From the Island of Flores we took flights in transit back through Komodo Island, Bali, and Makassar to finally reach Ambon Island, the provincial capital of the Maluku Islands. Ambon and the surrounding islands had just a couple of weeks earlier been hit by a 6.5 magnitude earthquake and were still having aftershocks when we arrived with over 1,100 reported since the initial earthquake. More than 40 people were killed and thousands displaced. When we arrived to our hotel that night in Ambon, there were visible cracks in the walls and entire floors could not be used due to the earthquake. This did not deter us however, as we knew we were in the right place at the right time, so we had peace. Ambon was not to be our final destination however, as early the next morning we were to set off on a ferry to Seram Island, the largest of the Maluku Islands. Before leaving the next morning, we all came together for a time of worship and prayer. During our time in the presence of Adonai each of us began to receive more understanding of what the current state of Ambon and the Maluku Islands were in the Spirit and how to pray in agreement with the Father’s plans.

One thing in particular surprised us, even as we entered to Ambon, and we felt in the Spirit that this place was a city of seven hills, like Jerusalem and Rome, considered to be the second Babylon according to Revelation 11:9. These places have always been places of intense idolatry and persecution of the people of God, as well as places of great revival. They are thin places of great contention in both the natural and the Spirit where the separation of the natural and supernatural are much less. Our minds were blown when we saw the city’s coat of arms, and looking at the top of the shield stood seven hills! What a confirmation! As we continued praying, the Holy Spirit was telling us that the city and greater Maluku was becoming a combination of Egypt, Babylon, Greece and Rome in its idolatry, not just one, but many. You wouldn’t know it by driving down the street as there seems to be a church on every corner, but then again, the Temple in Jerusalem in the times of Yeshua was the largest and most beautiful it had ever been, yet the Pharisees and Sadducees were the leaders. That is not to say there isn’t a strong remnant there, but generally speaking this is what we felt in the Spirit.

Something we also realized was “Maluku” translated into english means “My Shame” and Seram, the island we were soon to be heading to, translates to “Scary”, so not exactly promising names, but before we had even arrived, the Spirit of Shaddai was telling us that those names were not indicative of their final destiny. Even Jerusalem, the Apple of God’s eye (Zechariah 2:8), was often times made a wasteland, and has historically been the center of nearly constant conflict until today. The dark times of Jerusalem however, do not define her in the eyes of Elohim as we know that He has chosen Zion as His Holy Habitation (Psalm 132:13). In the past decades Ambon and greater Maluku have also been a battle ground, literally, between Christian and Muslim communities with many thousands being killed over the years, much like Israel today. That fight also rages in the heavenly places just as strongly, and it is part of our job as Believers to being praying for and supporting our brothers and sisters in Maluku, so that our prayers and the spreading of the Love of the Father to these islands will turn the tide of battle, and bring oneness where there is division and life where there has been so much death.

Geographically speaking, The Maluku Islands are also the cutoff point separating Southeast Asia with Oceania, a very important demarcation point not just naturally, but also spiritually speaking. In West Papua and Papua New Guinea, which is seen as the farthest boundary of the East, people are largely Believers in Yeshua and vehemently Pro-Israel. This goes heavily against the status quo of the majority of the rest of Indonesian society. Knowing all of this, and with the understanding that West Papua and Papua New Guinea truly constitutes the ends of the earth, all that yet remains is for the Gospel of Yeshua, the Jewish Messiah to come roaring back to Jerusalem. However, at present, the Maluku Islands are the place where the Spirit of Elohai was showing us is an unholy wall or a Dam in the Spirit, attempting to hold back the revelation of Yeshua, the Light of the world from entering and flooding Indonesia and the nations of the world. The walls are getting shaky brethren, and the unholy gates of darkness will not hold much longer. The gate of light is set to be opened in Indonesia from the ends of the earth.

We boarded the Ferry and went to the open-air top deck of the ship where we all gathered together looking out at the pristine clear blue waters, the picturesque white sand beaches and the lush tropical islands dotting the horizon, in awe of the beauty of God’s creation. As the Ferry got under way we began to worship Him in Spirit and Truth. There came a point during the worship when we felt to repent of the idolatry, witchcraft, and occultism of Rome, Babylon and Egypt taking place in the Maluku islands. As we finished repenting, we felt that each of us should take some salt as Elisha did in Jericho (2 Kings 2:19-22) and to pour into the Ocean, with the understanding that the salt was only a symbol of God’s covenant with us through the blood of Yeshua to bring healing to the Islands of Maluku. As we did, we sang together, “Oh the Blood Jesus”, in thanksgiving that because of Him and through Him we and many more in the islands of Indonesia will be set free.

When we arrived to Seram (Scary) Island, the sun had already gone down, and in order to get some sleep, we went to bed quickly so that we could be up before the break of dawn. For three hours we drove heading towards Mount Binaiya in the center of the Island. We drove through many small villages both Christian and Muslim alike where people were laying out cloves and other spices on the side of the road to dry. The islands are famous for cloves, nutmeg, cocoa, coffee and pearls, and hence they inherited the name “Spice Islands” from the European traders and colonizers. When we finally came to a certain church in a small town we felt it was the place we needed to stop and continue praying. We did not feel to go into the church, but instead to go towards the beach just 100 meters from the road facing the water.

When we approached the water, one of the local pastors approached us, obviously surprised and wandering what we were up to. We told him that we were simply there to worship and pray if he would allow us, and he gladly accepted. As we began to worship in the shade of the palm trees by the beach, a crowd of about 30 people gathered around us from the village. We invited them to worship with us, and before we knew it, everyone was hand in hand in a big circle worshipping the King of Glory. The presence of the Prince of Peace was among us.  As the worship continued, we simultaneously began to pray that Yeshua would destroy the gates of darkness holding back the wave of His glory, and open the gate of His Light to Seram, the Maluku Islands and Indonesia. We prayed that the people there with us would be used like Paul to the Romans, Daniel in the midst of Babylon, Joseph and Moses in Egypt, and Yeshua, the Messiah all the way back to the Jews in Israel. We prayed for people to walk in the power of the Kingdom and not the wisdom of men (1 Corinthians 2:1). The local villagers were led with the help of our Indonesian brothers and sisters to repeat after them a prayer declaring with their mouths that Yeshua was their Lord and savior, as we had discerned there was a spirit of fear over that village after so much bloodshed and destruction in the past. There was a lot of oppression lifted as they declared it all as one, and finished with a loud “Amen!” As we continued in prayer and worship, the Holy Spirit reminded us of the beautiful green and turquoise stones we had collected on the beaches of Flores, and told us very clearly to give them to all of the people present. Everyone from our small group came together in the center of the larger circle of people. We lifted all the stones in our hands in the middle of us together, and asked the Father to bless the stones to be a reminder to those who received them that You are the Cornerstone, their Rock, their Fortress (Psalm 18:2), and that they themselves are like living stones set apart to give glory to the Most High (1 Peter 2:5). With that, we each went to pray for the people that the Holy Spirit drew us towards. What had started out as a curious, shy and uncertain gathering had become one of joy, smiling and laughter as the darkness was forced to flee from the presence of perfect Love, Yeshua. Everyone was greatly blessed by God and from that strategic location, we blessed Israel (Psalm 122:6). We had a hard time saying goodbye to our new friends, but we knew, at least for that particular visit, we had done what Abba had sent us to do.

When we returned to the cars, our driver gave us the wonderful news that the ferry we had arrived on was broken down, and that the only thing to do was to drive to the other side of the island, to hopefully catch the evening ferry. Five hours later, when we felt we were getting close, we found that the main bridge leading to the port had collapsed due to the earthquake, so we had to take yet another detour. We arrived at sundown just in time to catch the ferry back to Ambon. After looking at the route we had taken to get there, we understood that it was from the Almighty that we were leaving from there. It had forced us to go clear around the edge of the island, a chance to pray for the whole of Seram. On the Ferry back to Ambon the man in charge of the music on the Ferry allowed us to play our music, in Hebrew and English worshipping the God of Israel, singing “How Great is our God”, “Psalm 133”, and many others on a ship full of muslim men and women in a country where it is not allowed to go to Israel, yet but soon… To Be Continue

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