Yom Ha’atzmaut

Yom Ha’atzmaut marks the 73rd year of Israel’s independence celebrated on Iyar 3rd on the Biblical Calendar, starting at sundown on April 14th, and is also the third year of the United States moving its embassy to Jerusalem in solidarity with the fact that Jerusalem is Israel’s eternal capitol. This anniversary comes at a time on the Biblical Calendar during great transition as Iyar is the month between the month of redemption and the month of revelation. Read the full revelation of Iyar here. It is a season that marks very accurately the current season Israel is in at this very moment.

Just like the many challenges that faced Israel during this month in Scripture from the poisonous waters of Marah, the lack of food in the desert of Sin, no water at Mount Horeb and then the attack by the Amalakites, Israel today faces other challenges like extreme political deadlock, imminent threats from enemies like Iran, its proxies and countless others, as well as an economy hit hard by the coronavirus. While it is time to celebrate Israel Independence, it is also time to pray for Israel and ask Adonai for His assistance as the Israelites did throughout this month in Scripture. Read the most recent Israel prayer alert here. May Adonai continue to bless Israel on this historic moment when a nation was born in a day! (Isaiah 66:8).

On this special and commemorative day, we have created for all of you the music video for HATIVKAH, Korean version. Also attached you will find the Hebrew and English versions. We hope you enjoy them and share them on your social media with friends and family. Let’s celebrate together the 73rd anniversary of our beautiful Eretz Israel.

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