Four months ago, at the beginning of the Asian Worship Tour, the Holy Spirit gave us a vision of a ring of fire in the Spirit that goes through Korea Japan and China, including Hong Kong and Macau with Korea being the beginning and ending point of the ring. However, we kept asking the Lord about Taiwan, wondering why it was not included in the Circle of Fire.  During the gathering in Kwangju, He showed us another vision that gave us the answer.  Instead of one Ring of fire there were now two rings, the first ring of fire mentioned above and the second ring of fire consisting of Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.  The circles were exactly the same size.  within the two circles were two pools of water with the nations floating in the water trying to come together.  The six nations mentioned were in the same place of the world map as usual, but the other nations were floating in the water, not in the same place as a regular map.  On top of both of the rings were waves of fire.

The two rings represent a marriage of Northeast and Southeast Asia, and they spin together like the gears of a clock. The connecting point of the two rings is Taiwan, and it is the destiny of Taiwan to be the mediator or the one to marry Northeast and the Southeast Asia.  Floating represents the nations currently finding their identity and receiving there desire to work together in unity as well as the learning process the are going through.  The fire on top of the rings can either increase or decrease as the Brethren of the Kingdom come together to worship in Spirit and in Truth, and also acts as a wall against the fallen kingdom of darkness.  This is all the beginning of the Northeast and Southeast Asia coming together to go back to Jerusalem.

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