The Battle at the Golden Gate

While we were worshipping with a small group of believers in Washington D.C., entering Shabbat on January 8th, we began going deeper into worship and I was taken in the Spirit to Jerusalem to the foot of the Golden Gate (East Gate) facing the Mount of Olives on the other side of the valley of Jehoshaphat. As I was observing the beauty of the Mount of Olives as the sun set, the Holy Spirit brought to my attention what was happening in the valley of Jehoshaphat below me.

What I saw was a raging battle. I saw the angels of Adonai coming from the heavens from the south like flashes of lightning as if they were teleporting to the earth. Then I saw another army of demonic forces marching from the north that were part human, part animal, and part spirit, meeting the angels of Adonai with a great clash. The Angels of God were carrying huge swords using only one hand to swing them and when they struck the demonic forces they dissipated into thin air. The warfare was very intense, but the angels somehow continued unscathed and were advancing victoriously. I heard the voice of the Father saying that I was watching the fight that is for the destiny of America.

Lion of Judah Anointed

Then I was taken in the Spirit to the Pool of Siloam (John 9:7) that is still located at the southern slope of the City of David in what is today Old Jerusalem. The waters were crystal clear, and I felt to pour out the water over myself feeling as though it were a repentance and cleansing process. I knew it was a parallel example to what Adonai is doing to the global remnant in this season, purifying the Bride. Then I felt to put my hands over my eyes and started to sing Shemah Israel. As I was doing that, immediately I felt my eyes get hot like fire, and I heard Adonai say it is time to receive a new vision from His eyes. This process of cleansing, repentance, and worship was the blueprint for my eyes to be opened to what Adonai is seeing instead of what the world is seeing before their eyes. After that I was taken in the spirit to the Gihon Spring. It is still located in the City of David within Mount Zion at what is now an empty pool where King Solomon was anointed as King of Israel (1 Kings 1:33). The Gihon Spring once flowed into the pool, but was later diverted causing the pool to dry up. You can go there to this day. Standing there, what I saw was the huge stones that once formed the fortress that guided the Gihon Spring as it is was the life source of Jerusalem. Adonai was reminding me that those stones were put there by the giants of the land who are now extinct, but He was reminding me, saying look now that even what they built is in ruins. He then said that the same thing is now happening in America. That so many people are afraid of what the giants (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) have built, but now they will be brought to ruins by Elohim.

After that I saw the Spring of Gihon flowing once again into the area where King Solomon was anointed, but now the waters began to fill the pool again and rose until the small pool was filled up to about the waist. I understood this was how things would have been in 1 Kings 1:38-39. Then the Holy Spirit asked me, “What do you see” and in my human mind I thought I was going to see president Donald Trump being anointed there, but then the Holy Spirit asked me again, “What do you see, just like I asked Jeremiah the Prophet the same question”. I threw out my own earthly thoughts and then saw the Lion of Judah rising out of the waters as if He had been there the whole time and rose up completely out of the waters until He was literally standing on top of the water. As the the Lion of Judah was slowly rising out of the water He was being anointed by the Almighty and I saw that instead of His fir and mane being wet and matted down, it was in its full majesty with a necklace of precious stones and diamonds inlaid in gold around His neck as though He was ready to rule the nations. I heard the Spirit of God saying, yes my son, you are in a time of a transition of power, but not the transition of power you thought was going to happen. Then in that moment I understood that this transition of power in the United States is the Father giving the Lion of Judah great authority in the United States in what is a fight for the title of the land of America. Every route that Donald Trump could take has been exhausted, and he now knows, as do the people of America, that it will take the intervention of the Most High to bring about justice and righteousness in the USA. It is not over, The Lion of Judah is coming, so be prepared kingdom family.

The Tree of Life Makes Way for the Lion of Judah

Then I was taken in the Spirit to the hill where the Washington Monument in Washington DC is located. When I arrived, I was immediately struck with the importance of the hill where the monument is. Atop the hill I saw a huge dimensional door with 4 gates each facing one of the cardinal points. I then saw the right hand of the Father grabbing the Washington Monument tightly and taking it out of the land, and as He was uprooting it, I could see long black evil roots that came out with it. After that I was above the hole that was left by the Washington Monument when I then saw the same right hand of the Father holding a small golden nugget in His hand which the Holy Spirit told me was His prophetic seed for America. Then He placed it carefully at the bottom of the newly formed hole, and with both of His hands He moved the soil back into the hole that had been displaced causing the hill to take its previous shape before the Washington Monument had been pulled out.

After that I saw the seed grow supernaturally fast into a beautiful mature tree of life with its branches fully developed and its leaves were green and full of life. Soon after I noticed that from one side of the tree trunk very close to the roots, there was water flowing out as if from within the heart of the tree. The water continued to grow into a small stream of water that flowed all the way to the Lincoln Memorial. Once that one reached the Lincoln Memorial then another stream began flowing from the tree in a straight line directly to the capitol building, followed by another stream to the White House Rose Garden, and the last stream which flowed straight into the Potomac River. Once all of the rivers were flowing to there respective places, I saw something coming out of heaven. In that moment I was next to the Tree of Life. The object from heaven stopped above the center of the tree, and it was a plumb line, the plumb line of Adonai that was in alignment with His throne. When the plumb line stopped, suddenly the tree of life disappeared, but the streams of water continued flowing from within the earth where the trunk of the tree was. The tree was then replaced by the Lion of the Tribe of Judah facing the Capitol building with each of His paws on each of the four streams of water. I didn’t feel that he was ready to roar, run, or even walk, but He was at the gate standing atop the waters, waiting for His moment.

Prophetic Acts

The Witness Tree

After receiving this vision and sharing it with the group, we all felt form the Holy Spirit to go two days later to the Washington Monument where we felt to do a prophetic act. We all met at the Washington Monument to pray and discern how the Holy Spirit wanted us to proceed. It became clear that the place where we should do the prophetic act was at a very specific tree, a tree next to the monument, an ancient tree, that is called the “Witness” Tree. It is said to have been there for well over 100 years and it just off the path on the side of the monument facing the Lincoln Memorial. We moved in unison to the tree not but a couple of dozen feet from the Washington Monument.

There were 12 of us altogether. One of us from Israel, a woman from the First Nations, and an apostle from the United States all knelt down close to the tree and together dug a small hole, added some ashes to fertilize the soil, then dropped 7 drops of anointing oil in the hole representing the prophetic seed of the United States. They then pushed the soil back over the hole. We then declared Psalm 1 :3 that the United States would “Be like a tree firmly planted [and fed] by streams of water, which yields its fruit in its season; its leaf does not wither; and in whatever he does, he prospers [and comes to maturity].” We began to pray, and as we looked toward the White House, the tree which has two trunks that go off in two separate directions perfectly silhouetted the White House directly ahead of us, reminding us of the two olive branches, the two witnesses standing by the Menorah constantly adding oil so that the fire never goes out. From there, we welcomed the Lion of the Tribe of Judah to enter Washington D.C. to see to the fulfillment of the destiny of the United States. It was a very powerful moment for all in attendance with the presence of Adonai palpable as all of us stood unwavering and in the same accord.

The Flaming Sword

We continued onward closer to the White House now to a memorial for the Second Division of the army. The memorial is a golden hand with a gold chord wrapped around the wrist holding a golden flaming double edged sword facing straight up upon which the chord is also attached to keep the sword from falling out of the grasping hand. On the pommel of the sword where the blade and handle meet is a five pointed star with the head of a Native American chief at the center of the star. As we began to pray, we felt from the Holy Spirit that the symbolism of the sword was very much related to the First Nations, but also to the prophetic destiny of the United States. Because of this, those who were First Nations people began to pray in that place, and while they did two people had a vision.

The first vision was of the flaming sword be plunged into the Ellipse, an open field about 100 feet in front of the memorial in alignment with the White House. In the second vision the flaming sword had a scroll wrapped around it moving in a circular motion written in Hebrew letters, and as the scroll spun around the sword, two Hebrew Letters, Aleph and Tov, First and Last, turned gold and flew off the page. The scroll was the book of the United States. The right hand of God then came from heaven, took the flaming sword with the scroll of the United States, and plunged it even closer to the White House into the Zero Mile Marker stone that is the starting point of the measurement of the highways of the United States all the way to the West Coast, from sea to shining sea. Lastly, the sword directly paralleled the stories of Shammah and Eleazar, two of the top three mighty men of David in the Bible, one who defended a patch of lentils alone, defeating the army of Phillistines trying to trample it, and the other, Eleazar who fought and defeated another Phillistine army together with King David after the rest of the Israeli army fled. The sword was frozen to Eleazar’s hand after the battle just like the monument of the flaming sword standing before us (2 Samuel 23:9-12). It was an epiphany moment where we began to pray that Adonai would raise up mighty men of David who stand by the promises of Adonai and defend His anointed, not seeing the odds, but rather the promise, having faith that Adonai will make the way.

Zero Mile Marker

We moved even closer to the White House now, as close as one can get with the current barriers in place, to the Zero Mile Marker monument. Atop the Zero Mile marker is a compass rose inlaid in brass with all the cardinal points and the points of direction between them as well. Touching the compass, we prayed for revival to spread to all 50 states of the United States, and blew the shofar toward the White House.

Then one of the apostles in the group said of the zero mile marker, which represents the capstone of the country, “grace, grace unto it”, an allusion to Zechariah 4:7 that says, “‘What are you, O great mountain [of obstacles]? Before Zerubbabel [who will rebuild the temple] you will become a plain (insignificant)! And he will bring out the capstone [of the new temple] with loud shouts of “Grace, grace to it!”’” This was a representation of the mountain of obstacles that stands before the destiny of the United States at the moment, just as they did before Zerrubabel who laid the foundation stone of the 2nd Temple against incredible odds. As we finished praying and declaring the Word at the zero mile marker, we felt very clearly from the Holy Spirit that we had accomplished what Adonai had told us to do, and set about, each of us on our way to the next divine appointment and prayer assignments throughout Washington D.C.


The battle continues raging as we speak, and it is no time to stop praying and doubting, but to press in like never before! The angels are fighting the battle in the Spirit, and it Is up to us who believe that the destiny of the United States is worth fighting for to pray in victory for this nation

1 King 1 is playing out before our very eyes. The Lion of Judah is being anointed by the Ancient of Days to give Him power, legality, and dominion over this nation, so we must be like Nathan the Prophet and Beersheba being alert of the time and season, and standing resolute with the Yeshua, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah to see His plans come to pass.  Now is the time to appeal to the King of kings, appealing to heaven on behalf of America’s destiny, reminding Him that there is still much more left for this nation to fulfill in its prophetic destiny.

The manifestation of the tree of life is the Menorah just as Zechariah 4 describes, and we must stand resolute upon the waters just as the throne of the Father’s does whose foundations are justice and righteousness (Psalm 89:14). The evil root becomes inoperative and is replaced with a tree of life in the face of righteousness and justice.

The Lion is at the Gate facing the Capitol and Adonai is watching what is taking place. He is standing upon the living waters and we must continue praising and worshipping in Spirit and Truth releasing the river of life that flows from within us for the glory of Adonai to be made manifest on the earth as it is in heaven (John 7:38).

Like the Witness Tree, we are being called to be witnesses of Yeshua, manifesting the gifts of the Holy Spirit, like the sons of oil in Zechariah 4 who are constantly refilling the menorah for the lamp to stay lit, and the all-consuming fire of God to burn bright upon the earth. As we live out our identity in Yeshua, and Him in us, our personal destiny and our national destinies will be fulfilled.

We must keep our sword sharp, releasing the Word of Adonai over the United States and standing our ground like the mighty men of David who are not swayed by what their eyes see and ears hear, but by what Adonai shows us and tells us through the Holy Spirit confirmed by His Word.

Lastly, this is the moment to rise up as the plumb line remnant army. Just like Zerubbabel had just laid the foundation stone of the 2nd temple and said “Grace, grace unto it!”, the foundation stone of the United States (Yeshua, Justice, and Righteousness) is being laid once again, and just as Adonai said of Zerubbabel whom He anointed to rebuild the temple, He is saying the same of us now and His anointed leadership, “The hands of Zerubbabel have laid the foundations of this house, and his hands will finish it” (Zechariah 4:9). We gladly take the advice that was given to him as well, “Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord of hosts” (Zechariah 4:6). The plumb line in the hand of Zechariah is a plumb line of reconstruction, and that plumb line is over the United States now. Justice and righteousness are going forth America! Adonai bless you and keep you, and do not be dismayed, the Lion of Judah is here!

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