Inflation To The Moon?

While the Federal Reserve says we are only experiencing transitory inflation, or temporary inflation, Deutsche Bank has another theory altogether, releasing an official report in early June 2021, saying they believe inflation is here to stay, warning it could be a “global time bomb”. They liken this possibility to what happened in the United States in the 1970’s, a decade during which inflation averaged nearly 7% and was well into double digits at various times.

Soaring food and energy prices along with the end of price controls helped push that era’s soaring inflation. It was only stopped by a raising of bond rates by the Federal Reserve which then drove the U.S. economy into recession, but brought about the fix. Now, the Fed has said they will not be raising rates any time soon regardless of the current inflation. Deutsche Bank’s view is not necessarily shared by many of the word’s major banks for multiple reasons, but their view is a very real possibility.

Global Ports A Mess

To add to the inflation 2021 issue, most of the world’s major ports are very heavily congested and are estimated to take many weeks to be back to normal operating capacity if COVID outbreaks don’t continue leading to ports closing like the ports in Southern China lately. The Port of Yantian, the world’s fourth-largest container port for example has 160,000 40 foot containers full of product just sitting stacked in port which remains at only 60% productivity. 90% of the world’s electronics are exported out of Yantian Port, and these shortages are going to be felt in the U.S. in about 4 weeks, but even more so if the ports on the west coast of the United States are not decongested before exports start arriving from the East. This is just one example of the major disruptions happening in ports around the world effecting the global supply chain and increasing inflation on top of the central banks policies in nearly every powerful nation of the world of non-stop money printing and stimulus.  The question of this world record money printing is, is it a blueprint for a safer economy, or is there a recession coming in 2021?

What Is Happening In the Market Now?

Volumes of US Equities (Stocks being traded) have decreased over the past few weeks while the US Equities markets are currently at all time highs, meaning, if you feel you have gotten what you want out of your investments, now is the time to start thinking very seriously about getting out of those investments while the getting is still good because all signs lead to a decline coming sooner rather than later. Despite this, it would be wise to turn your gaze toward the “re-opening” market, specifically looking at some smart investments to make while at the same time liquidating or cashing out on those investments you feel have already done well for you.

Good Stocks to invest in 2021:

Anything directly related to things re-opening, like Cruise Liners, Hotels, Theatres, Airlines, and Leisure, etc.

Note: Oil and gas consumption has gone up tremendously since many places have re-opened, and there is a lot of pent up demand to travel in every way while the rest of the market remains in a relative slump despite people getting back to work and buying more than they did during the major lockdowns world-wide.

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Base metals

Copper, Paladium, and Platinum are dong well due to the growing EV (Electric Vehicle) market, but the major metal to invest in is silver silver silver as its uses continue to grow in major industries, as well as its demand rising rapidly due to the Green New Deal being pushed by the Biden administration making silver a major component that will have a very high demand and it is estimated that this will be the next metal to breakout in value on the stock market. Going green is going to get many tens of trillions of dollars of investment from nations around the world in the next year alone, so any raw materials used in making renewable technologies are a safe bet to invest in.


These are just some of the things that will be good to invest in at the moment, but be sure to do your own research as well because there are other opportunities out there. The global economy is shifting at a rapid pace and the global economic reset is inevitable. To learn more about where the world is going in terms of financé and practical steps to prepare for what is coming to turn this looming catastrophe into an opportunity READ MORE HERE. This problem is not going to disappear and is much bigger than the previous Great Depression in the 1930’s, so please take this seriously so that you and your family will not be caught off guard when everything finally collapses. If you let it, this will be the biggest opportunity in history to become wealthy, transferring wealth to the righteous to continue paving the way for the King of glory. Let’s take advantage of the opportunity we are being given. Adonai bless you and keep you!

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