As we continue praying for the peace of Jerusalem and the salvation of Israel, the city of focus in our prayers this week is Beersheba. Today it is a city of more than 600,000 people, one of Israel’s fastest growing cities. Its history is epic to say the least. The name Beersheba means “Well of the Oath” recounting the oath between Abraham and Abimelech at the well in Beersheba that Abraham dug, and Abimelech’s men tried to take. It is one of the most unlikely places to start a settlement, but Abraham knew where the water was, and after thousands of years is still grows. It is the city of wells, where the fresh waters spring forth, the same place that Isaac dug and re-dug the wells of Abraham, and from where Jacob set out for Egypt with God’s promise to make him a great nation there, and be the place where Joseph closed his eyes.

The wilderness of Beersheba is where Hagar and her baby were saved by the angel and went on to be the father of many nations as well. Lastly, it was the place where Elijah ran from the threats of Jezebel and went also into the wilderness to die, only to be fed by an angel to walk 40 days to Mount Horeb and receive Adonai’s blueprint for what was to come for Israel. It is a special place in Adonai’s heart, a place where many a prophetic journey has started and many mighty people of Adonai have been raised up for His glory.

As we pray for Beersheba this week, let us do so with the Father’s heart according to His perfect love and prophetic blueprint over the city, and that the revelation of Yeshua as Messiah will sweep through the city with signs, wonders, and miracles. We pray that those with the heart of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob would raise up from the city for these end times to dig deep wells of revival across the Promised Land to make deserts blossom wherever they go bringing the Gospel of Peace and the water of Holy Spirit. We pray that the Elijah’s would raise up from Beersheba, those will prophecy against Jezebel and bring rain to a dry land. Beersheba will be filled with the glory of Adonai.

Join @zonsofzion as we continue praying for Israel one city at a time.

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