Reviews & Endorsements

Margie Hurley

Missionary and prophetic intercessory warrior | USA

I believe the prophetic voice, sound teachings, and intercessory prayer of VdD7 are vital at this time in history. The VdD7 website is inspiring, informative and relevant, faithfully fulfilling the Great Commission by providing the platform to help make true disciples of Jesus (Yeshua), not just converts.

Emmanuel and Lion’s passionate pursuit of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is truly contagious. Their dedication to their assignment and daily decision to wait on and encounter God (not only experience Him) is both challenging and inspiring!

I recently had the privilege of accompanying Emmanuel and Lion on some ministry assignments in Washington, D.C. where I witnessed firsthand how their consecrated and surrendered lives make a far-reaching impact rather than merely an impression. Wise beyond their years yet very personable and relatable, these servant leaders know how to enjoy and engage with people of all walks of life. Their deep and accurate knowledge and understanding of God and His Word make the scriptures come alive, bringing fresh insight to familiar passages and clarity to often misunderstood or seemingly confusing Bible texts. Their prophetic and musical gifts are impressive and their intercession powerful; however, it’s their consistent Christ-like character and genuine love and compassion for all people and nations that will no doubt keep Emmanuel and Lion at the heights their giftedness and anointing will take them.

My husband and I admire and appreciate these humble young men of great faith and integrity. We are truly honored to endorse and partner with this authentic, influential and innovative global Kingdom movement!

Marlene MM Setiyadi

Prophetic Prayer Warrior | Indonesia

We thank the Lord for Lion and Emmanuel and the VdD7 Team who have sacrificed and sanctified their lives to follow Jesus wholeheartedly . They are willing to learn and Teach Believers of All Nations . They are fulfilling God’s calling to align Israel with many many nations as part of God’s end time agenda paving the way for the King of Kings to return.

We support their endeavors like many of us who are wholly sold out to Yeshua Ha’Maschiah, fulfilling each of our own destinies (as His bride).

Many of us do not fully understand the Biblical Feasts with their terms and actual prophetic meanings behind it. These have been useful and fully explained by VdD7, and also historically and what they mean today which is imperative for those who understand Jesus’ teaching and who want to learn more about Him.

It has been a great pleasure for us to be working with them in the nations’ alignment.

Lee Afele-Maiava

Former Volunteer at Christian Friends of Israel | New Zealand

It is encouraging for myself and our generation that we are living amongst bold and courageous followers of Yeshua who hear and obey His voice like Emmanuel and Lion. This ministry continues to communicate the heart of the Father in a very clear and authentic way that reveals the Truth of a matter or events wether exciting or frightening all the while prompting people to hear from God themselves.

Wether you’re in their presence or reading and listening to their materials I always leave wanting to hear more from God! Their passion is contagious, their obedience to God is admirable and their hearts are pure.

I am walking through a season right now which was prophesied through this ministry years ago.

You want to be inspired to hear from God? Well… you’re in the right place/page.

Kasondra Watkins

Apostle | USA

This ministry is pure and its content is truth. I’m so grateful to the Lord for divinely connecting me. They are foundationally solid and are on a true pursuit to advance the Kingdom to the ends of the earth. Their ability to teach and breakdown the Hebraic roots with a prophetic edge brings so much more depth to the ecclesia. I highly recommend this ministry to those who are hungry to go deeper in Yeshua.

Agata Wieliczko

Worship Leader | Poland

TI highly recommend reading the prophetic insights about the upcoming Biblical months and meaning of them on the VdD7 blog. They are pretty long but worth every minute spent on it! They describe every aspect of a specific month and you can feel the presence of Yeshua while reading it. It helps to understand the spiritual atmosphere around the world. Reading it builds faith that the Lord operates in a specific time and everything is in His hands. These articles also give direction on what to focus on and how to pray every month and help to go deeper in relationship with the Lord. Personally, I always feel encouraged after reading it and experience the deeper peace and hope especially in these interesting times in human history. Definitely it’s one of the most important places on the internet that every believer of Yeshua should check out!

Ruth Ann Kendino

Daughter of Zion | Papua New Guinea

I have known Emmanuel since we were both serving as Volunteers with Jerusalem House of Prayer (JHOPFAN) on the Mount of Olives in Israel. We were part of the team of volunteers from the nations praying through the 12 Gates of Israel 24/7 Watch of Adonai.

He is a fine young man who loves Yeshua our Jewish Messiah with all his heart and being.
I am amazed at the level of insight and the energy he puts into writing on Israel and the nations aligning with Biblical prophecies which is his redemptive purpose.

It is a unique divine calling. He is being led by Ruach Elohim at another level and dimension to expose what has been hidden for centuries and breaks it down to expose the truth coming out from Zion.

The teachings are profound, that he himself has great knowledge and insight of, and is well unpacked.
I always look forward to each season of the Biblical calendar as there is always a Specific Word for each season.

He is naturally brilliant in his writing, breaking the raw Word down and giving the true meaning of it. His writings/teachings reflect that of a Rabbi.

Emmanuel is a walking power house, a fountain of living waters.
“He that believeth in me, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.” John 7:38
“You shall be like a watered garden, like a spring of water, whose waters never fail.” Isaiah 58:11


Camille Staub

Founder of Ground Rising | Mauritius

I spent some time with Emmanuel and Lion in Israel, worshiping and interceding with a powerful group of people, and have been so blessed stay connected with them since. They overflow with knowledge of the biblical history of Israel and pursue God’s will being done with passion, not only in Israel but across the nations. It is incredible to see such young ministers not only pursue God and what He is doing, but also dive deep with God in their personal lives, allowing Him to refine and build beautiful character and longevity in them. I have also loved seeing the specific ways that they honour and respect the locals in regions they minister and intercede in. I am excited to see what God births through this ministry and their yieldedness to Him.

Kallah Beth Cho

Prophetic Prayer Warrior | South Korea

The website is awesome. It is so creative that it challenges and encourages the young to seek the most true and ultimate Creator.. our God.
Also it has plenty of heavenly content, but it is tremendously well- organized! I felt like I was reading a book. All of your writings and pictures lead to the core that your ministry tries to keep.
Even colors that the website contains.. I was very touched.. they are matched with the content… I could feel comforted, encouraged, released and so on…

This website will awaken, encourage and ordain Kallahs (Brides) among all generations and nations for the Wedding day with the Bridegroom, Yeshua.

Thank all of your ministry team members for birthing this masterpiece with your best in this crucial time.. I sincerely respect you guys all.

Batya Nahum

Kingdom Lioness | Israel

I love and appreciate highly your deep insights into every subject you write about! You also go deep into the Hebrew roots which is very needed today in the Body of Messiah! It greatly enriches our understanding of the Word of G-d! Enhances greatly our revelation of His Word! We all need to realize that Yeshua was a Jew and also His disciples and of course also all the Prophets and King David, who wrote the Psalms that we still pray after 3000 years! They did not write in our “Western Humanistic Mindset”! Thank you so much also for your enlightenment about the Hebrew months! We from the nations are so used to the names of our months, according to the Gregorian Calendar where January is called after the Roman god Janus watching over the gates (with 2 heads), April according to Aphrodite, March named after Mars, the god of war….etc. Thank you so much for your assistance to “renew our mind”. It is such a blessing to be connected to you!
I do not want to miss anything you publish!

Say Sho

Senior Pastor at The King’s House | South Korea

Greetings with a holy kiss and holy hug in Yeshua! I am so excited about what the Lord is doing through His new wineskin. Even as the worldly system is looking hopeless and gloom and doom, the unshakable Kingdom of God is emerging and being established more than any historic season before.

The Lord is pouring out His new wine and new glory from the new wineskin, and these two precious prophetic next generation leaders are direct evidence of it, as is this amazing prophetic website!

It is a time that the church is birthing the ‘male-child’ who rules and reigns with an ‘iron-scepter’, which means that the Lord begins to rule all nations and Israel through His ekklesia, which has a true governmental authority over worldly governments. Rev. 2:26-27, Psalms 2:8-9

I believe with no doubt and prophesy, through this web-site which releases ‘the voice from throne, the voice from the secret place between two cherubim’s wings’, whole nations and a nation of Israel will be ruled and reigned.
Blessings and love

Pastors Amos and Esther Heng

Senior Pastors at GA611 | Malaysia

We love Emmanuel and Lion just like our own sons. People who know them see their genuine love for the Lord and for the people, and their passion in serving the Lord is always wholehearted. We rarely see anyone who is so young, and yet so willing and serious about obeying the Holy Spirit. They are courageously and without hesitation paying the price and standing on the frontline, to walk and pray in the areas of darknesses.

What they are doing truly has a strong impact on young people. Our prayer is that God greatly uses them in their prophetic gifts and obedient lives to edify, exhort, and warn the next generations in these end times.

Shalom and blessings.

Josh and Anastasia Gooding

International Christian Embassy Jerusalem: Prayer Coordinators | USA & Russia

The ministry of VdD7 has had a powerful impact on Israel and ministries here in the Land. By giving prophetic insight, earth shacking declarations, and through times of prayer I know the natural realm has been affected by their ministry. The influence, faith, and authority Emmanuel and Lion operate in is contagious, bringing life to individuals, ministries, regions, and nations.

This website is such a powerful tool which can be used to see the prophetic time clock in the world today and gives insight into the times and seasons to train one up just like the Sons of Issacar who knew the times and seasons and knew what to do. It is an honor to endorse this ministry and the work they do as a prophetic ministry and current voice in today’s world.