On February 28, 1948 the last remaining British soldiers departed from India after India had declared its Independence one year before.  This year marks the 70th year, one generation, since that hallowed moment of departure, marking a new beginning and a new generation arising in the nation.  They marched through the Gateway of India, a huge archway located in Mumbai, India and sailed from the natural harbor at the mouth of the island city back to England.  What was once the crown jewel of the British Empire now belonged firmly in the grasp of the people.  Mumbai is now the capital of finance, commerce and entertainment in all of India, considered to be what is called an Alpha City, or one of the cities of the world that is a major player in the world’s finance and trade in todays very globalized world.  Just as in the physical, so in the Spirit, Mumbai has a major role to play in this new generation of Believers that is rising up in the nations.  From Mumbai the gates shall be opened wide to welcome in the King of Glory!

When arriving to Mumbai, we knew nothing about the city, as we had never been here before, only hearing that it was the home of Bollywood, the famous movie industry of India, but after praying and seeking the Lord, He led us to one place, the Gateway of India.  Besides its historical importance, this gate also represents the gate of the nation in the Spirit.  We knew that we had been sent to this place at for such a time as this, and that this was the Mo’ed (appointed time) of God for us to be there.  So, disguised as benign tourists on vacation and armed with fresh revelation from the Holy Spirit, unified as a chord of three ends that cannot be broken easily (Ecclesiastes 4:12), we made our way to the Gateway of India.  When looking at the map of the city, the arch is at the very south of the city, sitting at the base of what looks like a forefinger next to the thumb attached to a hand and wrist reaching out into the bay, the gateway like the signet ring around the finger of God.

As we walked through the crowd to reach the front of the gate, we stuck out like a sore thumb against the backdrop of Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus.  From the iron fence just in front of the archway, we stood confidently before the colossal structure, peering through the entrance at the sea beyond where ships from all corners of the earth were coming to trade their wares.  As we began to pray, the hustle and bustle about us seemed to dissipate as the presence of the Lord and His angels descended.  The charioteer who had been guarding the gate for the fallen kingdom of darkness was quickly overcome, and with loud voice, in the boldness of the Lord of Hosts, we proclaimed the Word of God over the gateway.  We asked for forgiveness of the past sins of the imperial powers who had once stolen the wealth of the land and marginalized its people, pleading the blood of Jesus to heal the wounds of the land and the hearts of the people.  We declared that this nation is a nation for Jesus Christ, that it is aligning itself to the prophetic clock of God (Jerusalem).  We gave the mountains of influence of this city to the Father, that they would no longer be a weapon of the enemy, but rather a tool of the righteous and just.  We commanded the wicked to throw up the treasures that it had been stealing from the land and the people, and to transfer it to the righteous for the building of the Kingdom, paving the way for the return of the Great I Am.  We were seeing camels in the Spirit and the ships of Tarshish bringing their treasures back to Jerusalem just as Isaiah 60: 5-9 describes.  As we continued to declare as the Holy Spirit led, we could feel the crowd around us growing, but in that moment the Lion of Judah was fighting the battle, not to be outmatched or outnumbered, and the tangible presence of His angels covered us, telling us to continue.  In that moment we were reminded of Deuteronomy 3:22 that says,“Do not be afraid of them, for the LORD your God Himself will fight for you.”  We commanded the earth to bring forth its produce, as the time had come for the seeds that had been sown in the land to bear fruit in abundance, and with the Key of David we shouted Psalm 24:7-10, welcoming the Lord, mighty in battles to enter India in triumph.  Oh how the Lion of Judah ravaged the enemy and roared a thunderous roar!  So palpable was the presence of the Almighty, that we felt His anointing like oil flowing from our feet into the ground about us.  Just as in Esther chapter eight, we took the signet ring of the king, sealing what had been decreed over the land of India for such time as this, for the Glory of the Most high and the freedom of His children, from India to Ethiopia.  Finishing the last sentence, a scared looking police officer attempted to lead us away from the fence.  In one last act, Emmanuel blew the Shofar in victory in full view of the heavens and the earth over the Gateway of India.  As we turned around, there was a crowd of nearly two hundred curious onlookers who had been pressing in around us as we gave the glory to the Father who now sat enthroned at the gate.  We left the gateway shortly thereafter, praising Adonai for the victory He had won.

It is time to be bold and fearless in these end times, lest we be held responsible for those who did not hear the message that Jesus is coming soon.  Take hold of the Key of David, worship in Spirit and in Truth, and speak to the nations, to the oceans, and to the winds as the Spirit of God guides you, knowing that as the waves and the winds know His Name, and that His words are poured out from you, a vessel of the presence of the Almighty, His perfect plan is coming that much closer to fruition.  Take back the land lions and eagles, and speak to the gates, “Lift up your heads, you gates; lift them up, you ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in” (Psalm 24:9).

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