Today we were led by the Holy Spirit to go to perhaps the most beautiful tomb in the world, and one of the modern day 7 wonders of the World, the Taj Mahal. Even though so many people dream to visit this wonder of the world, in the case of the team that the Lord designed to go, it was the Holy Spirt redirecting us, including Eunice who flew from our kingdom Family in Malaysia to join us. The Taj Mahal is a massive structure that towers above the surrounding area, but even with its massive size, every inch of the mausoleum is covered with very intricate and masterful artwork. It was commissioned to be built in 1632 by the Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan for his third and favorite wife Mumtaz Mahal. She was his favorite wife because she gave birth 14 times, while his other two wives were unable to bear children. She died during labor while giving birth to their 14th child, and he had the Taj Mahal built in her memory, taking a total of 22 years and over 20 thousand laborers. Both King Jahan and his wife Mumtaz Mahal are still buried there next to one another, while his other two wives have much smaller Mausoleums near the east and west gates. The Taj Mahal was constructed in Agra, India, which was the capital of India until shortly after the beginning of construction when Shah Jahan moved the capital to Delhi. The circumstances in which this marvel was built are very key to understanding the times. It was by no coincidence that the Spirit of God led us to this particular place at this particular time. A pattern begins to emerge when we look at the context around which this wonder of the world was built. Firstly, It was ordered to be built on the aftermath of the death of a loved one during the birth of a loved one, and during the beginning stages of its construction in Agra the capital city, the capital was moved to Delhi, another example of the end of one cycle and the beginning of the next. When we combine this pattern of destruction and new birth with the timing in which we were sent, on the first day of the week (new week) after a total lunar eclipse (judgement), during the day of the full moon (new beginning), this pattern continues. All of this coupled with the fact that this biblical month of Av is the month of the end of one cycle and the beginning of another, all coincidence flies out the window. So by the grace of God, in this Mo’ed, we were in the right place at the right time with the right people.

Unbeknownst to us, we arrived to the Taj Mahal on one of the busiest days of the year on a public holiday. Regardless of the throngs of people and the unbelievably long lines, we arrived with a great attitude, ready to pray and worship, knowing that as this is one of the ancient places that it has great significance in the Spirit and the physical as it is a potful representation of new beginnings. Thanks to the grace and favor of the Almighty, we were greeted by a tour guide that pushed us to the front of all of the lines, bypassing hours of standing at the entrance. As we entered and started to discern in the Spirit, the Holy Spirit was leading us to pray in key places. Everything despite its great size, was completely symmetrical, even going to the extreme of having two identical mosques built on either side of the Taj Mahal. The entire complex was arranged with four gates, each facing one of the four cardinal points. We entered through the west gate, the perfect entrance as India lies in the direction of the three eastern gates of the New Jerusalem, the golden gate being the gate from which the river of God flows from His throne in Ezekiel 47:1-12. Taking the Key of David that opens doors that cannot be shut and closes doors that cannot be opened (Isaiah 22:22), we opened the west gate as we entered, letting the rivers of God enter from the east gate of Jerusalem, we ourselves being the carriers of His living waters.

After entering through the west gate we made our way through the North gate into the main grounds of the Taj Mahal. The first place we were led to pray at was the famous raised marble center platform of the grounds, where so many foreign leaders and dignitaries have sat during their official visits to India, with Benjamin Netanyahu being one of the most recent visitors. From here we were led to pray for the leadership of the nation, and that India align with Israel like never before, acknowledging Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel, and moving their embassy there. We prayed that a bridge in the natural and in the Spirit connect Jerusalem to India. From the platform, we went to the end of the waterway that marks the center point of the line of alignment that goes from the North gate directly to the burial place of Mumtaz Mahal. We stood on the line of alignment between the two points that represents a foundation stone of the nation, once the capital of the nation and such a place of great transition for the country as a whole. We know that in order change the cycles of the past, the Lord Himself must do it so that He alone is glorified. We see this clearly as He is shaking off the dust of the foundations of the City of David in Jerusalem, so that He himself can be the foundation, the Rock of the city, in order that He can bring the New Jerusalem. So, Adonai must change the foundations of the nation of India in order for His redemptive purpose to be fulfilled. From that place of false alignment, we prayed that Yeshua replace the foundation stone, built on death, to be changed forever to the cornerstone of Christ which is life. We declared the principalities of Jezebel and Egypt that have so long controlled this nation to be powerless in India by the blood of Jesus!

We continued on into the Taj Mahal itself where were forced to put on shoe covers to preserve the site. It was an impressive thing to see that every inch of the structure was covered with beautiful white marble and inlayed with other precious stones, forming pictures of lotus flowers, the flower of India, made of cornelian stone that sparkles and shines under the light of a full moon. The tombs of King Shah Jahan and Queen Mumtaz Mahal were laid directly in the center of the building, lining up perfectly with the waterway outside all the way to the south gate. As we exited the Taj Mahal, a spectacular view of the Yamuna River greeted us at the back of the Mausoleum. The Yamuna River, the second largest river in India, is the same river that also runs directly through the center of New Delhi. We prayed over the river that it would be like the living waters of Yeshua, making the bitter waters sweet and bringing salvation wherever it flows. Lastly, we prayed in front of the Mosque that stands at the east side of the Taj Mahal, standing in unity, we used our hammers in the Spirit, destroying the enemy stronghold in the Spirit, that it may never stand again in the way of the river of God flowing through India. From there we began to make our way back out through the beautiful and exquisite buildings, each square foot a masterpiece in itself. We took one last look as we walked back out the way we had come, taking one last mental picture.

Walking out the West gate, we made one last stop where we had the privilege to go to a place where we were shown how the beautiful images on the walls of the Taj Mahal are not actually painted on, but rather inlaid into the Marble using a painstakingly precise and slow technique using hand tools and rare stones form across the globe. The master craftsmen explained in detail the multi step process that was used in the whole of the Taj Mahal using small scale models, and described to us how the cornelian stone, an opaque orange stone, when hit with the moonlight, shines and sparkles in the night sky. The entire Taj Mahal becomes a gigantic display of glowing orange flowers as the giant lotus blossoms inlaid on the exterior come to life in the light of the moon. He showed us a small example of one piece of art the size of the palm of his hand that took over three and a half years to make, using over 22,000 stones, a small example of the immense work of art that the Taj Mahal is. Some of the stones used in the inlay art work, such as carnelian and lapis lazuli are referenced frequently throughout the Word of God, giving us a small glimpse at the unparalleled splendor and majesty of the New Jerusalem and the throne room of God, the floor of which is like lupus Lazuli.

During our time in the Taj Mahal, we declared and proclaimed as the Spirit led, that this was the time of the realignment of India to God’s redemptive purpose, that the shift is here, and the new beginning is at hand in the name of Yeshua. We understood while being there that it was a very important place in the Spirit and the natural, as it represents the older generation making way for the new generation, who will pave the way for the King of Glory in India, the old era coming to pass and the new era coming to fruition. There were so many beautiful stones to house the dead, but we as the Living stones, on the Rock of Salvation tore down the fortresses of the enemy in the Spirit, and began building anew the Tabernacle of David in that place as we worshipped in Spirit and Truth. The old gates are but ruins now in the Spirit, and the new gates have made way for the hosts of heaven to enter into the land upon which we have been given dominion. A new birth of India is at hand, the beginning of a new cycle that will transform the nation. India will be filled with HIs Glory! We challenge you now to take in your hands the Key of David, to open the doors of heaven in your nation, and shut the the gates of the fallen enemy of darkness forever. If we do not speak the rocks will speak for us, so let us open our mouths and declare that the Kingdom is at hand!

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