Moses Birthday, Adar 7 (Feb. 19)

Today on the Biblical Calendar we remember both the birth and death of Moses, the most humble man in the world a that time (Numbers 12:3), the greatest prophet of the Old Testament (Deuteronomy 34:10-12). It is a day we can definitely set apart as a day of great transition from Moses to Joshua, and from the desert to the Promised Land. It is a time to reflect upon the promises Adonai has given us, and to make sure we are right before Him as we enter the promised land, this new season, both individually and corporately as the Body of Messiah. At this moment, Israel was mourning the death of Moses, but were also being reminded of the exodus from Egypt 40 years ago, the plagues of Adonai, the parting of the Red Sea and the countless judgements and miracles in the desert.

As they recounted the past they did so to remember how Adonai is with them, but especially to prepare themselves for their greatest challenge yet. Their mindset of slavery had changed now from 40 years ago, and as they crossed the Jordan, instead of seeing a hostile land of Kings, armies, walled cities, and giants, they saw only the promise of YHWH. They had been shaken, moulded, sharpened, disciplined, and taught who they are in the eyes of the Great I AM, and now the slave mentality was replaced with a faith mentality that trusted only in Him. What do you see ahead of you now in your own life and nation? What does Adonai see in you? Are they the same?

As Israel morned for Moses for thirty days, they were given a brief reprieve before crossing the Jordan. Let’s take these thirty days to cleanse ourselves of any doubts, fears, anxieties or worries, and replace them with the promises of Adonai. Take that which is hindering you, and declare the opposite over yourself. Yeshua is the opposite of the world, and so are we, but until we have His mindset we will continue seeing according the world instead of the Word. Starting today, throw off the world and put on the Word. Adonai bless you and keep you!

Continue reading here for the complete revelation of the Month of Adar.

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