Economic Re:set Plans Uncovered

We have been speaking a lot about Wall Street, the Shmita Year, and the likely global recession /depression, but what we haven’t spoken much about is what things will look like if the global economic re:set is successful and goes according to the plans put in place by the global elites. If you didn’t know there was a plan in place it is because most of us have been extremely distracted by other things closer to home like COVID-19, and everything the media wants us to know about while the real nefarious stuff is happening behind the scenes. Is it really behind the scenes though? No, the reality is most of us are too busy keeping food on the table and a roof over our heads to notice or care.

Would it surprise you that the new system is already in place in the United States and has been tested here and around the world? How about if we told you the name of it seems to have nothing to do with global finance and economy? The Paris Climate Accord is its name, seemingly having nothing to do with global economy, that is until you get to the finance section and you realize the real reason for the Paris “Climate” Accord is the Global Economic Reset. All of this started in 2013 however with a much more appropriate name during the Obama Administration.

Operation Chokepoint

This operation was run by the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation), and its stated goal was “to freeze politically disfavored businesses out of the financial system.” This was a partnership between the government and private banks, and any private banks who chose to go along with Operation Chokepoint would give their customers a social credit score based on their political viewpoints and if they were contrary to the government’s, they could freeze all of your assets. They came up with a score called an ESG score where your bank will decide your risk to the environment, social justice issues, and threat to the government order, and depending on your “risk level” equates to how much you receive in all types of loans, insurance, etc. We will go into more detail about this later.

Even before 2013, a private group of 100 banks and businesses around the world came together in 2006 in agreement with implementing the ESG score in their business models and banks, and as of today those who have already publicly joined this effort is numbered at 3000 with a total net worth of assets worth 100 Trillion dollars, that’s with a T. So do you think this plan is recent, and do you think they are going to put that kind of money on something they don’t believe will be implemented?

Paris Climate Accord

In 2015, when the Paris Climate Accord was signed by nearly every major country in the world, the narrative was that it was to commit to going green and using less fossil fuels to slow down the rate of “Global Warming” and basically save the planet. At the same time, in Germany and in the U.K. they had already been implementing these policies, weaning themselves off of oil and natural gas, and switching to solar, wind and hydro technologies. Sounds good at first, except there was then a fuel poverty crisis in the UK and electricity has now become a luxury good in the EU due to its excessive switch to green energy. 3,000 people a year die in the UK because they don’t have enough money to heat their homes. Despite all the hype about the climate crisis and the danger to the planet, let’s follow the money. The climate change industry is now a 1.5 trillion dollar business and growing, and everyone wants a piece of the pie, but that is not all, not even close.

Financial Section of the PCA

It is clear to all parties involved that the current global economic system is unsustainable, and the global elites are just as worried about their money as you are yours, so they need a way out. Government, Big Banks and Big business have teamed up not to be the champions of liberals and progressives or republicans, but for themselves, and the system they have laid out would create an oligarchy almost exactly like the ones we see today in Russia and China where all of the rules are in favor of wealth and power being funnelled directly to the top. Everything we mentioned about Project Chokepoint during the Obama administration has become the framework of the Financial section of the PCA, except now on a global scale.

The UN and UN Environment Program collaborated to start the financial initiative, and collected a number of global banks signatures who publicly endorsed and committed to implementing and adhering to the new ESG guidelines, however there was only one US Bank who did so publicly. Why might that be? Imagine how many people would take everything they have out of a bank who publicly said you can no longer invest in what you want, run your business in the way you want, etc., and on top of that if you don’t do as we say, we will freeze your assets. But not to worry, the banks who did not want to publicly indorse the UN’s financial reset simply created a private list called the PCAF (Partnership For Carbon Accounting Financials). Which US Banks signed this agreement? Bank of America, Citi Bank, Morgan Stanley, CO-America, basically all the major banks that exist together to form the Federal Reserve Bank, who is in charge of keeping America’s economy afloat, and are famously not even a government organization.

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ESG Will Ruin Your Life and Destroy Capitalism

What was Implemented? The ESG score was what we spoke about briefly which acts as a green social credit score that grades you based on your risk to the environment. Things your banking institution will look at to decide your score are: Purchased goods and services, how much electricity you use, business travel, employee commuting, how many buildings you own, how many company vehicles you have, what do you invest in, etc.

But what would this actually effect when implemented if I am considered by my bank to be at high risk to the environment according to my bank?

. Mortgages
. Car Loans
. Commercial Real Estate
. Business Loans
. Listed Equity
. Project Finance
. Corporate Debt Bonds
. Indirect investments

Already Tested in The USA!

In 2019 Bank of America became the first bank to publicly come out and say that they would do beta testing on ESG scores with their clientele and a slew of the other major banks followed. This continued in 2020 in the beta phase meaning the score was just there for you to see but had no baring on your access to bank services, capital, or credit, but now the beta phase is over and the year is 2021. Sinking in yet?

It Gets Better

4 months ago 450 major banks met in Paris to pledge to “Green Recovery” after COVID. If you have gotten this far into the post, you understand what “Green Recovery” really means by now. Here are two quotes from that forum of 450 banks, the first coming from American Bankers. “We will promote social justice policies to reduce inequalities, including through support tax, redistributive and domestic resource optimisation approaches, social safety nets and/or insurance schemes.” It sounds more like something AOC and the squad would say, but no, these are our “trusted” banks.

The next quote is from all of the banks collectively that says, “We, public Development Banks of the world, gathered for the first time in Paris, commit to support the transformation of the global economy and societies.”

One month after that meeting…

The UN Finance Initiative met in December and published the report on the results of the 2019-2020 pilot programs using the ESG score. The public list once again has only one US Bank, but everything the big banks in the US are doing now signals they are on the same page and timeline as the UN.

I Will Not Comply

What happens if I do not go along with it? Exclusion. if you do not comply you will be excluded from all banking services, and if you think they will hesitate to take your money or freeze your ability to use it, all they have to do is show the authorities your horrendous ESG score and it will be upheld. This will effect far more than Finance and would infect the whole system, every sphere and rung of society, and it would make real market capitalism a historic concept for the history books. Look no further than Russia and China to learn what it looks like for your average person who doesn’t have family in government or Big business to have the ceiling of opportunity fall on their head.

Did President Trump Know?

Yes, one week before leaving office he ordered the OCC to require large banks to provide fair access to bank services, capital, and credit no matter what. What happened when Biden entered office? He put a hold on the OCC fair access Rule. Coincidence?

Now What?

Like no other time in the last decade, everything that has been done in the darkness is coming to the light. This is a good thing, and an answer to our prayers. As so many injustices are surfacing, now we have a target to pray toward instead of a general conspiracy. On top of taking practical steps, it is time to pray that these institutions who wish to enslave the people would not get their chance and for all of us as the Body of Messiah to cry out to Adonai both in repentance, but also turning from our own wicked ways and back to Him. These things happen because Elohim is warning us just as He did the Israelites and other nations throughout Scripture. If the Holy Spirit is letting us see it, it is not for us to do nothing, but to prepare like Joseph, and to act intentionally and decisively both practically but to act, and in prayer, personal oneness with Adonai, and especially to spread the word to the people you know so they can take similar steps.

If you are part of a large bank look into whether or not they are planning to implement such policies or if they are in support of them. Do ten minutes of research and you will know. If you don’t trust your bank, then don’t expect them to give you your money if the market crashes. Greece is a perfect example when just a couple of years ago they even took the retirement funds of their customers to pay their own debts. Your house is safer for your money than your bank in such a situation. We write this not to bring anxiety or fear as these things are not from Adonai, but simply to inform you and arm you with information so that we are not ignorant of what is happening, and to take up the banner of the King of kings victoriously in faith and great expectation in Yeshua’s Name. We are not your financial advisers, but we have obeyed Adonai in sounding the alarm on this so that you can ask the Holy what you should do, and as proverbs says in a multitude of counsel there is wisdom. Consult the Holy Spirit and confirm it with Scripture, and ask those you trust in such matters, then make your decisions with shalom. Adonai bless you and keep you!

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