Today Iyar 14 (April 26th), Adonai, through the blood of Yeshua is giving us another opportunity to repent and decide to be cleansed by His blood to be ready for the upcoming Shavuot to receive a double portion of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  The mystery of Pesach Sheni lies in the desperation and hunger of those who missed the first one to re-tune themselves to the frequency of the heart of the Father (Numbers 9:6-14) No one wanted to be cut off from the atonement of sins for not being able to give their offering to Adonai at the appointed time, and The Great I Am gave a second chance to those who were in that situation.  That second Pesach is today, and also marks the entering into the 5th week of the counting of the Omer (Leviticus 23:15-16) the 30th day between the first Pesach and Shavuot at the end of the 7 weeks on Sivan 5 (Sunset May 16th).

This Pesach Sheni is another opportunity to come into a time of repentance just like in the first Pesach, as well as aligning, reaffirming, and giving once again our lives afresh wholeheartedly to Yeshua.  As we enter into this Shabbat together, it is time to focus on where our feet are taking us, what is the lamp for our feet, Scripture led by the Holy Spirit or something else?  This is the time to walk on the new foundations of this month.  Read more here about the month of Iyar ( For those who were unable or even unaware of the importance of this special time in the Biblical calendar, or have hesitated in an assignment given by the King of kings to you, now is the time to say yes, and know that it is blessed and still available for you to enter into.  YHWH is a God of second chances, so much is His love for us that He gives us an opportunity to say yes to Him even if we have rejected Him before.  Shabbat Shalom and Hag Sameach!

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