U.S. Capitol Stormed: Cause, Effect, Solution

After being present at the Save America March yesterday (January 6th) in Washington DC, we have been inundated with questions and concerns from angry, confused, upset, people who feel that all hope is lost for the United States after Vice President Pence decided he did not have the authority to overturn electoral votes despite the historical precedent to the contrary and other strong constitutional arguments. Others have expressed dismay at people entering the Capitol Building while the electoral college votes were being counted and debated. But let’s be real, people can only be wrongfully discredited and stepped on for so long as they watch the system that is supposed to provide justice completely fail at every turn while every state Supreme Court refused to see even one shred of the extremely ample evidence of voter fraud. But why would people be upset at that? They should just be silent, and accept that stolen elections are now the new normal, and the dream of the United States as we know it is dead, right? As we as believers know however, the battle is not physical but spiritual, and that takes us to the root cause of why this happened and why we are seeing what we are seeing. All of the above is just logical deduction of why people are so reasonably angry, but what happened at the opening session of Congress 3 days prior to the counting of the electoral college votes on Jan. 6th. Is perhaps the very thing that brought us to this point.

Cause (Root)


In case you missed it, former Pastor of St. James United Methodist Church in Kansas City, Missouri from March 1972 until June 2009, and now congressman Cleaver ended the opening session of the 117th congress in “prayer”. Also, in case you missed it, the former pastor ended this prayer not in the name of Jesus, or the God of Israel, or the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, but instead he said, and we quote, “We ask it in the name of the monotheistic god, Brammah, and a god known by many names, and different faiths. Amen and Awoman.” Yes, he really said that, and the par people we re most upset about is the Awoman part without any mention of the fact that he didn’t invoke the Name of Jesus.

In my Bible when national leaders decide to blaspheme Adonai with contempt, as this supposed pastor clearly did, what happens next is never good. On top of that, during the same first session of the 117th congress what was discussed were the new rule changes in congress that bans the use of words like, Mom, Dad, daughter, husband, wife, mother, etc. because they could be offensive. Instead, the new congress will only be allowed to use gender neutral pronouns. If your face looks anything like mine while writing this it is one of disbelief at the utter stupidity of it. However, regardless of its stupidity, it really is a fact now for this new congress and it is a direct attack on the family. You are no longer allowed to say I am a proud mother of, or the son or daughter of a, but now only, I am the spouse or I am a proud child of etc. First the family and then Jesus all in the opening session of the 117th congress are thrown right out the window.

Effect (Fruit)

Jan. 6th

We are not saying the storming of the Capitol building on the 6th was 100% because of the blasphemous and ridiculous actions of congress three days prior, but it certainly is not a coincidence either. As we were there at the Save America March in person we can say without a shadow of a doubt that almost all of the news coverage regarding it is false, as well as what is conveniently not mentioned in the media is equally as disturbing. For example, where were the police? We were witness to, and there is live footage of dozens and dozens of riot police in full gear walking peacefully in single file line out from in front of the entrance of the Capitol down the stairs without being harmed or harming anyone.

They knew there would be a massive crowd weeks in advance just as there had been at the two previous marches which we also attended where they had ten times as many police present at events that were planned only days ahead of time. Coincidence? Now it has come to light that the security chief in charge of the buildings security called for backup 6 separate times without getting any. Also, there is video evidence of the Capitol Police literally waving people in past the barricades to the doors of the Capitol building. Not only that, but there is also video of footage of ANTIFA dressed as Trump supporters being bussed in with U.S. Marshalls as escorts to the Capitol building. It is now confirmed that most of the instigators who first entered the Capitol building were in fact undercover ANTIFA identified by facial recognition as having been at numerous BLM and ANTIFA protest. Not to mention the many instances on camera where people are shouting to stop the undercover ANTIFA supporters from breaking in to the Capitol.

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Oh, and now the Mayor of Washington D.C. is building a task force to arrest certain people “responsible” as domestic terrorists, after completely ignoring the riots and looting of ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter Protests that resulted in multiple deaths and hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage and closed businesses. But they weren’t terrorists right? The hypocrisy is glaring. It alludes up to a rouse so that America would not hear the evidence that was supposed to be heard, and because of the break in, the electoral college votes were pushed through unceremoniously and with very little objection. It’s weird how we and other third party news sources can find thes clear evidence, but the main stream media, the “trusted professionals” can’t seem to find any of it to put on air.

All of that aside, the effect in the Spirit, which is what we need to be most attuned to, is that we as believers should not suddenly lose hope for the United States as if Vice President Mike Pence was somehow supposed to be the savior of the Republic, or even Donald Trump for that matter. Are you swayed by the media and by man, or are you convicted by the promise of Adonai for the destiny of this nation that is at hand even as we speak? Do you think the King of the universe is fooled by the plans and schemes of the enemy? NO! He is laughing at their well laid plans, and is allowing all to see the true nature and complete unrighteousness of His enemies.

Solution (Strategy)

At every pro-trump march we have been to in Washington D.C. since Election Day on Nov. 3rd, prayer has been a central part of each one. We are not saying that everyone who went are believers, certainly not, but when you look out into a crowd of hundreds of thousands and more than a million people and see impromptu prayer circles everywhere, as well as groups of people doing prayer walks throughout the Capitol City, it hits you that there is a significant remnant praying for this nation. Also, having been in the city for more than one month, we have met countless intercessors on a daily basis from all 50 states and around the world who are coming to pray for the destiny of this nation according to the Father to be fulfilled for HIs glory.

As we were praying with other Spirit filled believers last night (Jan. 6th), there was a great sense of excitement when we began to pray, as well as a boosting of faith that despite the drama unfolding in the Capitol before our very eyes and in the media, Adonai is on the move in the United States. The Holy Spirit was saying, “The next 3 days will be full of confusion, conspiracy theories, social media madness, and strife, but after the 3 days, watch… The Lion of Judah has entered through the gate of Washington D.C.”  said Adonai, and He was saying, “do not be dismayed.”

The verse that was highlighted was Matthew 21:12 when Yeshua cleaned the temple of the money changers and those selling doves for sacrifices. Yeshua, the Lion of Judah is not done cleaning house, and when He starts something He finishes it with perfection. He gave a very clear strategy over these 3 days likened unto 2 Chronicles 20:5-30 when Adonai brought about a great victory for Israel without them ever having to raise a sword. In short, worship was the key, and Elohim confused the enemy and they killed one another. Now is the time, completely contrary to what the flesh and certainly the media may be telling us, worship the Father in Spirit and Truth, and let us together rebuild the tabernacle of David with Yeshua (Amos 9:11). The United States is still one nation under God, and we the people will not cease in our adoration and worship to Him who has set us free. Now is the time also to continue in fervent prayer for Donald Trump.

If we are feeling even a little bit disappointed, imagine how President Trump feels with people in every branch of government, his own staff, and people within his own party betraying him, even and especially those close to him. He is going through a moment like David did many times throughout his life, but now we must pray that he finds strength in Yeshua. Please lift him and his family up in your prayers. There is nowhere else to turn now except directly to Adonai. If we thought any man would save this nation before, now it is clear that the answer will have to come straight from the King of kings, and that is how it should be. Our hope is not in Pence or Trump, but always in Yeshua, the only way to the Father, and the Holy Spirit who comforts and guides us every step of the way in wisdom and power. Join us during these 3 days (Jan 7-10th) in a time of prayer and worship to the King of glory in Spirit and Truth with no angle or purpose but to give Him all glory, honor, and praise, in Yeshua’s name. He will do the rest. It is not over, and the Lion Of Judah has indeed entered. Just ask the Holy Spirit, but first turn off the phone, laptop, and TV, and go straight to the source of Truth, the Truth Himself, YHWH for the answers, and will let you know the good news. Adonai bless you and keep you kingdom family!

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