Israel Prayer Alert

The war in Israel continues without letting up. Your prayers are needed more than ever. Each day is as dire as the next; please do not let the wear of days diminish your prayer time for Israel. We thank you for your love and prayers, and we feel them here in Israel. Here are the latest updates and prayer requests:

– Suicide drones have been launched at an American base in Syria in retaliation for more than 85 targets across the Middle East being hit by U.S. missiles, especially in Yemen, where targeted strikes have hit commercial vessels at sea. Please pray that this will not escalate into an all-out regional war between world powers that have vested interests in the region.

– The American assassination of a Kataib Hezbollah commander in Baghdad marks another escalation in this war in Israel that is spilling beyond its borders. Pray for the will of God to be done in each nation in the Middle East, above all else, and despite the violence, may people draw nearer to God in this time of intense conflict.

– Israel intends to invade Rafah, the Gaza city bordering Egypt. The UN is actively seeking to prevent this, and negotiations between Israel and Egypt are in place to prevent such a move. Please pray that it will not happen, as this is the last stronghold of Hamas, and likely where the remaining Israeli hostages are being held.

– Humanitarian aid is mostly going to Hamas, not to the people living in Gaza. Please pray that this aid is directed to those who truly need it, and not those who seek to harm as many Israelis as possible.

– The US is increasing pressure on Qatar, which hosts the leadership of Hamas, billionaires living in their country. More pressure can be applied by Qatar to bring an end to the war and the release of Israeli hostages, and there are further measures the US can take to end the conflict as well. Please pray on both fronts that the full measure of each country will be brought to bear for the end of Hamas and the war.

– The Lebanese front of the war in Israel has intensified to a level not yet seen. Rockets continue pouring over the border into Israel, and despite the significant presence of the IDF in Gaza, the majority of Israel’s forces are on the northern border with Lebanon, which poses the greatest threat to Israel. Please pray for a de-escalation in fighting, as an all-out war with Hezbollah would be far more disastrous than what we have seen in Gaza.

Thank you once again for your prayers! May Adonai bless you and keep you!

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