Germany Election

September 27, 2021

Germany elections have ended, and the result is one that only brings greater uncertainty as to who will become the next Prime Minster of Germany, the EU’s richest and most influential country. Angela Merkel’s 16 year reign is at an end, but her successor is yet to be decided. The former leading party, the Christian Democratic Union was outpaced in this election by the Social Democrats by a slim margin with the Social Democrats gaining 25% of the vote and the CDU 24% which translates to 206 seats vs 196 seats in parliament for the two. The Green party came in third with 118 seats, followed by the FDP with 92 and the AFD party with 83 along with other smaller parties.

Now the race is on to see who will ally with who to create a majority in Parliament and elect the next leader of Germany. Any number of possibilities is on the table, and it is anyone’s guess as to the person finally chosen as the next Prime Minister. Please pray for Germany and the process in the coming weeks for the future leadership of the nation as it will be paramount in the direction not only of Germany in the coming years, but of the entire European Union as well. May the will of God be made manifest in coming selection process in Yeshua’s might name!

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