but he was very old compared to the last time I had seen him. I knew that his wife had passed away previously and therefore one of his daughters was presiding over the service. I thought about going and saying hi, but the service was very boring and I felt they were trading on the Greek floor. Then I suddenly put all of the dots together and understood what I was seeing… this is all about trading floors and the green waters I was seeing were the bitter waters of Marah. Then I tuned my sight and I saw a small almond tree very close to where I was observing everything. I moved and quietly cut a small branch from the tree and went down the cliff to stand close to the waters and threw it into the bitter water. Suddenly the whole spectrum of the place changed and I was in another reality. Suddenly I was at the base of Mount Sinai holding in my right hand the staff of Aaron seeing the blossoming of the almond flowers and two newly grown almonds as well before my eyes on the staff itself. I realized that I had just made a trade the opposite of the enemy by throwing the branch into the bitter waters which were contaminating the service of the church which represented the body of Yeshua. I had traded opposite to what the enemy was trading and the ground I was standing on became holy ground and took off my shoes knowing that was the case. This was the end of the dream.

Overview and Questions

What is the meaning of the pistol and the rifle? These weapons represent Isaiah 49:2

We had what we needed to fight the fight. Feelings and emotions sometimes keep us from obedience, which was not the case in this dream.

What trading floor does the hotel represent? Obedience and disobedience

Obedience gave us access to find the golden coin/key.

• Once we got the golden coin/ key we had to decide between trust and oneness or division. We chose oneness which aloud us to move on.

• When she led me to the exit and knew it was our time to part ways we had to choose between jealousy and pride or gratefulness and glory be to God. We chose correctly and continued our separate ways.

• I entered into the mixture of Greece and Angkor Wat: “Humanistic Christianity” Egypt: is the common source for both.

• The Child leading me up the stairs to the Rocky cliff (Following the leading of the Holy Spirit with a renewed mind).

• Green Waters (Leviathan, the Nile) I wanted to jump because it seemed the best escape route until I looked closer and was not deceived by trying to return to the Egypt mentality. Instead I hid myself under the rock (Yeshua).

• The waters and the rocks represent the Body of Yeshua in SE Asia. The people are on the rocks, the right place, but surrounded by the waters of Leviathan/ Nile (Deception and Pride), the religious system of Greece, and the tall trees represent the same as that of Daniel 4, the process of Nebuchadnezzar, for all of SE Asia. Each tree represents churches as their own lofty kingdoms.

• After finding the Almond tree (What do you see) and realizing the waters are the bitter waters of Marah which represent a testing moment for SE Asia, I threw the almond branch into the waters and they were healed (YHWH RAFFA The Lord is my Healer). The new trading floor became the sea of glass, and the trees, trees of life. This was a prophetic confirmation of God’s chosen priesthood in the order of Melchizedek raising upon the global Ekklesias and bringing His sons and daughters from the ends of the earth back to Jerusalem so they can (Beulah)marry the land (Isaiah 62:4).

The budding staff of Aaron represents the fruit of what is to come for SE Asia, and Mount Sinai the new trading floor: The budding almond branch (Jeremiah) What do you see (Jeremiah 1:11). You have seen well. I am ready to perform My word.

What word? (Isaiah 63) the sons of Ishmael and Issac are having the veil of deception lifted to see the Truth from the ends of the earth back to Jerusalem.

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