In the afternoon session of the gathering while we were worshiping, one of the worship leaders began to sing “For such a time as this” (Esther 4:14). Immediately I stated to have a very vivid vision where I saw all of the people in the gathering, coming together before the altar of the throne of God. As I saw all of the multitudes before the throne they have contrite and humble hearts (Isaiah 66:2). As we worshipped in Spirit and in Truth we were both before the throne of God and simultaneously in the worship Hall with the platform of dancers and worshippers being the altar. The four living creatures of heaven moved there wings forward and backward and there wings were full of eyes on both sides of there wings (Revelation 4:6).

As this happened I heard a powerful voice saying, “I’m releasing the wind of the East” (Psalm 78:26), to awake, from the south (Jeju Island) the sons and daughters of the land to enter through the water gate (Nehemiah 8:3). As they entered through the water gate they stepped into a pool of water and received redemption and deliverance, and hen stepped out. This act caused a shift in the Spirit for the Body of Christ to enter into the season of the open book which is the prophetic fulfillment of Bible prophecy, as well as the opening up of the heavenly books containing His prefect plan for this nation and the nations of the earth (John 9:7).

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