Urgent: Mexico Elections

A major deadline and moment of change is happening as we speak in Mexico. June 6th will be the most important election outcome in the history of Mexico as democracy when the country will renew its 500-seat lower house of congress, pick governors in 15 of its 32 states and elect hundreds of mayors and local legislators. It will be the largest single election in Mexico’s history.

To give a better understanding of just how divisive this upcoming election is, at least 34 candidates have been murdered since campaigning started on 6 April, while dozens more have been targeted and attacked. Mexican authorities have logged 398 threats or attacks on candidates so far. But why?

After his election victory in 2018 Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador became the first leftist president in Mexico’s history as a democracy. The people are disillusioned with the previous presidents and administrations who time and again did not make good on their promises, and many people see President Obrador as the answer to the failures of the past, which brings us to now. Since becoming president, Obrador and his MORENA party (National Regeneration Movement) have been making drastic changes to the government which many see as a regression of democracy and a return to the 1970’s where there were very few checks and balances, and the president was the defacto dictator. His power, many believe, is a direct answer to those who have been let down and forgotten by previous administrations, and President Obrador is taking Mexico down a path via his 4th Reformation Plan that looks eerily similar to the moves of late Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and other populist leaders currently ruling throughout Latin America. Alarm bells are ringing, and the extreme repercussions of this upcoming election are beginning to sink in. The stakes are high, and if MONERA wins a major majority in Congress this midterm election, President Obrador’s 4th Transformation plan will go through in full, which could be a disaster for the country’s economy akin to what is happening in Venezuela. That is not to say that the people’s anger of previous administrations is not justified, but to say that the effects on the nation and its people, as nice as the rhetoric sounds, is historically doomed to fail. The answer as per usual is somewhere in the middle.

MORENA’s main opponents in the 32 states of Mexico, are three parties, PAN (National Action Party), (PRI) Institutional Revolutionary Party, and PRD (Democratic Revolution Party) which made up the previous presidencies, who are in large part blamed, especially by the poor, for the failures of the past, but remain strong advocates of true representative democracy and legitimate checks and balances. There is no doubt that this is a fight for the future of Mexico, and the reality is that this election will be decided more than ever at the local level where individual representatives are being sized up by the people, people who are tired of the same old song and dance, and who are projected to come out and vote in greater numbers than ever before. Many challenges exist with drug cartels bribing, threatening, and killing candidates, past wrongs from previous administrations creating huge distrust, as well as present worries about the crash course of Obrador’s policies that have moved faster than the opposition can counter.

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The nationalisation of private oil, gas, and electric companies has already happened in many instances along with a slew of other reforms that are a red light to international investors who want to enter Mexico, and current investors within Mexico who are ready to leave if the trend continues. The time has come when the people of Mexico will decide the future of the nation town by town, city by city, and state by state. If Obrador’s MORENA party wins a super majority, his 4th Transformation plan will be swiftly and completely implemented without opposition resulting in almost certain catastrophic results for the nation’s economy despite its good intentions. However, if they do not win a super majority in congress, the checks and balances that are still in place have the opportunity to stop many of the more devastating policies of Obrador from going through before the next Presidential election in 2024.

Knowing these things, it’s time to pray for the future of Mexico, a country that Adonai loves and has monumental plans for, and it is time we as the Body of Messiah pray in oneness for His perfect plan to be manifested. We must pray for the safety of the candidates who are constantly in fear of bribery, and assassination if such offers are not taken, for the protection of the blood of Yeshua to be over them, and a cloak of invincibility round about them so that their enemies cannot see them come and go. We must pray for fair elections and for the oversight of each and every polling station to be sealed up tight to prevent election fraud that so often plagues such important elections. Pray that people will come out to vote and make their voices heard at every level of government, to see true change not only at a national and state level, but also within each community where corruption and crime is felt the most.

This election comes at a time on the Biblical calendar when the decree written by Mordechai that reversed the decree of Haman to exterminate the Jews went forth to all 127 provinces telling the Jewish people they had the right to defend themselves against those who wished them dead and triumphed over them (Esther 8:9). It is a parallel with the current situation in Mexico and a call to the people of Mexico to stand on the great promises of Adonai for the country and to never capitulate to the plans of the enemy, but instead stand firm in faith that the Great I Am is looking after His Word to accomplish it. It is time to release the good decree of life, not death over Mexico, for salvation to cover the country like never before, and for the government of God to be implemented in the nation for His glory and kingdom come. Join us and the remnant in Mexico to stand firm on Adonai’s blueprint for this nation and to declare together that every plan and scheme of the fallen kingdom of darkness over Mexico is null and void in the name of Yeshua, and for Mexico to arise as a tree of life paving the way for the return of the King of glory. A Holy Spirit fire is being lit in Mexico, and it is time to add more wood to it and for the wind of the Spirit to blow it into a frenzy. Adonai bless you and keep you!

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