Prophetic Description

Zion as a center point

Starting at the very center point, this represents the prophetic clock of Adonai, Mt. Zion, Jerusalem, where Yeshua will again rule and reign in the new millennium.

Six flower petals

Moving out from the center there are six flower petals emerging from Zion, which is the ancient emblem of the House of King David with each petal symbolizing a major region of the world.

Inner Circle

The flower is then surrounded by a circle representing the earth in which all of the nations exist.

7 circles

Overlapping with the middle circle, six circles surround it and overlap with three petals (regions) each, symbolizing all of the nations working together, every tribe and tongue as one Body of Messiah.
These seven circles represent the prophetic cycles of God always moving in perfect unison around Zion manifesting perfect order according to the will of the Father.

Magen David

The Magen David or Star of David is in the background of it all, seeing as Yeshua is the seed of David, the Son of the Most High, and has chosen Israel to be the center of the nations, a priestly nation.

Final circle

All of this is surrounded by the final circle which symbolizes heaven connected with earth, and The kingdom of YHWH coming and His will being done on earth as it is in heaven from the heavenly Jerusalem to the earthly one, from the ends of the earth back to Zion where Yeshua will descend from heaven and rule over the nations.

Kingdom Duties

Giborei Zion is a Tabernacle of Worship to the King of glory and a place where the youth from around the world gather to fellowship worship, be equipped and sent out where the Holy Spirit leads. It is an end times upper room where the Holy Spirit moves freely where Kingdom strategies in every sphere of society are received from on high. It is a world monitoring and research hub where as dot connectors we piece together the prophetic puzzle of world events connected with the Biblical times and seasons we are living in. Overall it is a Kingdom hub and spiritual command center of the end times where believers come together to continue to help pave the way for the return of Yeshua.

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