There’s nothing like a nice leisurely stroll with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ through the city of Kathmandu, Nepal.  With this new unusual generation, what would have once been a lovely day for a picnic is instead the opportune time to let the Holy Spirit identify strategic places within the city where we proclaim the Word of God, Worship in Spirit and Truth, and fill the atmosphere with the Love of Yeshua.  We call this fellowship:) All of us together, Emmanuel, Lion, Shine, Sally, Ajay, and Bijay all had an unforgettable time going from one stronghold to the next praying as the Spirit of the Lord led, in the unity of the body of Christ, a truly international body that day.

Our first stop that the Holy Spirit led us to was the Narayanhiti museum, that was until recently the palace of the late King and recent Prime Minister.  This building is also called the North Gate of the city, and represents to this day a place of power and influence, as well as a true gate in the spirit.  In the recent years the two communist factions of the parliament, the Maoists and Leninists, have joined forces under the Maoist banner, creating a majority government, allowing for the implementation of anti-religious policies.  Many Hindus and Buddhists are taking advantage of this new shift in power, directing these policies strictly toward the Christians in the nation who are rapidly winning souls for Christ in all areas of society.   Just as in China, the government is rolling out policies slowly, restricting public evangelism, worship etc.  trying to stamp out the Truth.  This is not the generation of the desert, but rather the generation of Joshuas and Calebs who will take the promised land.  The enemy wishes for another lost generation, but we have seen the land flowing with milk and honey and know the Lord of Hosts fights our battles and makes a way.  The palace museum was closed for the day, and we were forced to remain outside the gates, so we opted for the fence just outside, and after praying and declaring as the Ruah led, we blew the shofar through the fence, closing the gates of the enemy and opening it to the hosts of heaven, declaring victory over the stronghold of the fallen kingdom of darkness. “With trumpets and the blast of the ram’s horn shout for joy before the Lord, the King” (Psalm 98:6). The machine gun toting security guard was not so happy as she walked toward the fence, but we just smiled and played the tourist as we made our way to the next location.

Along the way, we were urged to stop by the Spirit of the Most High atop a bridge to pray over the clock tower that was situated just beyond a ruined memorial to a long dead prince.  We declared the times of the fallen kingdom of darkness ceased, and that the prophetic clock of God take its place, as now is the time for Nepal to usher in the manifestation of its redemptive purpose written in the books of heaven. “For still the vision awaits its appointed time; it hastens to the end, it will not lie. If it seems slow, wait for it; it will surely come; it will not delay.” (Habakkuk 2:3).

We made it to Durbar square shortly thereafter, a place full of temples both old and new to many false gods.  Our final destination in the square however, was the house of the Kumari, a three and a half year old girl said to be a real life goddess who is worshipped by many Hindus.  Pictures were not allowed to be taken, but this little girl comes to the window every day for a few seconds, and it is said that if you look at her you will be blessed and healed.  She is worshipped as a goddess until her first menstration when it is said that the goddess leaves her body in search of a new host.  As she came to the window, we all began to intercede, rebuking the evil behind this mockery of Truth and praying for the little girl who is being paraded around and manipulated, being opened up to demonic forces at every turn by her adult handlers.  Children are a gift that should not be used as tools or instruments of evil (Psalm 127:3-5). After a few moments she left the window, and we were asked by the curator to put an offering in the box, or not.   The innocence and humility of children is priceless, a fact made clear when Yeshua tells us that we must be like children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven (Matthew 18:3).

After our encounter with the Kumari, we left for our final destination by taxi in order to make good time.  The Monkey Temple, so called because there are so many monkeys living there, is a Buddhist temple, that is situated atop the highest place in the city of Kathmandu.  We made it to the top of the three hundred steps a little bit winded, but excited to pray over the city from such a vantage point.  Looking over the sprawling city below us with the dramatic backdrop of the mountains in the distance, we took a moment to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation.  Although we were surrounded by shrines and alters of burnt sacrifices to many false gods, we were all of one accord as we worshipped in Spirit and in Truth, oblivious to the many tourists around us.  Each one of us prayed and prophesied in turn over the city and nation as the Holy Spirit led, and ended with one final blast of the shofar over the city.  We couldn’t believe our eyes when during this time of prayer and worship, eagles began to fly over head and white doves flew about us, while lightning could be seen in the clouds at a distance with the booming thunder coming seconds later.   It was like we were in a slow motion movie scene in one of the most epic places we have been to thus far, and It is a moment none of us will soon forget, a moment when Yeshua heard and answered our prayers in that high place.  “Blessed are you, O Israel; Who is like you, a people saved by the LORD, Who is the shield of your help and the sword of your majesty! So your enemies will cringe before you, And you will tread upon their high places“(Deuteronomy 33:29).

At the base of the mountain, we made one last stop at three giant statues that are worshipped as gods.  It is traditional to walk clockwise around the statues to receive your blessing, but as you may have guessed by now, we did the opposite.  We walked in single file behind one another counterclockwise around the statues, declaring the times of the enemy to be null and void, and marking the beginning of the new times under heaven.  Once again we blew the shofar in a final announcement that the downfall of the strongholds of the enemy were at hand, and the beginning of a new generation, in the name of Jesus Christ, through the power of His blood, is raising up in the Nepal, bound and determined to pave the way for the King of Glory.

Nepal is a nest of eagles in the Spirit, just waiting to be pushed from the nest and take flight to the nations of the world and back to Jerusalem.  In this land of many false gods hewn from rock, gold, silver and clay, the worship of the golden calf is literal and clear.  In western society however, our objects of worship are much different, but just as much of a roadblock in our walk with Christ. So, before going to the movies with your friends, or deciding to get on your computer or gaming console to talk with your online buddies, ask the Spirit of the Lord where you might go to lift His name on High and take back your town, city and nation for the King of Kings, and let us know how it compares.  In order for us to understand the priorities of the heart of Yeshua, it is essential that we always connect with Him no matter how seemingly busy we may be.  Worship Him in the car, on the walk to work, on the bus to school, or while you hit the gym, and let your heart and mind align with His, so that we can disconnect with the world, and plug in to the Heavenly places with Yeshua. Join with us and spend time with the King of Glory that we might all be of one accord with Father doing and saying as He does, just as Yeshua always did (John 5:19).  It is time for Adonai’s redemptive purpose to be activated in your life, family, town, city and nation just as Nepal is being activated, and the eagles of the Spirit take flight from the tops of the mountains.

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