We arrived back in Ambon to our hotel around 11:00 PM, only to find out we had been kicked out of our rooms.  It turns out President Jokowi was in town visiting Ambon to oversee the efforts of rebuilding what had been destroyed and to visit the thousands of refugees whose homes had been destroyed.  Our momentary disappointment quickly faded as the woman helping us let us know that it was the President’s advisors who had needed our rooms, and we realized it was all part of Abba’s plan.  All of us had been praying in our rooms and preparing the atmosphere for them even unbeknownst to ourselves.  She then told us that she would personally be driving us to our new hotel which coincidentally was where President Jokowi himself was staying.   We were thrilled that we had the opportunity to be in the same hotel as the President while we were on a tour praying for the nation!  Talk about the planning of Adonai.  We were excited, but tired, so we decided to meet again in the morning to pray.  The time was short but lovely in the presence of the Rock of Ages, and as we exited the hotel lobby, He had a surprise waiting for us.  Standing in formation were about one hundred men and women, some military, some advisors, Jokowi’s bodyguard etc. with the commanders issuing final orders before moving out.  As they were all dismissed we met with the head commander and the head officer for Jokowi over the region.  We were not able to openly pray for them, but rest assured we were releasing blessings the entire time we had the opportunity to speak and get to know one another, and while we shook hands.  It was one final confirmation of Abba, Father bringing restoration not just to the Maluku Islands, but to Indonesia as a country according to His perfect will.  We left Ambon in peace, just as we had come in peace.

Our connecting flight was in Makassar, the former Capitol city of the Gowa Sultanate, and one of the largest and most key cities in Indonesia.  It was here that the first Friday prayers were held more than 400 years ago in all of the territory of the Gowa Kingdom, officially establishing Islam as the religion of the state.   Without knowing this, and having also transited through Makassar once before, we kept receiving from the Holy Spirit that the city was the gate of the Times for Indonesia, especially Eastern Indonesia.  While we were there we prayed that Makassar would align to Jerusalem, the true clock of God,  bringing with it the rest of Indonesia in opening trade, communication and diplomatic relations with Israel.

From Makassar we headed to Balikpapan on the largest island of Indonesia, Kalimantan, otherwise known as Borneo.  Balikpapan is a major gateway to the Island with its busiest airport, as well as being a wealthy oil city.  It is also the main gateway to what will be the new Capitol of Indonesia about an hour and a half drive from the city on the east coast of Kalimantan.  It will play a central role in the growth and prosperity of the new Capitol.  Due to its central role in the area, both economically and politically, we prayed for the government there to work in unity with President Jokowi and his advisors to establish the Capitol as a place that represents the needs of all Indonesians with a fresh start devoid of corruption or favoritism.   The collective mind of Indonesia has begun a process of healing and a shifting of the people’s paradigm, and we must continue to pray that the hearts of every Indonesia will align to the heart and the mind of the Father for His will to be done in this exceptional country.  Please join us to continue praying for Indonesia!

Stay tune for our next mission to Borneo Island….

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