Censorship 2021

Finally, Twitter has suspended all of our accounts, Instagram only lets us post selective content, and Facebook has deactivated our adds account while reducing how many people can view our posts. Why, you might ask? Because in our posts we are always writing about praying for Israel, Zion, Jerusalem, Trump, and America, and apparently these are keywords that now trigger the algorithms of these platforms to suspend or greatly censor others from seeing our content. That is now considered malicious content or inciting violence. You heard that right, prayer alerts equals violence apparently. Voices both small and large are being silenced at an unprecedented rate with people who speak the truth being blocked and banned from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, ourselves included.

The President of the United States has been permanently suspended from Twitter and banned from both Instagram and Facebook, while the Ayatollah Komeni of Iran who threatens the genocide of the Jewish people as well as proselytizing Christians alike is still allowed on Twitter. Not to mention China and all of its state media accounts who openly speak against all religious freedom, are staunch enemies of democracy, and have more than 1 million Uighur Muslims in concentration camps as we speak have no issues with these platforms. There is now a concerted campaign against the 74 million people who voted for President Trump who are now being actively silenced and banned from all social media.

Now that censorship is so disgustingly obvious, people are moving in waves and droves to third party applications like Parler, causing twitter to lose 12% of its value in the stock market overnight. However, Parler, a free speech platform where no one is censored has now been taken off of the Google play store and Apple Store, while Amazon decided to ban them from using their servers at all. Big Tech has shown for good that there is no turning back for them, and have showed their cards for the world to see saying that free of speech is dead, and if you don’t agree with our agenda you will be silenced. The Body of Christ has been praying in one accord that all of the plans and schemes of the enemy that been done in the darkness will be brought to the light, and Adonai has definitely answered our prayers. So why so upset brethren? This is what we prayed for, and now justice will be done by the hand of Almighty God, not because we have prayed for judgement, but because through the very actions of those scheming, they bring it upon themselves.

All the while we continue to pray for salvation, pray for our enemies, and bless those who curse us. Remember, vengeance is Adonai’s, and He does it way better than we can. While this continues to play out, we must prepare, and that is why we will be moving all of our social media from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp to Parler, Rumble, and Telegram in one week’s time. It might be inconvenient after so many hours spent creating content on these platforms and so much information divulged, good memories and countless pictures, but now is the time to take what you have there, copy it onto an external hard rive, invite your followers from one platform to another, and be sure not to give into the 1984 Orwellian masters who wish to control what you can and cannot see and say. Make no mistake, just like the Nazi book burning during Hitler’s rule, we are now witnessing an era of digital book burning. Join us on Parler, Rumble, Telegram and Signal as the fight for the freedom of speech reaches its all time high.

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