On June 29th the Holy Spirit led a group of 12 young people to gather at the starting point of the Hinnom Valley, also known as the valley of Gehenna, to worship the King of glory in Spirit and Truth. What happened next was beyond our wildest imaginings or natural ability to plan. Days earlier the Spirit of God had been prompting us to come together as the youth to worship, and as we prayed for the place to do so, Abba confirmed the Hinnom Valley, reminding us that the Biblical month of Tammuz was about to begin. Tammuz is known to be the month of calamity throughout the Bible and in the history of the Jewish people, and is also the driest month of the year, but the Father was reminding us that we as Believers in Yeshua have rivers of living water flowing from within us (John 7:38). Even when the world is experiencing dryness and calamity, we will not be thirsty or be a part of the destruction, because Christ lives in us and us in Him.

So the Holy Spirit brought us to the Hinnom Valley to release the river in the spirit, and declare the life and victory of Yeshua in that infamous place. Known in the Bible to be a place of pagan worship and child sacrifice to demons and false gods (Jeremiah 7:31 / Psalm 106:37-38 / 2 Chronicles 28:1-4), the Hinnom Valley represents a place in dyer need of restoration and healing, a dry place that needs the river of God. With harp, guitar and shofar we began to worship Elohei together, and almost as if on queue, a flock of sheep came up from the lower portion of the valley and stopped to graze and listen just a few feet away! As we continued, a young boy road up on a donkey, and began to listen to the worship, followed by a boy on a horse who also stopped to listen. The sheep stayed in the valley grazing next to us the entire time we worshipped, and by the end, the shepherd was lying in the field of grass amongst his sheep. It was as if Psalm 23 was playing out before our eyes as we worshipped. “Adonai is my Shepherd [to feed, to guide and to shield me], I shall not want. He lets me lie down in green pastures.” For over an hour we worshipped the Great I Am, prophesied, and declared the Word of God over the valley, finishing with a blow of the shofar and a great shout that echoed off the City of David before us and the cliffs behind us.

Abba was not even close to being finished with us yet. We felt from the Spirit of the God to continue walking to the bottom of the valley that was once the location of King Solomon’s Garden (Nehemiah 3:15) “. As we walked the length of the Hinnom, about half way down, a stream of water was flowing on the path we were walking, “He leads me beside the still and quiet waters”. We finally came to the bottom of the valley where the Hinnom and Kidron Valley’s meet, standing amongst the ancient olive trees next to the marker that spoke of the Biblical history of the very spot we stood. It was at this apex of the two valley’s of Jerusalem where they say is the meeting place of heaven and hell. Directly in front of us was the bottom of Mount Zion where the Water Gate would have been, from where the Gihon Spring would have flowed forth from Zion, and where Ezra the scribe read to the people within the walls of the newly rebuilt Jerusalem (Nehemiah 8:3). Cars passed by frequently and curious onlookers from the arab town we were in front of looked on.The presence of the Lord and the army of angels around us was strong, thick and palpable, and put us in a place of absolute shalom as we continued to worship Yesuha in Spirit and Truth.. Many of us prayed in turn, prophesied and declared the Word of God as the Holy Spirit led, and finished by declaring the water gate open in the spirit, reading allowed Psalm 24:7-10. We sang a new song from Hashem, and blew the shofar facing the would be Water Gate. In that exact moment the tire of the passing car popped, BANG! Like a loud amen to all that had just come to pass.

We walked deeper into the Arab village after blowing the shofar, now walking through the Kidron Valley, the same valley referred to by King David in Psalm 23:5 as the Valley of the Shadow of Death and many other names (Genesis 14:17, Joel 3:2 & 14), when we came to the entrance gate of the Pool of Siloam. It was there that Yeshua healed the blind man (John 9:6-8), and the same place Yeshua would have started His walk up the Pilgrim Road to the Temple on the final day of Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) (John 7:37-39). It just so happened that the very next day, the inauguration ceremony of the opening of the same Pilgrim Road uncovered after 2,000 years was to take place right behind the gate where we were gathered together. Read here about what the Lord did when we all returned the next day: https://vdd7.com/ancient-paths-reopened-on-mount-zion/ We prayed together there where every year all of the Jews from far and wide would have come to be ritually cleansed in the Pool of Siloam and go up to the Temple of the Lord. At the beginning of our praying there, a man driving by rolled down his window, and asked if we knew where we were? He didn’t bother to wait on the answer and quickly gave us a brief history of the Pool, finally telling us his name was Moses and that he was the director of the archeological digs at the City of David! He drove away quickly afterwards. While we continued praying, a man suddenly appeared at the other side of the gate, where he stood and listened intently without saying a word. We continued on unfazed, and we felt from Elohim to each pray in our native tongue for the Aliyah movement, the return of the Jews to Israel, at the place where all nations will gather in the new millennium to worship the King of glory (Zechariah 14:17). Then, out of nowhere the man at the gate finally spoke up, saying in Spanish that His name was Josue (Joshua) and asked if he too could pray. It turns out Josue was the gatekeeper of the Pool of Siloam, and was a Believer in Yeshua who had made Aliyah from Chile! First Moses then Joshua! It was unbelievable. We also felt from Abba to pray for the unification of North and South Korea, and one of the young people from Korea did so in Korean. The next day, President Trump and Kim Jong-Un, the Leader of North Korea had a historic meeting at the DMZ with less than 24 hours notice. Coincidence? You decide. We finished worshipping with a chorus of “Come King Yeshua! The King is coming Soon!

We all thought the night was over, and everyone was tired, thirsty and hungry, so we continued up the Kidron Valley to begin the climb back to the city center, but when we came to the entrance of the Gihon Spring where King Solomon was anointed as King of Israel (1 Kings 38-39) guess who was waiting for us? There was Moses and his family who invited us into their home close by for watermelon, tea and coffee. Psalm 23 was still playing out before our very eyes walking through the Valley of the Shadow of Death. “Your rod [to protect] and Your staff [to guide], they comfort and console me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You have anointed and refreshed my head with oil; My cup overflows”. This next to the same place where Zadok the priest poured oil over the head of the young King Solomon. We were truly experiencing the grace and favor of God in His perfect timing and the places of His choosing. We all left from there in reverential fearing awe of the Sovereign God, ascending the steps from Mount Zion back to the city center with the joy and shalom of the Lord, all of us promising to return the next day. To be continued………


None of this would have happened if we would have planned it. We were simply obedient to the voice and prompting of the Ruah Hakodesh, meeting together with no other objective than to worship our Lord and Savior, Yeshua together in Spirit and in Truth, and to give Him thanks, praise, glory and honor. As Believers, we do not need a church or a building to worship Adonai, nor do we need a reason except that we love Him and want to join with heaven in saying it. Every time we worship the Father in Spirit and Truth, we are playing a part in paving the way for the return of the King of Glory. Will you join the Remnant that is raising up across the globe to bring the Gospel of Peace from the church building into the streets, to witness the transformation of the people and the atmosphere as Heaven invades, the angels join in worship, and the Holy Spirit and love of the Father falls? It all starts with true worship, and the rest falls into place as Yeshua inhabits our praise. God bless you Kingdom Family! The King is coming soon!

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