The EU “Reset” Has Begun

All of the nations, banks, hedge funds, giant corporations, and governments have been at the starting line of the Great Reset since the pandemic began, but what just happened in Europe took us from “on your marks” past “get set” and straight to “Go”. It is the shot heard round the world that no one seems to have heard, mostly because nearly all of the major news outlets ignored it, of course.

We have been writing and warning about the financial backbone of the Great Reset which is laid out clearly in the “Paris Climate Accords” that no one seems to have read, which states that all nations that have signed it as well as large banks, central banks, large corporations, hedge funds, financial entities, Labour Unions, International Organisations, etc. agree to adhere to what is called an ESG score all in the name of fighting “Climate Change”. In short what an ESG score does is rate every person, business, organization, etc. not just on how well it performs, but get this, also on a variety of social justice metrics, how large of a carbon footprint your company has on the environment, as well as each individual person including their investments and all aspects of their life, and good governance like having the “right” ratio of asians to hispanics working for a company, among other factors. As we said, this is also implemented on a personal level and will directly effect whether or not you can take out a loan from the bank, any type of loan, even if your credit score is immaculate. Read more about ESG scores HERE and how it will change “Reset” everything. 82% of large companies have already voluntarily agreed to these new ESG standards as well as all of the other entities listed above, not just in the United States, but also many around the world.

Now to the smoking gun. Just last month (March 2021), “The EU Parliament voted in favor of a resolution that demands all large companies and some small businesses put ESG standards into place, or face harsh fines from their respective national governments.” It is not yet binding on member states, that is until it is brought forth formally as legislation, which is coming soon, and due to the overwhelming support it already has, it will certainty be adopted into law. In the fine print, it adds that not only will these companies be held to these standards, but also every person working for that company and any business that contributes the running of said company. The EU as well as every major bank in the United States has already given you and I, and every one of their clients an ESG score, but it does not yet have an effect on our credit. The reason being is because they are still working out the details just to make sure everything can be codified once implemented. The race has begun. But what’s next, if my ESG score is bad, will I still be able to buy and sell once all currency has gone digital?

And if you are thinking, well thank God it is only in Europe, just take a quick look at the rhetoric of the very original campaign slogan of Joe Biden, “Build Back Better”, the same slogan used by President Macron of France, Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the U.K, as well as the World Economic Forum, and a slew of other major nations. Oh, and let’s not forget to mention the European Green New deal that has as its goal to cut fossil fuel emissions by 55% by 2030. Sound familiar to America’s radical and laughable Green New Deal? Most of what was proposed in the Green New Deal is now in the “Infrastructure Bill” being proposed by the Biden Administration. So let’s not be naive and think this is only a Europe thing, it’s a global thing.

The Rabbit Hole Goes Deeper

The question then becomes, how can we fight this, and what should we do to prepare? At first, our knee jerk reaction was to say go straight to your local representatives to bring it to their attention and let them know that if they support this, they will not get your vote, and likewise to your bank saying if you implement this you will no longer have my business, but then we realized why that might not work after all. Here’s why. Both our local, state, and federal representatives, both Republican and Democrat receive large amounts of money from all of the same Large companies, Big Tech Giants, banks, and every other entity that has begun implementing policies that align with the new ESG standards.

The best example we could think of is what is happening, especially with Big Tech companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc. Clearly they played a major role in the the recent election, and the media giants even go so far as to brag about it. Time Magazine said, “Their work touched every aspect of the election. They got states to change voting systems and laws and helped secure hundreds of millions in public and private funding. They fended off voter-suppression lawsuits, recruited armies of poll workers and got millions of people to vote by mail for the first time.” More than half of the country knows things need to change for the better in election policies, but why does there seem to be a lack of action from the federal, state, and local Republican representatives?

In an article written by the Arizona Free Enterprise Club, they clearly display the hypocrisy of Republican politicians, noting that Big Tech’s continued censorship, de-platforming, or shadow banning users is often followed by the outrage of Republican politicians, BUT NO ACTION. Big Tech writes a big check, and that’s that. As long as Republicans think that they can get away with taking money from Big Tech, then voice their disapproval of their actions, and proceed to do nothing about it, nothing will change. Check to see which of your state and local representatives are taking campaign donations from Big tech and other huge corporate entities and you’ll know where their vote goes without having to listen to their banter. It is time to call out the hypocrisy both with our voice and with our votes.

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A Glimmer of Hope or Fools Gold?

Rep. Ken Buck (Colo.), the top Republican on the House Judiciary antitrust subcommittee, led the pledge to reject campaign donations from Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple and Twitter.
Buck was joined by Reps. Chip Roy (Texas), Greg Steube (Fla.), Ralph Norman (S.C.), Dan Bishop (N.C.), Burgess Owens (Utah) and Andy Biggs (Ariz.) in signing onto the pledge.

Hallelujah! Right? That was our initial reaction too. Finally someone who is willing to stand up for what is right and good! It turns out however, that this statement was made after Amazon and Google said that they would not donate any campaign funds to any representative who voted against certifying election results, and 5 of the seven names mentioned did just that. Would they have signed that pledge if they were still going to receive money from them? Genuine or not? We’ll let you decide.

Global Exposure

The cogs and wheels of what happened in the previous election have been exposed, and so have the mechanisms and systems of what “they” have already laid out for the global reset. Now we know, and we are learning more every day, at least as long as we look at what “they” no longer care to hide. The curtain has fallen and Oz has been found out, and it turns out it was just a man playing God. And that’s the point, now we know, and as we pray, let us pray that the grand illusion will be cast down and the spirit of complacency will be replaced with the Spirit of Adonai that does not sit idly by, but moves as the Holy Spirit leads.

When Joseph translated the dream of the 7 years of plenty and 7 years of famine, he prepared, and now it is time for us to prepare, both in the natural for ourselves, families, and for those who will be effected, and in the Spirit walking in right relationship with Adonai closer and closer daily from glory to glory paving the way for Yeshua’s return. There is a lot to digest here, but you are reading this for a purpose, and we pray that it has been a blessing to you. Adonai bless you and keep you!

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