Shmita: The Next Great Depression And The Next Great Wealth Transfer?

First of all what is the Shmita, and what does it have to do with anything, especially something as devastating as the next Great Depression? Just like we are commanded to rest on the 7th day from work, the same command was given to Israel on every 7th year. The Shmita year starts every 7th year on Elul 29 on the Biblical Calendar on the Feast of Trumpets. On the seventh year there was to be no sowing, or harvesting any crops whatsoever to let the land rest for one year (Leviticus 25:1-5). Also, on the seventh year, all debts were to be forgiven (Deuteronomy 15:1-11). Adonai addresses the problem of how people were to survive if they couldn’t harvest any food when He says in Leviticus 25:21-22, “I will order My [special] blessing for you in the sixth year, so that it will produce [sufficient] crops for three years. When you are sowing the eighth year, you can still eat old things from the crops, eating the old until the ninth year when its crop comes in.”

There is a flip side to this blessing that is well worth knowing however. Adonai told Israel that if they did not give the land its rest, He would do it sovereignly, in other words send Israel’s enemies to destroy them and take them into exile so that the land could have its rest as He had promised. Read Leviticus 26:14-46 to know the gory details of what disobedience results in, and how repentance leads to restoration of the promise.

So how does this effect us today?

United State’s Covenant with YHWH

Although this will focus on the United States, understand that wherever you are from or living in the world right now it equally effects you and your nation as what is coming will certainly be global in its scope. The United States was initially founded by the Puritans and was stated by them in the Mayflower Compact that the purpose of settling the land was for the glory of God and for the spreading of the Gospel. The United States as a nation covenanted with Adonai, and He has blessed and protected America supernaturally these past 400 years.

Although the United States is not Israel, they have assumed the role of being a lender to the nations and being a chief ally of Israel, as well as spreading the Gospel of Peace to the nations. Being a lender to the nations was a promise of Adonai to Israel if they followed His statues (Deuteronomy 15:6), and America has assumed that role at least momentarily, since 1948 as the world’s leading currency and lender. However, there has been a very consistent pattern since the Shmita (Shabbat) year of 1966 with every successive Shmita year resulting in a financial recession and/or downturn in the United States, a judgement against the nation.

What Happened?

Although we are no longer beholden to the Law of Moses, we as Believers are actually held to a higher standard according to the Holy Spirit to live by the fruits of the Spirit and not the flesh (Galatians 5:16-26), and though there is grace, He still rebukes those He loves, even and especially at a national level seeing as we, the Body of Messiah, are meant to take a leading role in running the nations righteously and justly. The Body of Christ has severely slacked in this regard, and there are very very clear signs of major shakings, leading swiftly to possible judgement. Even since the United States began taking a leading global role post WW1, there have been economic crisis on Shmita (Shabbat) years in the United States in 1930-31, and in 1937-38, then in 1944-45 the U.S. began to assume the role of the world’s money lender after the fall of the British, French, and German Empires collectively.

However, since 1966, every single Shmita Year has seen a recession or drastic downturn in the U.S. Economy the has almost every single time had drastic effects on the world economy. Why? Because the USA began to turn its back on God at a national level. In 1962 the Supreme Court ruled to take prayer out of schools, and the next Shmita year in 1966 the Stock Market Crashed. In 1973, the beginning of the next Shmita year, Abortion (Murder of children) was legalised by the Supreme Court. That same year there was a currency crisis, oil crisis, and the United States arguably lost the Vietnam War, the first war it had lost as a unified nation. The trend continues every Shmita year following in 1980, 1987, 1994, 2000-2001, 2007-2008, and in 2015 when the Supreme Court legalised same sex marriage. No more prayer, murdering children, and same sex marriage. You think Adonai has been trying to get the United State’s attention?

Now What?

If you have been doing the math, we are due for the next one in 2021-2022 with the next Shmita year starting on September 6, 2021 and ending September 25, 2022. The initial question might be, when will the market crash, and how bad will it be? Firstly, The answer to exactly when can vary greatly, but there is definitely a clear correlation between the Shmita and the last 8 recessions at least. When we examine when the last 8 recessions/economic downturns have begun and ended we find the results vary in relation to the beginning and end of the Shmita Year. These are the trends for each recession since 1966 in relation to the Shmita Year:

· In 1966 the recession began 6 months before the Shmita year began, and in 1973, 9 months before, but in each case the beginning of the Schmita year was at the bottom of the curve when the crash was at its worst.

· In 1980, the Shmita began at the end of one recession and brought in the beginning of the other.

· In 1987, 1 month after the beginning of the Shmita year the collapse happened abruptly.

· In 1994 the beginning of the Shmita Year was at the tail end of the Bond Market crash that had begun a couple of months earlier.

· In 2000-2001 when the dot com bubble burst, the stock market had already been in free fall for 6 months when the the Shmita year began, and finally hit rock bottom one month after the end of the Shmita year.

· In 2007-2008 the market was at its all time high 1 month after the beginning of the Shmita Year and came crashing down hard on the very same day as the last day of the Shmita year.

· In 2015 the DOW began dropping sharply just 2 months before the end of the Shmita Year.

Is the Big One Coming?

In regards to how the United States has been responding to Adonai as a nation this is 2021 so far:

So Far…

· Abortion is now completely funded by tax payer money whether you like it or not.

· Abortion is allowed in the 9th month in some states.

· Transexuals (Biological Males) can now compete in women’s sports.

· The Stock market is at an all time high and even more stimulus will soon be dumped into the economy further inflating the multiple bubbles in the stock market.

· 1/5 of all US dollars ever printed were printed since the beginning of the CCP Virus.

Historically speaking, and based on our current trajectory, it seems likely the next Great Depression is on the horizon, but when exactly it will start we cannot say down to the month or day, but based on the above evidence it will be soon, if there is not a miraculous intervention of the Most High.

Is There Good News?!

Yes. Even through all of this, when Adonai is our dwelling place (Psalm 91), when He is all we need and trust in for everything, then He will provide for us in abundance even more than the birds of the sky who neither sew nor reap (Matthew 6:26). We are still in the sixth year, the year of receiving triple to see us through until the harvest after the Shmita Year. We must have faith that for those Who love Him and follow Him, we will be protected and taken care of no matter the circumstance or situation. You are not seeing this article by chance, and if you have not already prepared your finances, now is the time. Only those who are unprepared for a recession or depression are the ones who lose big, but those who are prepared win big, and Adonai does not want us to lose big, but warn us and give us time to make the right moves and research how you can benefit greatly from what is coming. So thriving, not surviving should be our mindset, and as we trust in Him, we can certainly trust Him to give us the right strategy, wisdom and understanding.

If you have debts, the 7th year is on its way! No debt is too big for Adonai who owns all the gold and silver and it is time to stand on the promise of debt erased and forgiven in Yeshua’s Name! The world is a crazy place these days, and it is the perfect time and place to be so crazy for Yeshua that we turn the world upside down right into the heavenly places. It is essential that we seek Adonai in the secret place but also worship Him together with one another, so that we are not anxious, but always in His presence and encouraging one another in Him. In the days after Yeshua’s ascension, all of the plans and schemes of the fallen kingdom of darkness had been exposed, and they thought they had won a great victory, but there was a remnant that would not bow down to the gods of men, to greed, and religiosity, nor curse their fellow man, but instead they knew the victory was already won (Yeshua), and it was time for them, and it is time for us, to let everyone know it too. May you receive the triple blessing in this sixth year, and may all debts be canceled for the glory of Adonai!

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Detailed Recession Timeline

We have put together a detailed timeline of the previous recessions starting in 1966 with more statistics about how big each crash was percentage wise and in dollar amounts as well as the specific beginning and end dates of each Shmita Year for further study based on formal studies and reports of each. We put all of this information here not as financial advisors, but for purposes of research and prayer about how to invest any current assets you may or may not have.


1962 Prayer taken out of school via supreme court


1966 (Shmita Year)

· Stock market crash
· On August 29, 1966, the S&P 500 dropped to 74.53, down -20.76% from its prior high 6 months previously on February 9, 1966. Shmita (Elul 29) started on September 14, 1966, and the market reached its low on October 7, 1966. Notice the Shmita was nearly the low.

1973 (Shmita Year) Roe Vs Wade- Abortion Legalised

· Currency crash
· Oil Crisis
· GDP shrank from 7% to -2% which is a 70% drop
· 45% of the stock market wiped out
· Inflation went form 2% in 1972 to 12% in 1974
· S&P went from 120 to 62 which is more than 40% drop
· Caused severe global recession
· US military might seen as being weekend after Vietnam War

NOTE: The lowest period was between September 1973 (Shmita beginning) and December 1974, but began 9 months prior on January 11, 1973


1980 (Shmita Year)

· Double Dip recession
· Dow Jones drops from 903 to 759
· S&P 500 drops from 140 to 102 (27%)
· Iranian revolution 1979 leads to massive oil prices causing the GDP to go from 5% to 1.5%
· Inflation double digits

Note: On Elul 29, September 10, 1980 growth had returned to the market, but joblessness remained unchanged until July 1981 when the next recession began through the end of the Shmita year which ended on August 29, 1981 (Elul 29).


1987 (Shmita Year)

· Black Monday 33% of stock market wiped out

Note: September 23, 1987 was Elul 29 and the Stock market plunged overnight on October 19, but recovered quickly due to the quick response of the Federal Reserve to throw a lot of money at the problem thereby creating confidence in the market and giving money to the people who caused the crash to pay off their debts.


1994 (Shmita Year)

· Great Bond Market Massacre. Bond Market twice as large as Stock Market losing 1.5 Trillion in Assets and wiping out 1.5 billion in Debt

Note: By September 5, 1994 (Elul 29) The Federal reserve had raised the rates of Bonds to 4.75% then to 5.5% in November which nobody expected, and because bonds are traded in futures markets and the rates were not expected to go up so quickly there was a huge net loss by the major investors. Everything else returned to normal quickly however due to the fact that the big hedge funds and financial institutions had grown complacent and greedy.


2000-2001 (Shmita Year)

· Dot Com crash 30% of stock market wiped out.
· 9/11 happens Symbol of America’s economic strength destroyed and causes wall street to shut down for 5 days.
· Last day of Shmita cycle (Elul 29) stock market opens back up and plunged 684 points which was the greatest points crash up until that day.
· Industrial production declined 6%.

Note: By September 29, 2000 (Elul 29) The dot com companies stocks had already been in free fall since roughly March 20, 2000, six months before the beginning of the Schmita year on September 29. The stock market was still falling at the end of the Shmita year on September 17th (Elul 29) and did not hit rock bottom until October 9, 2002. All of this was made worse by the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Centers just before the end of the Shmita year.


2007-2008 (Shmita Year)

· Great Recession.
· Worst financial crisis since the great depression.
· Crashed real estate market.
· Wiped away trillions of dollars from the US and global market.
· More than 50% of the stock market was wiped out.
· On the last day of the Shmita year (Elul 29) the stock market plunged 777 points.

Note: As of September 12, 2007 (Elul 29) the market was nearly at its highest finally topping off on October 9, 2007, and the end of the Shmita year on September 29, 2008 kicked off the beginning of the Great Recession.


2015 (Shmita Year)

· Same sex marriage approved in all 50 states by the Supreme Court.
· Dow Jones and S&P 500 begin to collapse.
· The Russel 2000 index began to collapse in June.
· Shanghai Composite Index began to collapse in June.
Global crash:
· Wiped out 16% of British Markets, 18% of French Markets, 25% of German Markets.
· Wiped out 4,000 points from Indian Markets.
· Wiped out 12,000 points from Brazilian markets.
· Wiped out 11 Trillion dollars from world financial institutions.
· Produced 3 of the worst stock market crashes in stock market history.
· Global trade collapsed.
· China becomes largest trading nation and economic power.
· In terms of making money and investment 2015 was the worst year in 78 years.

Note: The Shmita year started on September 24, 2014 (Elul 29) and ended September 13th, 2015. 2 months prior to the end of the Shmita year the DOW had just started falling sharply for 2 months since July 2015 and continued to fall considerably until after the Brexit vote in June 2016 and finally began to rise again after that.

2021 Shmita cycle will begin the night of September 6th, 2021 (Elul 29) and end September 25th 2022 (Elul 29)

So Far…

· Abortion now completely funded by tax payer money whether you like it or not.

· Transexuals can now compete in women’s sports.

· Stock market at an all time high and even more stimulus soon to be dumped into the economy even further inflating the multiple bubbles in the stock market.

· At this rate the next great Depression will happen next leading to a global reset of the financial system similar to the Bretton Woods system in 1948.

Getting up to date statistics globally for the period of the CCP Virus is very difficult, but there is no doubt that this is unprecedented in history when every country is shut down for such a long period of time, and the effects on the economy are in every sector around the world at a degree that makes the Great Depression look small in comparison.


As every nation suffers economically through the CCP Virus crisis, the very global financial system itself is in shambles, and many say we are due for a global reset so to speak. What that will look like exactly we cannot say, although there are clues and hints, but what is certain is that the whole world is going to be effected in an even greater way very soon, and we need to be ready to weather the storm victoriously through Yeshua with His special blessing of this sixth year as we head into the 7th.

We must not see this as anything tragic, but rather as a great opportunity to shine the light of Yeshua and to be a walking testimony of His perfect love in every aspect of our lives, even financially as all the gold and silver is His anyways, and it is to be used for His kingdom come. We pray you are as excited as we are, and are ready for an adventure with the Holy Spirit in these end times. Adonai bless you and keep you!

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