Pray for Ariel

This week we pray for a city that has as its namesake the apple of Adonai’s eye, Jerusalem, but Jerusalem is called by many names in Scripture, one of which is Ariel, meaning Lion of God. On the western border of the Jordan River, Ariel is the fourth largest settlement located in what is known today as the West Bank, but Biblically as Judea and Samaria. Ariel is located just south of the ancient city of Shechem, the first capitol of Israel after crossing the Jordan into the Promised Land. The city itself was built upon a hilltop know by the local arabs as the hill of death due to its uninhabitable terrain, but was chosen nonetheless as a settlement due to its strategic high location on the road to Tel Aviv to stop any invading force wishing to target the city.

Ariel has come a long way since then and has become a major urban hub for the other Israeli settlements in Judea and Samaria, and was even declared the Capitol of Samaria in 2010 by Prime Minister Netanyahu. The city is made up of both secular and religious Jews and tensions with its Arab neighbours is always relatively high as they see it as their land, coupled with the fact that the waste water from Ariel often pollutes the drinking water of a nearby Arab city, people don’t always see eye to eye to say the least.

Recently, we had the privilege of visiting Ariel with a good friend of ours to attend a 5:00 AM prayer meeting with local pastors who told us that ever since meeting together to pray in oneness they have experienced dozens and dozens of people receiving salvation, a huge increase compared to the past decade. Houses of prayer are also being planted throughout the city, and the local remnant is tilling the soil and planting many seeds that are quickly becoming trees of life throughout the city. Ariel is definitely considered a gateway city into the heart of Israel, and it is high time that we extend our prayers as well as resources to the remnant there who are labouring and bringing in the harvest as one body even as lockdowns have persisted. Please continue to pray for the pastors who are gathering at such an early hour to pray for the salvation of Ariel, and for the increase in those who are being called to gather the harvest of souls for the glory of Adonai. We pray that Ariel lives up to its namesake, and that it will be know as a city that operates in the resurrection power of the blood of Yeshua from the hill of death to the Lion of God. Adonai bless you and keep you!

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