Urgent Global Warning

Federal Gov. Cyber Threat Warning on Food and Water

The National Security Agency, FBI, and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency have just issued a warning to every sector of US food production, as well as municipal water supplies and even waste water management systems of the fast rise in cyber attacks in those sectors.

This is something we have been monitoring closely and recently reported on in a post called the coming cyber pandemic. It has quickly escalated and the warning has reached the lips of the highest powers in the land. It is not a joke nor some conspiracy theory. If you were a hacker who wanted to get the biggest pay day of your lifetime, this winter is the time, and these mostly privatized municipal water supplies are an easy target. Now that we are seeing the biggest energy crisis and logistics crisis that has and will lead to much more acute food shortages, these cyber attacks will only make matters worse.


These attacks were predicted and even played out this year 2021 by the World Economic Forum (WEF) who gathered world powers and cyber security experts to simulate what would happen in the event of a global cyber attack. Interestingly enough, the year before the COVID-19 outbreak, the same WEF predicted that the next global pandemic was coming and decided to gather the world’s health specialists to simulate what would happen in the event of a global outbreak of a Coronavirus. Coincidence? Regardless of your view, these “predictions” are coming to pass, and the federal government of the United States is telling us in no uncertain terms that it is coming. Klaus Schwab the head of the WEF said of the coming Cyber Pandemic, “It would be a comprehensive cyber attack that would bring about a complete halt to the power supply, transportation, hospitals, and our society as a whole. The COVID 19 crisis would be seen in comparison as a small disturbance compared to a major cyber attack”

Food Price Hike 10% in 60 Days

John Catsimatidis, a billionaire supermarket owner warned very clearly that there will be a tremendous increase in the price in food by at least 10% in the next 60 days in the U.S., which is a 33% rise in inflation. As a billionaire supermarket owner who has intimate knowledge of the entire process of getting food to stores from the farm including how fuel prices and supply chain bottlenecks effect business, it is smart to listen to this warning, but also to understand at the same time that food would be a very good investment at least in the short term because you are looking at a 33% return.

John Catsimatidis was also clear that we should not expect this problem to go away any time soon. So when you do the math, at minimum we should expect a 10% rise in food costs every 60 days if nothing else gets added to the mix of issues. If you believe that this is a short term issue, then short term in regards to the supply chain crisis will last until 2023 according to the Middle East’s largest port operator. But that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Global Food Shortage

High fuel prices and shortages are leading to a global food crisis which is not just about how long it takes for food to get to the grocery store, but the amount of food being produced. Energy and fuel shortages and extremely high energy prices are causing the factories that process our food to shut down and/or take huge losses in every sector from grain, to eggs, to fresh produce, and especially meat which is a very labor and energy intensive process. For example, Dutch greenhouses which are the world’s second largest exporter of food by value have been shut down due to the price of gas which is used to heat them causing massive losses that are set to effect all of Europe. In China, according to Bloomberg’s chief energy correspondent the CCP has instructed many of its food processing plants to shut down in order to keep the lights on elsewhere to appease the people, surely knowing that in a short time having the lights on will be useless without food on the table. These are small problems in comparison to an even greater issue that will begin to take effect soon.

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High Energy Prices = Global Fertilizer Shortage

The world is about to have a record fertilizer shortage. People don’t realize that 50% of the world’s food relies on fertilizers, and the cost to produce fertilizer of every type has gone up dramatically in the last year due to high energy prices. The global price of the fertilizer ingredient urea, for example, is now up to $850 (£615) a tonne from about $260 a year ago. Julia Meehan, the head of fertilizers for the commodity price agency ICIS, agreed there was “a serious global problem”. She said China was putting in place an export ban on fertilizer, Russia was considering a ban, and Turkey, a large fertilizer exporter, has stopped shipments. To put that in perspective China produces 30% of the world’s fertilizer. “We are seeing record prices for every fertilizer type, which are all way above the previous highs in 2008. It’s very, very serious. Right now in the UK for example farmers are facing huge difficulties due to the price of fertilizer tripling and even quadrupling since the same time last year. High price is not the only issue though. Now, due to skyrocketing energy prices one of the U.K.’s two key fertilizer facilities has suspended operation while the other is only able to continue running due to emergency financial support. Meanwhile German Farmers are not able to buy fertilizer because the Fertilizer plants have shut down in the country and fertilizer restrictions have been put in place to “Combat Climate Change”.

Trucking Crisis to Worsen

Meanwhile in the United States Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate for businesses with over 100 employees is about to go into effect in the trucking industry. This is important to note because it is estimated that as many as 20 to 30% of truckers are willing to quit if the mandate remains in effect. There is already a severe shortage of truck drivers in the United States which has been a major part of the reason for the supply chain bottleneck which has effected prices and waiting times for products around the world. As far as crisis management goes, if you are an American, do not rely on the government to solve these issues, and be sure to help yourself, your families, and your neighbors.


This is not being written to induce fear, but to inform so as to best prepare and even to invest smartly to grow your wealth in order to be a blessing to your family and others in need. As the winter approaches the northern hemisphere will be especially effected, but countries in the southern hemisphere will likewise bear the brunt of higher food prices due to shipping companies moving ships from southern hemisphere shipping lanes to take advantage of the high demand and high prices they can charge the United State and European nations who will pay whatever it takes to get what is needed. This in turn has driven the prices of goods up in the southern hemisphere as there are now far fewer ships to service the demand of goods. This is undoubtedly a global issue that is going to last longer than just a coupe of months, and now is the last moment we have to prepare, invest, and to be very secure in our identity in Yeshua so as never to relent to the spirit of fear, because we have not been given a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind. We share these current affairs for we as the Body of Yeshua to come together to find creative and timely solutions together in the natural and to build up one another in the Holy Spirit to bring supernatural multiplication in a worldly season of lack. While harvests the world over are being negatively effected, the harvest of souls is abundant and thirsty to receive the the Gospel of Peace, the Bread of life, and the Living Water. Time to go into the fields with both natural and supernatural sustenance. Adonai bless you and keep you!

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