Pray for Taiwan

August 19, 2021

A domino effect has begun in reaction to the United State’s failure in Afghanistan that is being felt right now in Taiwan. China’s government has officially recognized the “Taliban Government” and “respects the choice of the people” meanwhile telling Taiwan that it should be “trembling” as the U.S. won’t protect you from invasion.

China also demanded the immediate stoppage of official contact, all arms sales, and military ties with Taiwan effective immediately. China sees the weakness of the current U.S. administration as a grand opportunity to fulfill its age old promise to re-take Taiwan at all costs.

In recent months daily incursions into Taiwan’s airspace by the Chinese air force has tested the resolve of Taiwan’s military as well as the U.S.’s resolve to protect Taiwan in the case of a Chinese assault. The chances that China will finally launch the long awaited and prepared for assault just went up higher than ever before. Please pray for Taiwan, and for the United States to be decisive and strong in its promise to fight if this does indeed come to pass.

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