Israel Election Alert: Urgent

New Government or Greater Division?

An unprecedented turn of events has brought Israel’s government into new territory that some see as destabilising and short lived and others as a fresh new step in the right direction. After the fourth election in two years, a new coalition government has been formed, at least in recent negotiations, between 8 different parties whose differences are as polarising as the north and south poles. From extreme left to extreme right, plus the first ever Islamist party this could be the most diverse government in Israel’s history, but is this a good thing or recipe for disaster?

The official vote for the new coalition government will be held on Monday, June 14th, a date which will decide if Israel goes to a 5th election with Benjamin Netanyahu remaining Prime Minister, or this new coalition government being sworn into power. As for Netanyahu, he and the Likud party who won 30% of the vote in the previous election have vowed to stop the formation of the new government which he says is the biggest election fraud in history and would deal a major blow to Israel’s fight against Iran and Hamas due to the clear weakness of the left leaning parties in their stance to these issues. In large part he is correct, and Israel would run the risk of retracting major gains in the fight against Iran and its proxies after a decade of hard fought victories. At the same time, Naftali Bennett, who would serve the first term as Prime Minister is arguably even more right wing than Netanyahu’s Likud party, going so far as to completely refuse a two state solution. So how is it possible that parties with such clear ideological and institutional disagreements could possibly work together in the long run if elected as the new government? The answer is, it’s very unlikely.

What If?

Even with the right wing Bennett as the first serving Prime Minister, extremely left wing parties would have key positions of power within different government agencies that would effectively implement far left policies while Bennett and his Yamina party would be directly opposed to said new policies leading to inevitable disagreement and infighting leading yet again to the Knesset being dissolved and another election taking place despite all of the political chess that has made this coalition a possibility. If the first term of Bennett somehow goes the distance, Yair Lapid who would be the second Prime Minister is a so called centrist who would undoubtedly bow to the demands of the far left who make up the majority of his coalition which would be devastating to Israel’s defensive readiness, and lead to radical policy implementations that would divide Israel more than ever before.

One Way Or Another: How to Pray

Despite all of this being very clear, the new coalition led by Yair Lapid and Naftali Bennett has said that they would refrain from decisive policy decisions while in power to avoid such division within the country, but it is clear that division has already begun before the coalition has even taken power. Netanyahu now has one week to see if he can persuade at least two coalition members to defect which would send Israel into its 5th election in two years. Nothing is ever certain in the world of Israeli politics, and we must continue to be in ardent prayer during this week for the perfect will of Adonai to be done in Israel as it is in heaven.

Israel and Jerusalem are the prophetic clock of God, and what happens in this election will be a huge sign of the times one way or another for what Adonai is doing in the nations of the world, and a key marker of where we are in the end times calendar according to Scripture. Whatever way we look at it, history is about to be made, and it is up to us as the global Body of Messiah to continue being watchmen on the walls, praying continually for the peace of Jerusalem and the salvation of Israel. If the new coalition government is voted in it will certainly be seen as an opportunity by Israel’s enemies to exploit its less hawkish parliament and test even further any weaknesses it wants to exploit. It is crunch time for Israel, and a turning point for the entire globe. We must not downplay the severity of the decision that is about to be made, so please join us in prayer around the world for Israel for God’s leadership to be be implemented and His perfect will to be done. Adonai bless you and keep you!.

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