If you aren’t aware of the seriously awesome, crazy, and utterly amazing revelation of this Shabbat, prepare to have your mind blown. Starting with the explanation of what used to happen on the 7th day of Sukkot all the way to its fulfillment today, we hope you enjoy the prophetic roller coasters and are blessed by this revelation as Adonai has intended it.

On the 7th day of Sukkot the Temple priests would go to the Pool of Siloam with a huge gathering of people with a priest collecting water in a golden container moving in joyous celebration through the Water Gate where trumpets were blown before continuing all the way up to the Temple.

The priests on that day would walk around the altar 7 times as a symbol of tearing down the iron wall that separated them from the Father in heaven, just like the wall of Jericho was walked around 7 times and the wall fell down flat (Joshua 6:20). What an amazing allusion to Yeshua breaking the veil!.

As the priests would walk around the altar, the climax of what they were reciting was “Kol mevasser, mevasser ve-omer” (The voice of the Herald [Elijah] heralds and says)—expressing hope for the speedy coming of the Messiah. Imagine the surprise on that day in John 7:38, the 7th day of Sukkot when Yeshua speaks up!

They would then pour the water from the pool of Siloam in tandem with wine from another vessel to flow over the altar. Another direct allusion to the blood and water that poured from Yeshua’s side on the cross after being pierced with the spear, a Holy sacrifice once for all.

The specific day was called by the Rabbis, and still is Hoshanna Rabba, Rabba meaning “Great”, and Hoshanna meaning “Please save us!” The whole act of the water libation ceremony is based on Isaiah 12:3 that says, “Therefore with joy you will draw water from the springs of salvation.”

The word for salvation in Hebrew is Yeshua. Can you imagine the biggest celebration of the entire year based on that verse, and Yeshua at the climax of the celebration says, “If a man is thirsty, let him come to me and drink. Whoever believes in Me (Salvation, Yeshua) as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.” (John 7:38)! Utter pandemonium, and that is exactly what the Bible tells us happened afterward (John 7:40-53). UH MAY ZING!.

That brings us to the Holy Spirit. Directly after saying that, John tells us in verse 39, “But He was speaking of the [Holy] Spirit, whom those who believed in Him [as Savior] were to receive afterward. The Spirit had not yet been given, because Yeshua was not yet glorified (raised to honor).”

We see this played out in the most spectacular way the very same day Yeshua is raised from the dead. When Mary sees Yeshua for the first time after not even being able to recognize Him on the cross due to Him being so badly beaten (Isaiah 52:14) He tells her, “Do not hold Me, for I have not yet ascended to the Father; but go to My brothers and tell them, ‘I am ascending to My Father and your Father, and to My God and your God.’” What do you think He went to see the Father for? Could it be to put His own blood upon the mercy seat in heaven? It was definitely a busy day because come nightfall Yeshua walked through the door of the locked building the disciples were hiding in, and He had a gift for them, one He couldn’t have given unless He had already returned to the Father as He had told Mary He would, the Holy Spirit. “Then Yeshua said to them again, “Peace to you; as the Father has sent Me, I also send you [as My representatives].” And when He said this, He breathed on them and said to them, “Receive the Holy Spirit.” (John 20:21-22)! The same breath breathed into dirt to create us, man, had just been breathed upon man once more. The separation of Man from God was finally restored thousands of years after Adam had forfeited that right.

We all know the story of Pentecost after Yeshua had ascended for good when the outpouring of the Holy Spirit came upon the 120 in the upper room, and now everyone, has access if we so chose to receive Yeshua as Lord and Savior to receive the Holy Spirit Who knows the thoughts of God so that we may understand what YHWH has freely given us (1 Corinthians 2:11-12).

If this Shabbat isn’t worth celebrating and every other day after it just like it with great rejoicing for the crazy, ridiculous, perfect love of Adonai that is so awesome that He would give us this unfathomable gift, so that we can know the thoughts of the Father, and commune with Him, be with Him, love Him, and be like Him, then clearly we don’t know the magnitude of the gift we have been FREELY given. Let us rejoice this day, and throw a party with the Holy Spirit!


The complete fulfilment of this day has not yet arrived. Because we now have the Holy Spirit, we as the Bride of Yeshua have the very essence of YHWH within us that enables us to be like Yeshua in every way. It is not something unachievable as so many in the Body of Messiah profess. If it were unachievable, why would Yeshua tell us we will do even greater things than Him (John 14:12). It is most definitely possible and there are men and women living and imparting that reality today, raising up a bride without blemish or wrinkle. In a traditional Jewish wedding, when the bride and groom are standing facing one another, the bride has a veil in front of her face. The Father of the bride, then says to the groom, I give you my daughter and you may now kiss the bride. Through Yeshua we now have access to the Father and the Holy Spirit so that we may come to know Him intimately and in the same way walk as Yeshua walked.

The veil to the Father has been lifted so that we might stand before the groom Yeshua one day and be unveiled by Him with permission from the Father who will give us away to Him. We are being courted by Yeshua. Let’s know the Father, Yeshua, and the Holy Spirit so well that we can’t help but take on the attributes of YHWH. Adonai bless you and keep you kingdom family! #shabbatshalom

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