Trading Floors: Godly and Evil

Like never before all of us are being called to understand and implement moving on from our fallen nature into the fullness of the reality of God’s promises over our lives. There has been a lot of understanding and revelation regarding the courts of heaven in recent years about dealing with inquiry in our lives, but much less so about the roots of said iniquity which we find in spiritual trades that have been made by either ourselves or our ancestors that manifest in the natural as stumbling blocks ranging from the individual all the way up to entire countries’ destinies being put on hold and even stopped altogether. Great teachers have taught on this subject and a simplification of it here will allow us to begin the deep dive into the subject. Now is the time to get on the same page and begin making only righteous trades on Godly trading floors to see the John 17 generation arise and shine.

The Great Deception

The difference in how we see ourselves and how God sees us is the deception we are living in.

Evil Roots

The very nature of who we are is formed through previous decisions and experiences we have lived through up until now, but many of the habits and patterns we live out are actually due to the sins of all of those in our bloodline which have taken root and paved roadways within our own hearts through iniquity. These evil roots are passed down from generation to generation and are getting in the way of us becoming the men and women God has called us to be. In fact, the reason we have a sin nature has to do with the very first evil trade mankind made.

In the garden of Eden Adam and Eve traded, made an exchange with Satan by eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and it is from this same tree that we now live out our lives and from which we make our decisions. In exchange for Adam and Eve eating the fruit and gaining the knowledge of good and evil to be like God, Satan received the title deed of the earth which was originally the inheritance of mankind. Trading is exchange. It is based on the desires of our hearts which have been corrupted by our sin nature. Our own desires are rooted in the very reason for the initial sin which took place in Satan’s evil trading before his fall. His fall and part of our inherited iniquity through Adam and Eve’s trade was to have the mindset that he (and we) would ascend and be like the Most High God (Isa. 14:13-14, Gen. 3:4). As soon as Adam and Eve made this evil trade they began doing things for themselves like sewing together fig leaves to make a covering for themselves instead of allowing God to provide everything for them like before. We have done everything in our own self-effort ever since. Naturally these evil roots produce evil fruit, but now is the time that we are being called to chop off these iniquities and evil trades from the root and begin trading on righteous and godly trading floors instead.


The humanism worldview is a direct descendent of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil which elevates us to a state of pride that seeks to take God out of the equation of our lives entirely. The trade of information for elevation, so that you can know and be like God, is the root of all Humanism (Elevated Human Capacity), and rationalism (Elevated Human Reasoning). This is at the heart of pride and rejects God outright.

Meeting Our Needs

Any attempt on our part to use anything or means to get what we want and need other than God Himself is trading on evil trading floors. All of our needs, like the Israelites in the desert, God intends and promises to meet by Himself through our relationship with Him. “But first and most importantly seek His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you also” (Matt. 6:33). But this is a choice to either continue trading on evil trading floors or to transition to trading on righteous ones centered on God. Evil trading floors are demonic substitutes for God’s provision which offer a perverted altar on which to sacrifice. Often times it is inherited iniquity (Exodus 34:7) and familiar spirits that lead us down this path. We all have a need for certain things which God has put within us, but achieving those needs outside of Him becomes a counterfeit to the real thing. We all have a need for affection, value, worth, for approval and significance, affirmation, identity, purpose, security, safety, and provision. These are not inherently bad things, but how we get them is what counts.

To be clear, the word iniquity means a branching off or bent towards a particular type of sin. It also means sin and the consequences of that sin, which can be inherited. It happens when one member (or maybe several) of a family line opens the door to a familiar spirit by participating in a particular type of sin and then that familiar spirit (or spirits) will often travel down the family line to other members. A familiar spirit is one that is familiar with you and those around you and again it often travels in family lines. Examples of this could be alcoholism, drug abuse, any type of addictive behavior, sexual sin, etc. Trading on evil trading floors ourselves or our ancestors who have done so opens the doors to familiar spirits. To identify this in your own family line look for patters of sin that are consistent through generations if you are able to. If not, ask the Holy Spirit to make it clear to you.

Fake But Alluring

The pathway of trading on the floors of the tree of knowledge of good and evil produce a fake but inticing version of the real thing God wants and has for us right now. The question we need to be asking ourselves always is where are our desires are coming from and which tree are we eating from. When we eat from the wrong tree we substitute happiness for joy, satisfaction for fulfillment, leisure for peace, good causes for destiny, things which may appear really attractive, may make us feel good, but on this pathway all lead to death. All of these things are trades that are made like the trade made between Adam and Eve and Satan in the garden exchanging God things for seemingly good things which are always obsolete and deadly.

1 John 2:16
For all that is in the world—the lust and sensual craving of the flesh and the lust and longing of the eyes and the boastful pride of life [pretentious confidence in one’s resources or in the stability of earthly things]these do not come from the Father, but are from the world.

We are all offered things by Satan through whatever our pasts and iniquities make us susceptible to. Like Yeshua during the time of temptation, Satan has and will try to give us our fake inheritance the easy way, the shortcut way, if we would only bow down to him and his fallen kingdom. Unlike Eve in the garden Yeshua responded to the temptations of Satan solely with the Word of God, while Eve added some things that God had not told her in her response to Satan namely saying that not only did God say not to eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil but also not to touch it which was not what God said. Often times we are tempted to add or subtract from God’s Word to get things the seemingly easy way. And how is it that Satan already knew the inheritance God would give Yeshua? How did he know that Adonai would give Yeshua the nations as His inheritance? Satan knows the Word too and uses even the Word out of context to deceive us into giving up our God given inheritance. We must know the Word. Satan will always try to tempt us to get things the “easy” way, the way that takes God the Father out of our lives to inherit the kingdom of death instead of the Kingdom of heaven in doing so. Will we be the generation like Yeshua atop the Mount of temptation or like Adam and Eve in the garden? Time to choose.

The Buck Stops Here

Even though we have been born again as a new creation, the paradigms we have created during our lives before being saved which have been heavily influenced by our iniquities are still a major road block to becoming mature sons and daughters of God. Now is the time to present ourselves before God for transparent examination. He wants us to be free and there is no condemnation or shame from Him for the things we have done in the past which we need to repent for both individually and in our family lines. Yeshua is our defendant in the courts of heaven and wants to see us free from all iniquities and evil trades. We must get honest with ourselves about our past motives and sins and inquire of God about the iniquities of our family lines so that He can point them out clearly to us. It is our job to admit to the sins of the past, repent and begin trading on righteous trading floors that are not the counterfeit which we have been deceived into trading on. The Tree of Life is where we live from now.

A series of evil trading floors operating together for example to cause a split in a church from a kingdom. Each trading floor in that Kingdom has a government, and in each government is stacked one upon the other with more beneath those as well creating a system of organized destruction. A church split then creates yet another trading floor which will turn out the same way if not addressed and dealt with systematically. Below is an example of 9 trading floors that would form a small kingdom, with governments, and more layers within each.

Evil Trading Floors Identified

If we know the evil trading floors that Scripture speaks of and their characteristics, we can easily identify them in our own lives, families, cities, and even our countries. Here are some examples of Evil trading floors and their characteristics and the familiar spirits that these evil trading floors can open us up to. As we identify these in our own lives we can now begin cutting these things off and start trading on the opposite and righteous trading floors which will be identified after the evil trading floors.

A series of evil trading floors operating together like the ones listed below, for example, with the purpose of causing a split in a congregation, altogether from a kingdom. Each trading floor in that Kingdom has a government, and in each government is stacked one upon the other with more beneath those as well creating a system of organized destruction. A congregation split then creates yet another trading floor which will turn out the same way if not addressed and dealt with systematically. Below is an example of 9 trading floors that would form a small kingdom, with governments, and more layers within each.

Evil Trading Floor Examples

1. Tyre: Money, Materialism
2. Jezebel: Manipulation, Control, Domination, Witchcraft
3. Athaliah: Kingly Seed (Forcing Ungodly Inheritance)
4. Cain: Murder
5. Delilah: Seduction
6. Leviathan: Gossip, Lies, Deception
7.Appolyon: Opposes the Gospel
8. Sanballat, Tobiah, and Geshem: Restricting the blessings of God upon someone else
9. Python: Squeeze, Divination, Reason, Humanism

All of these and many more are examples in Scripture of people, places, evil entities, and situations representing evil spiritual trading floors we may have and could still be trading on. Each have certain characteristics as mentioned in the Word of God which then leads to certain ungodly realities (fruit) in our lives, families, institutions, businesses etc. which when we are open and honest with ourselves can be clearly identified.

The Bad Fruit (familiar spirits)

The evil fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil are vast, but these are a few that we can identify within ourselves to then get to the root (trading floor), bring it to the courts of heaven in repentance and begin trading on righteous trading floors instead.

Abandonment, Affliction, Anger, Anxiety, Bitterness, Chaos, Death, Depression, Discouragement, Dread, Envy, Fantasy, Fear, Hatred, Hopelessness, Infirmity, Jealousy, Lawlessness, Oppression, Negativity, Poverty, Rejection, Religion, Sickness, Stress, Torment, Victim Mentality.

Having these fruits in your life is not to feel condemned or ashamed in any way, but instead a great gift and mercy from God that we are able to admit these things are part of our lives to then find its opposite fruit and begin walking in it. You are a new creation and no longer living in the deception of satan, but now beginning to see yourself as God sees you.

Righteous Trades Are Conditional Covenental Promises

Everything is about the motives of our hearts. Besides us, the only person that knows the motives of our hearts is God Himself. Trading is about offering something for something else in exchange. It could be money, goods, a service, but also love, a promise of God, the blood of Yeshua, etc. Whether it is a good or evil trade that is being made it is a covenant exchange. When we enter into a covenant relationship with God, what is mine is now His and what is His is now mine. We become co-heirs with Yeshua and now have the legal right by the blood of Yeshua to all that God has promised us, but with with conditions. If whatever we are looking for is rooted in bringing glory, honor, and blessing to God, to see His kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven then what is asked for is according to His heart and granted to us. Our selfish desires do not sway God, but if it is something He has promised personally or in Scripture, He wants us to ask Him for it and remind Him of the promises He has over our lives.

Godly Trading Floors

The Cross

At the cross we exchange our sin for forgiveness, unrighteousness for righteousness, old for new, sickness for health, etc.

The Blood and Body of Yeshua

Practicing communion is not only symbolic but a reality in our lives as through the blood of Yeshua our very DNA has been transformed so that we may be continuously transformed and truly become sons of God.

The Sea of Glass

Just as the 24 elders cast their crowns before the throne on the Sea of Glass, every time we are complimented, awarded, applauded, or receive recognition for something we have done we always give all glory to God as He is the one who gave us the grace, favor, ability, etc. In return we receive the greatest affirmations and promises of all from the Father who we are meant to be most intimate with.

Fiery Stones

As we exchange our old lives for our new ones as a living sacrifice to God in all things we receive in return the fruits of the Spirit, and divine revelation is poured out.

The Altar of Incense

It is no longer that I live, but Yeshua lives in me (Gal. 2:20). I present my life to God as His instrument of righteousness. I am dead, deny myself, and His whole life opens up to me.

The Crown of Thorns

Represents us trading our labor and toil for the glory of God, but not in a religious way thinking that works in and of themselves somehow grant us the promises of God. Always through obedience to the Holy Spirit instead of sacrifice is God pleased with our offering to Him (Jeremiah 7:21-23).

Your Own Heart

There are 7 spheres of society, but your heart and how you nurture it with the Word and in God’s presence or how you neglect it is your personal responsibility to be given fully to the Father, Yeshua and the Holy Spirit.

Treasury Room of Heaven

This is the place where we present tithes and offerings of all types to Melchizedek (Yeshua).

The Word of God

For as many as are the promises of God, in Christ they are [all answered] “Yes.” So through Him we say our “Amen” to the glory of God.

The Path to a Renewed Mind & Restored Soul

This diagram puts all in one place a detailed yet simplified version of the condition of our heart and mind being transformed after going from being riddled with evil trades to righteous Godly trades in our life.

How To: Practical Steps

1. We must own our past trading and motives.
2. Confess our trading as sin.
3. Seek Revelation about any family trading that may influence us.
4. Accept the accusation and receive God’s judgement for our own and family trading.
5. Repent and renounce false trading (be very specific).
6. Be separated from false trading.
7. Invite God to activate our “reverence” and “fear of God” spiritual gates, so that our conscience gate will be sensitive and activated. This is a continuous process that as we do so more often we become more aware when we are trading or about to trade on evil trading floors again until it becomes like 2nd nature.

Courtroom Prayer

Before reading this prayer it would be good to go through this detailed negative Trading Floors document by Mike Parsons line by line first to help you identify the specific trading floors you have traded on and in what way in order to bring up in the court of heaven.

Father, I thank you that you love me
And that your kingdom is based on righteousness and justice.

By faith I step into the court of accusation.
I face my accusers and I accept and agree that I have wrongly traded.

I accept that I have followed the pathway of the knowledge of good and evil
I accept that I have been influenced and motivated by earthly, natural and demonic wisdom.
I stand here representing myself and my forefathers, identifying with them.

I repent of and renounce all false trading for myself and my forefathers
(be very specific here about what trading you have recognised)…
I receive the judgment of God and I am justified and made righteous through my advocate, Yeshua.
I release the judgment of God against my adversaries and accusers.
I receive a mandate to be separated from all false trading.

I step back into this realm with the authority to identify and reject all demonic, natural and earthly influences and motives.

I choose to be identified as your son walking in the light following heavenly wisdom on the earth. Amen.


As we begin to master seeing ourselves as God sees us, and trade on Godly trading floors it opens up a whole new dimension of the Kingdom which we can then begin to teach and implement not only individually, but corporately, even on the national level to see on a large scale the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven. The Spirit of God is sending a wind that is howling in our ears beckoning us and pushing us together toward the promise of the reality of the John 17 generation. The Godly trading floors are being highlighted by an all consuming fire like the fire of the burning bush. A cry is going forth from the mountain of the Living God to all of the nations and back to Jerusalem asking the remnant, would you be my voice to bring salvation to my children? Would you let me work in you and through you to bring the message of salvation and the Kingdom mindset to my children? A call has gone forth, and the time to trade righteously and corporately is upon us. Adonai bless you and keep you!

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