The 8th and last day of Sukkot is a very prophetic day that points directly to final fulfilment and consummation if you will of the journey of the Moedim, all of the appointed Biblical feasts of Adonai. As we spoke of in the previous post, the 7th day of Sukkot points to the wedding day between Yeshua and the Bride.

However, there is one last day to commemorate, the most mysterious, and some would say the most important, when the bride and groom leave the wedding and in a secret place consummate the marriage. This is a sacred time for all newlyweds today, but what that will truly be like is a wonderful mystery we can only know on the day it happens.

Today, sex is the greatest target for satan to profane, pervert and attack. Why do you think that is? Before receiving Yeshua as Lord and Savior and the Holy Spirit, we had been under the curse of fallen man and sin and were slaves to the point of view that brought with it, but now we have to ask the Holy Spirit, what is it supposed to be like according to your original purpose? What was it like before Adam and eve ate the forbidden fruit and was cut off from your presence?

Adonai has restored us, and to have even a glimpse of what that day would hold, we must first know what it looks like being restored to its original purpose. If we reverse the process of Adam and Eve, we can consider ourselves unbelievably blessed.

We went from sinners to saved with the Holy Spirit, but they went from being filled with the Holy Spirit and walking with YHWH to having the Holy Spirit stripped away, cast out of His presence, and then enduring almost 1,000 years of watching satan pervert the original plan of Adonai. We got the better end of the deal brethren, and now we are learning from YHWH Himself how to return to that original plan. It is time we do this together as the body and Bride of Yeshua. Adonai bless you and keep you kingdom Family!

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