ADAR 5784: Plumb Line Prophets and the King’s Decree

This month is about tearing down, laying new foundations, building up, a greater faith than before, and paving the way in the face of many obstacles. This month is about crowning Yeshua as the king of our hearts, a John 15 season to understand if we are fully abiding in Him and He in us. This Adar, we are being called to prophesy what is to come with the double-edged sword of the Word that pierces through even the loudest lies of the enemy.

Besides the celebration of Purim, where the evil plot of Haman to destroy the Jews was reversed, there are other clear indicators in Scripture that it is going to be a very exciting two months as this year there are two months of Adar. The judgment of Egypt, the king’s decree, provision to finish the temple in Zion, the birth and death of Moses, and much more are jam-packed into Adar, which we have just entered.

Month of Crowning

Before the new month began, I had a vision that directly spoke to part of the blueprint for this double Adar. I saw in the Spirit a vineyard with many vines that had branches producing varying amounts of fruit, some with very little but others with an abundant amount of grapes. This was not the final stage, as the grapes had yet to be stepped upon to create the new wine, a process I had forgotten about as I was so focused on how much fruit was on each vine and, for a moment, thought that producing an abundance of fruit was the main goal. The Holy Spirit reminded me of the last step, to produce the final product. I was so focused on my own fruit that I had forgotten about the fruit of the other branches and that making the wine takes all of the fruit of the Vine.

After this vision, the Holy Spirit led me to read John 15, which then led me to ask myself if I am fully abiding in Yeshua and He in me (John 15:4-5), or if He is just my focus when it is convenient and I am in need. Have I crowned Yeshua fully as King of my heart? Do I need pruning to produce more? Is my soil healthy or dry, and what fertilizer can I apply to bring the greatest harvest in my life for the glory of God this season? Yes, He is inviting us during this double Adar to produce double fruit as we inspect and nurture the condition of the branches and our relationship with Yeshua the Vine and the Father, the Pruner and Vine Dresser. Where are you in this process to produce abundant fruit?

Once we have each individually done this in our own lives, the new wineskin and new wine are being prepared and produced in the process by abiding by John 15:12-17 as the corporate body of Yeshua. This process allows for no competition, jealousy, hatred, or taking offense from one another. It is time to check the condition of the wineskin as well, and test the condition of the wine that we are collectively pressing, and begin to humble ourselves to make it right in the eyes of the Vine and Vine Dresser. Only through the oneness and leading of the Holy Spirit can this be done (John 15:26-27). John 15 is our roadmap to seeing the rising of the John 17 generation, the last generation before the return of Yeshua. It is our litmus test, both personal and corporate. Where are you in this process? Where are we?

Strength and Power

The word Adar is related to the word Adir, meaning strength and power, and it is the power of the Lion of Judah that will make our greatest obstacles like chaff in the wind before the God of Israel if we trust in Him and dwell with Him. The Father is judging our enemies at this time, restoring what was lost, and bringing victory where defeat seemed inevitable. If the times we are living in sound eerily similar to what has taken place in Scripture during the month of Adar, it’s because they are. Evil is staring us in the face, and destruction rather than victory seems to be the word in the air. As we start this month, a portion of Scripture that is read this week is Exodus 23:2 that should give us courage never to follow the evil crowd in order to pervert justice no matter how many voices try to convince us or silence those who stand for justice.

Egypt is Judged

The principalities of Egypt are being judged in Adar. “In the twelfth month (Adar), on the first of the month, the word of the Lord came to me, saying, “Son of man, take up a dirge (funeral poem to be sung) over Pharaoh king of Egypt and say to him, ‘You have compared yourself to a young lion (Pride) among the nations, but you are like a monster in the seas;” (Ezekiel 32:1). There is another who is described as one who prowls around like a roaring lion, Satan, seeking someone to devour (1 Peter 5:8). It is not just the principalities of Egypt that are being judged around the earth right now, but Crocodile – Leviathan the dragon, the King of the sons of pride (Job 41:34).

It is no coincidence that the first day of Adar coincides with the beginning of the Chinese New Year, the year of the dragon, when the dragon will be worshipped throughout much of the world. For all of those participating in Chinese New Year celebrations, now is your opportunity to crown King Yeshua once again over your loved ones and your nation instead of falling into idolatry and bringing judgment. Satan is loud and in our face trying to keep our attention to distract us. But we join in one heart this Adar and join in the roar of the Lion of the tribe of Judah knowing that the Father Himself is rebuking Satan with a war cry and a voice like many waters! Let the victory trumpet sound this Adar! In the mighty name of Yeshua, we declare this year to be the year of entrance of the Lion of the tribe of Judah!

It is not that Satan is being destroyed, we know that time has not yet come, but this is a window of time when we will see governments and powers that have been used by the fallen kingdom of darkness fall apart, because of the prayers of the saints and this being the right moed (appointed time). The characteristics of the structures, powers, and principalities of Egypt are to be a pretender of Elohim, a lion, but not the Lion of Judah, to demand to be worshipped as God, to be so full of pride as to take credit for something El Shaddai has done, and to try to copy God’s creation. It is important to remember that Adar was the last month before Israel left Egypt on Passover (Nisan 15-22) when the last plagues engulfed Egypt, forcing Pharaoh to let the people of God go. This is something that El Elyon Himself is dealing with on the earth right now. Notice, Moses only said and did what YHWH was telling him in regards to Pharaoh, and Ezekiel prophesied only what the Word of Adonai came and said for him to prophecy regarding Pharaoh. It is our turn to hear clearly and prophecy that which Adonai of hosts is declaring for now. As always, be sure to have your armor on and the sword of the Spirit in your hand (Ephesians 6:10-17) so that if and when the enemy tries to come and steal the promises of Elohim for you, your family, city, and nation, you will stand firm, relentless in your identity in Yeshua, knowing He will bring it to pass in your life just as He did for Israel.

Moses’ Last Prophecy

Adar 7 was both the day of Moses’ birth and death. It was both a day of celebration and mourning, of remembering the miracles of Adonai, and learning from the past, taking stock of the present, and looking ahead at the future of God’s army taking what He promised them. Before crossing the Jordan to the Promised Land, Moses delivered the Song of Moses to all of Israel (Deuteronomy 32:1-43), a recounting of YHWH choosing Israel as His own (Deuteronomy 32:10-14), and a warning for the future of what will happen when Israel prospers greatly because of Him. These last two months of the year are a time to recount the blessings of the past and look toward the future and what is to come in order to be prepared.

2024, the Year of the Open Door, and working towards the fulfillment of Psalm 24 is here and now, a stern prophetic reminder that we have a long way to go to get there as we approach the first month of the Biblical calendar, Nisan. To see the fullness of Psalm 24 come to pass, we must first abide by the first half of this scripture in order for the latter half to come to pass, to see the ancient gates open for the King of glory to come in. We are not there yet, but we will be if we obey the call of the Most high God in preparing our hearts as we approach the Biblical New Year.

In Deuteronomy 33, Moses blesses and prophesies over the tribes of Israel about each of their futures in the land of Canaan. What has been prophesied over your life and what has the Father promised you, your family, city, nation etc.? Whatever it is, He will do it, but it will take you stepping out in faith like Israel did when they crossed the Jordan. If not, we run the risk of making the mistake of the generation that wandered for 40 years in the desert, never to see the promise come to pass. When you see great difficulty, will you say this is the end of the line, or will you see this as the opportunity for Adonai to show up as He promised and take that faithful step? This is the month to say yes and amen to His promises over your life, to drown out the naysayers, and focus on His voice, being in His presence, and in His Word. Adar is the time to drop the things that have kept you from entering to the proverbial Promised Land, to cherish the miracles of the past, and press into the things that are about to come to pass for the glory of the Most High. It is time to die to past failures and give birth to the new thing Yeshua is doing in this new season of your life and your nation. Raise up, do not cower! Raise up, this is no time to hide!

The King’s Decree

The feast of Purim, though very important, often overshadows an extremely significant event in the history of Israel that marked God’s redemption of the Hebrews from their past idolatry and disobedience. By the decree of the king, the Second Temple was rebuilt and re-dedicated to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and was finished on the third day of the month of Adar, in the sixth year of the reign of King Darius. Finally, after more than 70 years of exile, the promise was coming to pass. Many powerful adversaries of the promise to rebuild the temple tried to halt its rebuilding, but their efforts were shot down quickly by King Darius (Ezra 5-6) because he was the law of the land. The decree of the former King Cyrus was found in the archives, and everything was done according to his instruction, forcing the adversaries to obey the decree, even paying for it with their own money. In parallel to heaven, when the King of kings makes a decree, the fallen kingdom of darkness has no choice but to obey. The same is true for you! We are being called as the remnant to deliver the King’s Decree, and just like the governor and his associates who carried out King Darius’ decree (Ezra 6:14), we are being called to do the same according to the decrees of the King of kings. We are not only called to deliver the message and declare it with authority as Ambassadors of Christ but also to be stewards of seeing it to completion as decreed.

There is opposition to seeing these decrees fulfilled, but know that the enemy who prowls around like a roaring lion (1 Peter 5:8) is more like that of a kitten in the face of the decree of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. If the enemy is trying to delay or steal Abba’s promise from being fulfilled, in this month of Adar, go back to that promise written and decreed from the throne room of the Almighty, and read it aloud for all to hear! No more delay. It will be finished, it will be done, It will be restored! Expect the unexpected this month as the Father will use the most unordinary and extraordinary sources, and even your enemies, to bless you and be used as an instrument for the decrees of the King of glory to be fulfilled.

Plumb Line Prophets

As Purim quickly approaches, we are in a joyous and celebratory mood, but we must remember what preceded the verdict of King Artaxerxes to have Haman hanged from his own gallows and for the Jewish people to strike their enemies. There was deadly concern and distress among the Jews due to their perilous situation, but there were also those like Mordechai, a remnant who seemed not to have any doubt whatsoever that Adonai would deliver Israel. So unshakable was his faith that he told Esther, “If you remain silent at this time, liberation and rescue will arise for the Jews from another place, and you and your father’s house will perish [since you did not help when you had the chance]. And who knows whether you have attained royalty for such a time as this [and for this very purpose]?” Before Esther called a fast, Mordechai had already been doing so in sackcloth and ashes at the King’s Gate. Could this be why his faith was so unwavering? Gatekeepers arise this Adar! The time for repairing the breaches is now, and communicating from city to city and nation to nation without competition or taking offense is upon us. For those who will allow such division caused by Satan to stand, the message of Mordechai to Esther will suffice, but for those who see the grand opportunity for forgiveness to shut the mouth of the accuser of the brethren and keep our eyes locked on the eyes of Yeshua together, a great victory will be won for the glory of God, and the disarming of Satan’s schemes will play out for the world to see.

Just like Moses and Ezekiel, Mordechai prophesied without hesitation regardless of the seemingly insurmountable obstacles facing Israel because they knew the plumb line of God had been brought forth. The plumb line in Scripture means one thing, judgment, either for destruction or restoration (Amos 7:7-8, Zechariah 1:16). This month of Adar, God’s plumb line is not only over nations but especially over the global body of Yeshua. In order for there to be true oneness in the local and global body and to see God’s kingdom come as Yeshua says in John 17, it will take a holy and purified bride of Christ. The shaking will bring down all that is not of the Lord and awaken a remnant in the nations and Israel to be a catalyst for an end times global outpouring of the Holy Spirit. It took Esther hearing a plumb line prophet like Mordechai and her people being on the brink of genocide to make her decision, and our decision this Adar is equally as severe because God is calling this generation to raise up the last generation and pave the way for the return of Yeshua. The evil decree of Satan has gone forth, and now Adonai is calling His Ekklesia here on earth to release His true decree in its stead.

Fasting Begets Feasting

Broadly speaking, in the Body of Messiah, fasting is perhaps one of the least utilized weapons in our arsenal, but it is done many times throughout the Word of God with incredible results. Moses (Exodus, 34:28), Elijah (1 Kings 19:8), and Yeshua (Matthew 4:2) all fasted for 40 days and 40 nights without bread or water. Moses came away with the Ten Commandments, Elijah prophesied the deaths of Ahab and Jezebel, and Yeshua began His ministry. Nation-shaking and world-changing events took place when one man fasted and prayed. When all of the Jews in Susa fasted for three days and three nights (Esther 4:16), Esther found favor with the King (Esther 5:2), the enemies of the Jews were forced to honor them (Esther 6:10-13), and many were destroyed (Esther 7:9-10). The house of the enemy (Haman) was given to Esther (8:1), a new decree was written (Esther 8:8), every Jew was saved from execution to defend themselves from those who wanted them dead (Esther 9:1-18), and across the whole Persian Empire, many people became Jews for fear of the Jews and the God of Israel (Esther 8:17). Then they feasted to celebrate (Purim) which is why we celebrate to this day (Esther 9:20-22). So, the key to feasting is fasting. The key to Esther’s favor with the king when entering the throne room illegally was fasting and prayer. Does it sound important to you now? The key to victory and celebration is to fast and pray, but we must remember the order.

Suffice it to say that when we fast and pray, the breakthrough comes. If you have never fasted before, this is the month to start! Yeshua did not say if you fast do it like this, and he did not say if you pray, pray like this. He said “when” you fast and pray (Matthew 6:5-16). As believers when we fast and pray, we die to the flesh, build up our faith, and are empowered to do even greater things for the glory of the Most High (Matthew 17:19-21). Divine intervention takes place, and the Lord of Hosts makes the impossible look easy. From the seemingly small and big personal things, to the major problems in your nation and the world, the key to victory, both personal and beyond, is to fast and pray. Watch the doors be opened to you this Adar, questions be answered, breakthrough to come, and miracles to multiply both for yourself and in the nations of the world.


How will you decide to live during Adar 1 and 2, the last two months before the start of the Biblical New Year? Have you cast your crown before Yeshua like the 24 elders before the throne? Is He fully crowned and enthroned in your heart? We are being called to deliver and steward the King’s Decree over ourselves, families, businesses, ministries, kehillot (congregations), cities, and nations. But how can we do this if the John 15 blueprint has not been fulfilled personally and corporately? Now is the time to check our soil, the condition and treasure of our hearts, allow ourselves to be pruned by the Father, and begin walking together in the oneness of the Holy Spirit.

The decree of the enemy is that this will be a year of the dragon, but that is not the King’s decree! As Adonai’s Ekklesia (government) here on earth we come into agreement with the Father and decree that this is the year of the Lion of the tribe Judah! Just like the plumb line prophets of old, we stand like Mordechai at the King’s gate declaring the end from the beginning no matter the circumstance or situation knowing that the Hamans in our lives will be judged. We must use the key to feasting and victory to see the plans of our enemies turned against themselves. To be full of the favor and blessing of the Great I Am like Naphtali, we must remember that Yeshua first and foremost is our portion.

This Adar is time to pray for the salvation of our nations, and the salvation of Israel, asking and implementing the decrees of the Ancient of Days, and to never cease worshipping in Spirit and Truth. He is judging the principalities and powers (Egypt), giving us a window to accomplish His plans and purposes. We must not waste this time, but rather fast and pray in order to hear clearly and do according to His direction so that we will be able to celebrate the victory as we will celebrate Purim on Adar 14-15 (February 23-24). This Adar you will hear the enemy meow ferociously, but pay him no attention and declare the promise and decree of the King boldly and with authority to shut his mouth and vomit up his riches for the will of Emmanuel to be done. As Yeshua is the portion of our inheritance let us step out boldly with His faith knowing that He is watching to see His Word be fulfilled. Do not believe the false report this Adar but go instead straight to the Father who has the signet ring that has sealed His decrees for your life and your nation with the blood of Yeshua to know the Truth of the matter. Have a victorious Adar and happy Purim, mighty sons and daughters of God!

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