We have reached a tipping point in the global economy, and a level of control and manipulation of our finances that has never been seen in history. Let’s dive in to know more and know how to pray.

Throughout history global reserve currencies have lasted between 100 to 110 years at which point there has been a change to another global reserve currency. Reserve currency simply means that it is the most fluid and most commonly traded currency in the world backed by a wealthy and powerful nation. The dollar has now been pre-eminent since 1920 due to the Gold Standard Act which made every US dollar backed by physical gold, and helped to stabilize the international economy after World War 1. Based on history that means the time of the US dollar hegemony is either up or almost there. In 1971 President Richard Nixon took the dollar off of the gold standard which ushered in the era of fiat money meaning it only had value because the US said it did. When the Soviet Union collapsed this further solidified America’s dominance. There has been no currency to combat the supremacy of the US dollar, but now that has changed due to what just happened with the BRICS countries.

Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, the biggest emerging economies in the world which represent 41 percent of the world’s population and more than 24 percent of global GDP and 16% of global trade are the BRICS countries. These countries and others like Saudi Arabia have agreed to begin trading with each of their national currencies which was unheard of just a year ago as all trade had been done in US dollars. The BRICS countries have issued a statement saying they will form a collective currency backed by gold, silver and other natural resources the countries have. The world is watching, and as the US dollar is only backed by words, the ability to sanction other nations, and its military, the confidence of other countries world wide is waning. The war in Ukraine has put the dollar on notice as sanctions have completely failed against Russia it has gotten the attention of the world powers. Even countries like France and Japan have begun paying for oil and natural gas in Chinese Yuan and Russian Rubles even as sanctions continue against Russia during the Ukraine War. The tipping point has arrived to see the next global reserve currency and that means the global economy is at its most toxic since World War 1. In other words, there is about to be a pole shift, and the US dollar is in trouble like never before. At the end of 2023 the US will certainly enter a recession according to HSBC bank, Deutsche bank and America’s very own Federal Reserve Bank followed by a recession in Western Europe as well. Most people already see that as being the current reality, but now the “experts” are saying it officially. In short, as of now it is important to hedge your bets and be sure that you have physical assets and what you need to thrive in the case of a US dollar crash.

The Central Bank of Central Banks: The Next Phase

Although you will not see it in the news, the powers that be see it clearly, with the world’s strongest economies both west and east developing and in some cases already rolling out their central bank digital currencies. For the longest time it has only been individual nations that have said they are doing this, but now it has reached another level. The BIS (Bank of International Settlements) has announced it has a game changing Central Bank Digital Currency that will be available for the world. The problem is nobody knows who the BIS really is so let’s unravel this international secret. The BIS, located in Basel, Switzerland calls itself the bank of all central banks. Central banks are the rulers over the national banking policy of each of their countries, and nearly every country in the world has one. Every two months 60 of the most influential and important central banks have a meeting in Basel, Switzerland where no one knows what is said and is not reported on. Also, the BIS does not disclose its assets unlike almost every other bank in the world and does not follow the same guidelines so as to remain as secretive as possible. This is not just some offshore account in the Bahamas, but controls the policies of the central banks around the world as well as every NGO of the UN, meaning they process not only billions but trillions of dollars. They create and control financial policy around the world. As there has been a mistrust in cryptocurrencies as of late due to the failures of key US banks dealing in crypto the BIS has ironically announced its release of its own Central Bank Digital Currency that uses the same technology as the other seemingly untrustworthy cryptocurrencies. They have stated that the need for trustworthy central bank digital currencies are the future for a “stable” global market even though it is the world’s central banks that have led us into recession and depression.

Everything that Bitcoin and crypto currencies in general stand for which is privacy and confidence in a currency not controlled by the government and central banks is being sabotaged to try and make you and me believe that we should trust institutions (Central Banks) that have destroyed millions of people’s lives through failed monetary policy. What’s more, is that through a central bank digital currency your money through every central bank in the world will be programmable to only allow you to buy and sell what they allow you to. Without cash money or a tangible currency in your hands they have full power to control your new digital money as they please. This has reached another level we have never witnessed before in the history of humanity, and marks a moment that lays out the future of Biblical prophecy we cannot ignore. The most powerful countries around the world have announced their rolling out of digital currencies to do away with cash money payments, but for the BIS, the central bank of all central banks to officially announce they are doing the same, means the most powerful countries in the world, even those considered enemies, have reached a consensus that people need to be controlled at a level never reached before.

Lastly, this unbelievably powerful institution has officially come into alignment with every woke movement, ESG scores, and the most un-capitalist and most socialist agenda even to the point of changing their logo to a gay pride rainbow logo. As secretive as this organization is, they no longer care just how up front and public they are about their views which means they are confident that they cannot be stopped. However, they do not realize the power of prayer when the sons and daughters of God have knowledge about what is really going on. That is where we come in. It is time to be aware of what is happening in the world to not only pray, but to act against the evil we see in the world in oneness and in the power of the Holy Spirit. It is time to arise and shine in the midst of the darkness un-afraid in the victory of Yeshua knowing we are free in the deepest sense in the salvation of Yeshua to spread the love of the Father in the face of repression and persecution. Let’s wake up mighty people of God! Adonai bless you and keep you!

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