The Gate, The Ancient River, The Alabama Earthquake

Entering the Water Gate

While worshipping with a small group of believers, we experienced the freedom of the Holy Spirit, and the room was full of angels carrying the freedom of Yeshua, and during that time my spiritual eyes were opened and I could see that we were walking across several small streams of water through green pastures in between until we reached a very deep and wide river that was slowly and calmly flowing, and as we put our feet into the waters, I saw the reflection of the gate of Shevat, but it was not outside the waters for us to enter, but the image of the gate was in the waters, an invitation to go deeper into the River of Adonai.

So we entered into the river up to our shins, and then as I was observing how peaceful the waters of God were, and I began seeing the manifestation of the 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit, and I saw them as different colors differentiating one from the other like a rainbow in the river, but I could also hear each fruit with its own unique melody and frequency, like a melody of worship. As was experiencing this I understood that as we are called to be trees of life rooted by streams of living water going deeper and deeper into the river, this Shevat we will be manifesting the 9 fruits of the Spirit in a heightened and new way that we have never experienced before. This month is a month to feel and experience that shalom of Adonai, and we are being invited by the Great I Am to enter deeper and deeper into His river of life where the 9 fruits of the Spirit flow.

The Mighty Mississippi

As we went back to worship, with the flute being played as the main instrument of worship, a very prophetic and apostolic sound was being created. During this time of worship, I was taken in the Spirit to the shore of the Mississippi River just before the sun set in the vision, and I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit saying these were the ancient waters of America. In front of me I was seeing a smaller river enter in to the Mississippi River that created a small bay. Just next to the bay was a small settlement of first nations people living in TP’s just as they did in ancient times. I understood that Adonai was taking me back to a period of time where I felt a very present sense of shalom that was normal during that time in America. It felt like paradise, and I was aware that Adonai wanted me to see the living style they had which was one of harmony that was very connected to God’s creation that flowed in a perfect way without resistance. It was like I was experiencing what Adonai wants this nation to enter into, His shalom that He has created America to flow in in the fullness of His 9 fruits manifesting His dominion upon the earth. Does that sound crazy in the days we are living in? This is available to the remnant right now, and as we flow in His river, so goes the nation.

Then I saw the Father manifesting Himself as an old man that could have been the chief of the tribe I was seeing next to the bay with white hair and a white beard. He called each one of us individually to Him, and each of us were physically becoming like children as we approached Him. He spoke to each of us something unique from Him that greatly helped us to continue each of our journey’s successfully. One of the people that was with us, I was seeing as a hunter with a bow and arrow, and when he approached the Father, he was given a staff. Then I saw a big map of America, and he was above the map. As the Father was instructing him, he began calling on each state to release their waters to flow in unison to the heart of the nation which I was seeing as the Mississippi River. First I saw him speak to Florida, then to Alabama, then to Texas. Then he was told to speak to the waters of California, but they were not ready yet, and I saw that he was being sent to San Diego to activate the flow of the spiritual waters of the state from the south to the north. Then I was seeing that even though the Father wanted the waters of Washington D.C. to flow, they were polluted, and He was calling the remnant from the 50 states to worship thereby cleansing the waters of Washington D.C. It is no time to doubt or pout mighty people of the Most High, but to worship in Spirit and Truth for the destiny of this one nation under God.

Alabama Earthquake

During the same day of having these 2 visions, Jan.15th, we had gone earlier in the day to do a prayer walk around the Capitol building in Washington D.C. As we did so the other person doing the prayer walk with us brought up the prophetic significance of Alabama winning the national championship on Jan.11 as they are also called the Crimson Tide, saying that it was a sign that a crimson tide was about to sweep the nation, not a red wave of republicans, but the red wave of Yeshua coming to bring redemption to the land. This really peaked our interest when she said that, because earlier that morning I had a vision of an earthquake starting in Alabama that created a giant crack or fault that reached all the way to Washington D.C. As the crack grew, the waters of Alabama began to flow to Washington D.C. and Adonai was clear that the waters were judicial waters heading to Washington D.C. along the spine of the nation, and the earthquake was bringing an adjustment and alignment to the nation.

After sharing this vision later that night, there were many more confirmations through different people that Alabama is a key to bring the right correction to the United States. It was revealed to us that Alabama was the first state to call for the formation and establishment of the Jewish State in 1943. Alabama was also prophesied by trusted and proven prophets to be the Justice state, and where the next outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the United States will begin. So we stand together in prayer for the remnant of Alabama during this precipice moment we are in for the waters of justice to go forth and for the remnant to rise up in worship for the destiny of the United States. We pray the Crimson tide sweeps the nation which is the blood of Yeshua for the redemption of this land from sea to shining sea.

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