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It has been nearly impossible to keep up to date on all that has been happening in the United States in different spheres of society due to the rapid changes happening at all levels. So instead of you having to watch hours of depressing media outlets and reading through hundreds of news articles that tends to steal one’s peace, we have done it for you for the purposes of knowing what is being paraded before our eyes as a smokescreen and what is really going on behind the scenes that the mass media will not tell us. These are things that effect you, your children and your families directly or will be very soon without there being any opposition. However, opposition in both prayer and practical means can only happen if we have knowledge of what is happening in our own backyards.

90 days have passed since the new administration has entered the White House and the news is so depressing and so opposite of what America stands for that it is much easier not watch the news at all due to the rampant hypocrisy, double standards, and double-speak the has become the norm like something straight out of George Orwell’s 1984 novel. But now is the time to come out of our collective caves if we have not already, and take the fight to those who wish to trample on our freedoms and demonise the Body of Messiah as if we are somehow the bad guy here similar to what Jezebel and Ahab did to Israel institutionalising what was wrong as right and outlawing what was right as though it were wrong.


Something that has gotten shockingly little attention as of late is California’s statewide new “Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum” which has in writing the goal of destroying the “Christianity, capitalism and racism” that white settlers brought to America. The Department of Education in California has approved the 900 page curriculum designed to “decolonize” America. So how are they doing this you might ask? Well, seeing as Christianity was the force of evil that robbed the indigenous peoples of their religions hundreds of years ago, they decided they will bring them back using the Aztec gods to do so. Students are being instructed to pray in chants each day to Aztec gods that formerly had humans sacrificed to them (and sometimes ate parts of) children and their parents. The curriculum instructs the pupils to invoke these gods to empower themselves as “social justice warriors”. We can’t make this up as it would be too taxing on our imaginations, but it is actually happening right now in the public schools of California. It is a well known documented historic fact that most of the Aztec gods were worshipped via human sacrifice, and now children are chanting and worshipping these gods to empowers themselves as “social justice warriors”. Is that supposed to be better than Christianity somehow. Cannabalism and human sacrifice is clearly more humane. What’s even more disturbing about this is that there are parents who are protesting this by anonymously sending messages to the school board and local schools, but get this, they are afraid to come forward publicly or even list their names because they are afraid they will get fired from their jobs for doing so. Yes, that has become a real fear in the country famed for its freedom of speech.

So what do we do? Firstly, we need to know these things are happening in the first place, but we will never know these things if we remain a recluse from all news media. Second, wherever you live, be it California or another state, it is time to get on the board of education in your county, city, and state. Make sure your representatives know you will take your kids out of school in places that allow such ridiculous brainwashing and indoctrination to happen. This hurts their bottom line because the fewer kids they have in school the less government and state funding they receive which they don’t like. Most people are not aware of this. Get out this information. Get together with some like minded people and pay for a billboard letting people know what is happening and what they are voting for when they vote for these people and what happens when you don’t get involved and vote. Empower the parents that want to speak out publicly but fear the backlash, and make sure they know they have a community that has their backs 100%.


39 executive orders as of April 9th not including the memorandums, proclamations, and directives as well have been signed by Joe Biden. This is a record by the way. No other president in the history of the United States has done this. All Trump executive orders were reversed plus more. As this administration does its best to dismantle America to make it fail, it is up to us on a local level especially to make sure that our communities remain as strongholds of freedom and full of prayer and worship. Many of us tend to want to hibernate and be comfortable in our own homes where no one will bother us especially when we become disillusioned with what is happening in the land of the free, but now is the time to shake off the disbelief and hit the ground running, because the enemies of the United States, both foreign and domestic, are not slowing down and waiting for us to catch up. They are going straight for the jugular in every sphere of society and politics from the local level all the way to the top. Yes, the election was hacked and not kosher to say the least, but that does not mean we sit on our hands and cry while the fox is in the hen house. It is time to get out of our comfort zones, and if that means going and getting involved with your city and county elections, it may very well be the difference between a socialist running the school board or being in the mayor’s office. Prayers are powerful, but the Apostles and disciples did not win the souls of millions through prayers alone, but by walking the land in power and authority of the Most High God. It is time we walk the land mighty people of Adonai.

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Gender and Sexuality

The leadership we depend on to keep our military at the cutting edge of readiness against our enemies, the Pentagon, has just passed new department regulations that allow transgender people who meet military standards to enlist and serve openly in their self-identified gender, and they will be able to get medically necessary transition-related care authorized by law, chief Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told reporters during a briefing. It is one thing for grown adults to make that decision, but for tax payer dollars to fund it is outright ridiculous, just like tax dollars are now going to support planned parenthood and abortion, but that’s another topic altoghether. Now however trans rights activists want what is happening in Canada right now to happen in the United States. This one will shock you.

Recently in Canada, a dad was sentenced to six months in prison for calling his 14 year old daughter by she and her pronouns even though she identified as a boy and also because he objected to giving her hormones and other drugs to begin her transition from a girl to a boy. That actually just happened. The judge apparently was appalled that the father would be so brash as to refer to his daughter with she her pronouns and was equally outraged that he would not let her undergo hormone treatments and gave him a 6 month sentence. A Father who loves his daughter just got sentenced to prison, not for abuse, sexual assault, or anything egregious, and after all of the time and effort he put into raising her, this is his reward. We are not quite at the Matthew 10:21 level yet but we are getting pretty darn close. “Brother will betray brother to death, and a father his child; children will rebel against their parents and have them put to death.” This is not something written in a novel trying to predict what the future will look like, it is happening now. This is the same type of legislation that our current government is trying to pass now, and many states have begun to outright ban such practices. If your state has not, it is time to get on the phone with the governors office and insist that he or she do so or forfeit your vote.

How To Pray

In order to pray with understanding we need to have the knowledge with which to pray and hit the specific targets of issue, and now that we have the targets in sight we must pray every person that has a calling on their lives in these different spheres of society will arise and shine because their hour has come, and when they raise up, as many have, they will be amazed at the grace and favor of Adonai and the open doors that are before them because they decided they will be a witness of Yeshua for His glory in the area they have been called to like Joshua and Caleb who Adonai told to be brave and courageous. Empower those you know have a calling in these areas and be praying for them.

Continue praying for you local, state and federal leaders, and if you do not know them, now is the time to get familiar, because when we begin to ask the Father for His heart for these individuals, and pray accordingly, salvation is swiftly on its way to their lives one way or another. Lastly, as was stressed previously, prayers must be coupled with action, and now is the time if there ever was one for the Body of Messiah instead of being divided, to spring into action in oneness operating in the authority and dominion of the King of kings as ambassadors of Adonai carrying the force of our inheritance through Him. Let’s do this together Kingdom family! Stay tuned for the next USA prayer alert where we will unveil much more of the things no one is telling you, and are happening right under our noses. Adonai bless you and Shabbat Shalom!

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