Red Wave Coming

November 8th will mark the beginning of one of the most anticipated midterm elections in US history. The outcome will lead to a major shift in domestic policy as well as how the US responds to all that is happening around the globe. America’s allies and enemies alike are using the outcome of these elections to adjust their strategies as they gauge either a continuous erosion of the willpower of the US or its resurgence. What is clear, based on every poll and the general mood in the United States, is Americans are tired of the status quo of the past two years. People are seeing how the illogical rhetoric and policies coming from both state and federal agendas have very little to do with the well being of people and everything to do with chasing unrealistic woke and wasteful domestic and global agendas. Theoretical and arguably moral agendas such as Back Lives Matter and the global climate change agendas have been uncovered as corrupted and politically self-serving business and political agendas that have nothing to do with what they preach. People are becoming truly “woke” to these scam agendas of the day and are about to let the powers that be know how they feel at the ballot box, because unfortunately they would be ostracized, slandered, or even run the risk of losing their jobs if they spoke their minds freely. The silent majority is about to overwhelm the loud minority throughout the country. The severity of the “Red Wave” that is coming will not only decide domestic policy for the next two years, but also set the global mood especially for the US and its Allie’s enemies as to what they believe they can get away with. There is a global reset coming and this midterm election will act as a critical component in the pace of movement of the global clock. The Red wave is coming.

Locked in Battle

Looking at the backdrop of this Biblical month of Cheshvan we see that it is Scripturally a time of judgement both good and bad, it being the beginning of the flood of Noah, as well as its end marking the New covenant with God and man. What’s more, and eerily enough, there is even a blood moon on the day of the US midterm elections. Cheshvan and blood moons have great importance and multiple connotations in the natural and the Spirit, Scripturally speaking, and to learn more about both read more 》here and 》here. Politics and global governance aside, this month, Spiritually speaking is a month of warfare in the heavens. The government of the fallen kingdom of darkness and the Ekklesia (government of God here on earth) is locked in battle, and what we see playing out politically, militarily, economically, and socially in this time and season is a product of this battle that rages on. This is a month of new beginnings, and new beginnings come with a price both good and bad. As we pray for these upcoming midterm elections in the United States, we must understand the heart of the agendas that are running contrary to Biblical values. Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and nearly every democrat senator, congressman, as well the speaker of the House and the President of the United States himself is for the destruction of the nuclear family and abortion. So called “Green initiatives” that seek to take away our energy freedom and use ESG scores to give us social credits scores 》read,  look and sound nice on the outside, but when we take a closer look we see clearly they have born and are bearing nothing but rotten fruit Biblically speaking both nationally and internationally. We as the global Ekklesia have the power to put these demonic agendas on hold.

Ekklesia Arising

Now is the time for the global Ekklesia, the men and women of God who are hearing, seeing, and agreeing with what the Father is declaring and decreeing for this time and season from the throne room to decree and declare it here on earth together by the power and authority invested in us through the blood of Yeshua. As we pray and intercede and come beside our brothers and sisters in Yeshua in the United States in agreement with what God is saying for the US now, we are also reminded of the immense need to do so with and for our brothers and sisters around the globe. We have the great obligation and honor as the global bride of Yeshua to step on the heads of scorpions and snakes which take the form of demonic powers and agendas. This is one opportunity to do so. Let’s not only see the red wave rush across the US politically, but most importantly, may salvation wash over the nation and the nations back to Jerusalem. Adonai bless you and keep you!


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