The Era of Yeshua

New 7 Years of the King

The Father is re-crowning King Yeshua this Yom Teruah as we blow the shofar and come into agreement with the myriads of angels and creatures of heaven in His procession. Yeshua is going forth with power and authority throughout the heavens and the earth to accomplish all that needs to be accomplished in this new 7 year era that begins now. Now is the moment we are being forced into our destiny by what is happening and about to happen on earth and in heaven, or to otherwise be left behind. As the trumpet sounds in heaven and on earth, a new season and wake up call is being given to we the people of Adonai. The gates of heaven are opening wider and the gates of the fallen kingdom of darkness react in kind as we begin this new 7 year cycle bringing with it a reality check of who we are in both the natural and the spirit.

The supernatural will become far more natural and the miraculous more normal in both spectrums of light and dark. We are going to experience being in two places at once like never before, seated with Yeshua at the right hand of the Father, and here on earth as well. The time is now when we will feel, hear, see, and even move like the angels move ascending and descending from heaven born again from above like special forces of the kingdom as sons and daughters of God. Although we have become a new creation however we are still graduating kingdom boot camp when we need to be behind enemy lines as mature sons and daughters of God in the likeness of Yeshua, His true witnesses, now. The multiplication of food, healing the sick, raising the dead, and other miracles signs and wonders are no longer things that simply bring people to salvation, but are a necessity for a major portion of the world for survival. We are being called to truly walk as Yeshua, meaning anything hindering us from that, needs to be done away with as we begin this new Biblical year. This is the moment to choose Yeshua as our true and only King, truly the treasure of our hearts alone.

Calm Amongst the Storm

A global storm is brewing entering into 5783 with a global economic collapse imminent, and fertilizer, food, and energy shortages taking place now in most regions of the world, and certainly in the near future. We see escalations in severity and frequency of natural disasters around the globe, of war and conflicts as well as diabolical schemes of the powers that be, for greater control causing a new world order to take shape. This doesn’t paint a very rosy picture, but makes Yom Teruah perhaps the most important days of the coming 7 year cycle. In spite of all that which seems so bad, reports and testimonies are coming in from place like Pakistan of people where floods have ravaged more than 1/3 of the country utterly destroying crops and clean drinking water. Water is being supernaturally cleansed, the dead are being raised, people are being transported in the spirit from danger to safety, getting healed, and experiencing supernatural multiplication, and the list goes on.

How many of us want to see this 7 years be the time when we will all see the dead raised, be translated in the Spirit, hear unrepeatable things in the throne room of heaven, see the books of heaven opened, and to truly become who Yeshua died for, rose again for, and to be with the Father!? We are called to be the calm in the storm, the steadfast and resolute amongst the weary, and unfailing in the love of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. We were built for such a time as this kingdom family, Ekklesia of the Most High, body and bride of Yeshua Ha’Mashiach.

Roaring Power of the Global Shofar Blast

We all blow the shofar from the night of the 25th to the 26th around the world and here in Jerusalem, and if you don’t have a shofar or a trumpet use the one God gave you and let out the roar of the Lion of Judah in you! Imagine looking down upon the earth from heaven as 100’s of millions of men and women of God sound the trumpet in agreement and in oneness for God’s plan for these next 7 years! From the face of the earth like flames of fire and flares in the night sky ascending to heaven saying to the King of glory, send us, we will go. We all say together the end times mission is a go.

All of this on the same day of Yeshua’s likely return and the ingathering of the elect from the 4 corners of the earth (Matthew 24:30-32), and as an open heaven takes form Adonai is giving His blueprint not only for this year, but the next 7 years. In Joel 2 the prophet Joel blew the trumpet to gather all the people for the people to be sanctified, forgiven, and receive the abundant promise of the Most High over them instead of judgement. Gideon went to battle against impossible odds and blew the shofars seeing the supernatural defeat of the enemy, and at the blast of the shofars, Jericho’s walls fell! Finally as we blow the shofar This Yom Teruah, it is in celebration and in jubilation of the supernatural victory of God that His blood has made a reality in our lives, and the coming return and coronation of Yeshua the King for He alone deserves the glory, honor, and praise. Shabbat Shalom and Hag Sameash Mishpaha!


Stay tuned to the 《〈 》〉 and our Telegram Channel as we will be releasing soon the revelation of the Tishri: the First Month of the Biblical year and the prophetic outlook for what is to come in 5783.


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