Global Economy

We are in the midst of a global economic reset that Scripture clearly tells us is coming. All of the plans for a new global economic structure are already in place, and their implementation is coming soon. We have done the digging for you, and what we have discovered is shocking due to its scale and detail, but also very important for the global body of Yeshua to understand and be prepared for this coming reality. The plans for this global economic reset are not hidden or secret, but being trumpeted by the powers of this world for all to hear without any fear of backlash or outrage. They are ready. Are you? Join us as we take you through those plans step by step, not only to prepare and even benefit from this economic reset, but also to understand precisely where we are on the end-times calendar according to the Bible and the key role we as the remnant play. Get ready to be exposed to the plans of the enemy and activated in God’s blueprint of victory.