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Webpage Edorsements Release

VdD7 Ministries has been very busy over the past two months with the opening of its new website, a long awaited addition after years of global ministry. Now after its official launch the verdict is in, and there has been a flood of traffic from users from dozens of nations showing their support. Word travels fast on the internet, much faster than word of mouth, and after the launch of there has been no shortage of people both familiar and unfamiliar with the ministry who have felt to send their reviews and endorsements.

VdD7 Team Responds

When asked how they felt about the initial success of the webpage and influx of support, the VdD7 team expressed great excitement to finally launch the webpage and have noted they are constantly working to make the user experience better. As for the influx of support, their response was one of sheer gratitude, and promised to continue delivering content that encourages, motivates, activates and inspires others to walk out their calling in God fearlessly.

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