Israel’s New Government And How To Pray

Never in Israel’s past 70 plus years has there ever been a government this diverse in its ideologies spanning 8 different political parties from far right to far left plus a party of Islamists made up of the infamous Muslim Brotherhood.

After 2 years of elections this unlikely coalition has done what no other could, but the question is will it last, and if so what will be the consequences?

The New Coalition

For starters, the longevity of the current government depends largely on there being no divisive policy changes in most areas deemed politically sensitive, as just one of the 8 parties making up this new government disagreeing to it would leave the coalition without a majority. As it stands this new coalition has 60 seats in parliament verses the opposition’s 59 seats. So, if you were thinking there would be huge policy shifts in areas like a peace deal with the Palestinians or the annexation of the West Bank, the huge gap in each of the 8 party’s ideological differences is simply too big to even think about it.

After running a campaign light on policy and heavy on get Netanyahu out, and the fact that they are so divided on policy at the get go, there is little chance of any real change coming soon. To top it all off, Benjamin Netanyahu is not leaving the political arena, and remains the head of the Likud party, the largest party in parliament and the opposition at this moment. He has vehemently vowed to daily press forward in toppling the current government calling it a radical left wing government that will not be strong on Iran and will capitulate to U.S. demands and the new Iran Nuclear Deal. Whether that is true or not is yet to be seen along with the longevity of the new coalition government.

Iran’s Election

At the same time of Israel’s new government being formed, Iran has elected a new president, something that gives us a much better understanding of Iran-Israel relations in the near future. If you thought Iran could not get any more anti-Israel, you were wrong. Israel’s new president, Ebrahim Raisi, is an infamous hard line ultra-conservative Imam who was one of Iran’s top judges. His accolades include being sanctioned by the U.S. for human rights abuses as well overseeing the execution of thousands of political prisoners. He is considered to be in the inner circle of Ayatolla Khamene’i.

This election is historic as it is the first time in decades that the religious establishment, which is the true power in the country, has basically rigged the election in favor of Raisi who won a 2/3 landslide victory. His election victory will either solidify the new Iran nuclear deal or lead to its demise depending on his personal stance. His leadership will also bring with it a crackdown on civil society’s influence altogether having promised to implement a tiered internet system which will greatly silence the voices of the press and the people. Above all, as a hard line cleric he is very much interested in seeing the continuation of Iran’s nuclear program at all costs, but with Iran’s economic future on the line will he be willing to make a temporary sacrifice with the nuclear deal? As it stands, either way, Israel’s relations with Iran with Raisi as president stand to be more conflict riddled than ever

How To Pray

Swift changes in the power structures of both nations have happened nearly simultaneously which seems to have brought more questions than answers, and more problems than solutions. Within it all however is the will of Adonai at work to bring salvation, hope, and healing in the most unlikely ways and places. We must pray for the new coalition government in Israel, for each of the party’s leaders and every person in a new position of power for wisdom from on High, and for the ability to rule during a time when there is more division amongst the Arab and Jewish populations than any time in recent history. Pray for the IDF to continue to be vigilant, for God to give them supernatural abilities to spot and stop the enemy as watchmen on the walls of Israel.

Continue praying for the believers in both Israel and Iran. Despite stiff opposition from the ultra-orthodox in Israel and the ultra conservative clerics in Iran, salvation is spreading in miraculous ways, and the window in Israel for the gospel to explode is upon us. Yeshua is the only way to heal the rift between Arabs and Jews in Israel, and Israelis and Iranians. As always continue praying for the peace of Jerusalem and the salvation of Israel wherever you are in the world, and for Adonai’s kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. While the world sees chaos and uncertainty, for the Body of Messiah we see amazing opportunity for salvation to blossom and greater miracles than ever before for the glory of Adonai. The Holy Spirit is moving, and He is calling us to move with Him. Adonai bless you and keep you!

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