Today Iyar 14 (May 8), Adonai, through the blood of Yeshua is giving us another opportunity to repent and decide to be cleansed by His blood to be ready for the upcoming Shavuot to receive a double portion of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  The mystery of Pesach Sheni lies in the desperation and hunger of those who missed the first one to re-tune themselves to the frequency of the heart of the Father (Numbers 9:6-14).  No one wanted to be cut off from the atonement of sins for not being able to give their offering to Adonai at the appointed time, and The Great I Am gave a second chance to those who were in that situation.  That second Pesach is today, and also marks the entering into the 5th week of the counting of the Omer (Leviticus 23:15-16) the 30th day between the first Pesach and Shavuot at the end of the 7 weeks on Sivan 5 (May 28th).  This Pesach Sheni is another opportunity to come into a time of repentance just like in the first Pesach, as well as aligning, reaffirming, and giving once again our lives afresh wholeheartedly to Yeshua.  As we enter into this Shabbat together, it is time to focus on where our feet are taking us, what is the lamp for our feet, Scripture led by the Holy Spirit or something else?  This is the time to walk on the new foundations of this month.  Read more here about the month of Iyar ( For those who were unable or even unaware of the importance of this special time in the Biblical calendar, or have hesitated in an assignment given by the King of kings to you, now is the time to say yes, and know that it is blessed and still available for you to enter into.  YHWH is a God of second chances, so much is His love for us that He gives us such an opportunity to say yes to Him even if we have rejected Him before.

Tonight we are in the middle of the three days of the last super moon of the year when the moon looks much larger than usual due to its proximity to the earth.  We see this as an important sign as Scripture tells us, “He made the moon for the seasons;” (Psalm 104:19), and for the sun, moon, and stars to be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years” (Genesis 1:14-15).  On the day of the second chance (2nd Pesach) on the 30th day of the Counting of the Omer which signals the approaching day of Shavuot (Pentecost), it as if the last super moon of the year is trying to tell us, pay attention!  The time of the total restoration of Israel is near!  As Israel is being restored physically with the coming annexation of Judea and Samaria, the spiritual restoration is also happening with a greater opening of the hearts of the Jewish people toward the Gospel of Peace, and the proverbial veil is being lifted more and more.  Look alive, be synchronized with the times and be assured by the signs understanding this also means your restoration is here, and the time to receive it in full is at hand.  So reach out and claim it! May it be a testament to the goodness of the Great I Am to of all those around you re-wire themselves as well.

To top it all off, in this week (May 5th), Israel experienced extremely unusual and unseasonal rain and hail, as well as lightning storms from the North of the country to the Negev Desert in the south.  The Israel Electric Corporation recorded 828 lightning strikes on Tuesday morning and afternoon, an unprecedented number for May, and up dramatically — by 2,748% — from May’s monthly average of 30.  This rain culminated the afternoon of May 5th with a giant rainbow stretching from the Old City of Jerusalem to Mount Scopus.  As Israel is the firstborn nation of the Almighty, a mirror to the nations, this a sign for you, your family, and your nation that this is the time of supernatural provision in both the natural and the spirit, an un-natural rain from Adonai Himself!  It is time to tune ears to hear and eyes to see only what the Father is saying and doing away from the confusion of the world.  The rainbow which represents the covenant, the promise Elohim made to all creation, is the seal of the sign that it will come to pass and Abba has remembered His promise to restore the land instead of destroying it, just as He told Noah so many millennia ago (Genesis 9:14-18).

Shabbat Shalom Kingdom Family! Hag Sameach!

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