The Economic Reset Is Already Here: Are You Prepared?

A Deer In The Headlights

There tends to be a weird stigma against people who prepare for an upcoming crisis. Being a “Prepper” is now synonymous with being a conspiracy theorist. You know those crazy people who prepare for the apocalypse by becoming self-sufficient so they don’t have to depend on the government or have to go to the grocery store to buy food, or the people who stock up on enough food and water for a year and have a generator just in case. For some reason that is looked down upon by society in general. That stigma might be acceptable if there wasn’t an inevitable global economic reset, or crash, that will make the great depression look like child’s play just around the corner.

All of the signs are extremely clear, and many people are preparing for it by doing nothing, like a deer in the headlights. The car is coming, and even if we decide to close our eyes, it’s not stopping. But the question is what does a global reset look like? While we have been distracted by COVID the global powers that be have been planning what our futures will look like, but they are no longer in the planning stage, they are implementing it as we speak. The main component of this global reset is “money” which is nearly as important as water. If you control a water source, you can control the people who are dependent upon that water source. If you control the means by which people buy and sell, you equally control the people in a similar manner, and that’s what this new economic system is designed to do. So what are some components of the new system that are being rolled out now, what will this economic crash look like, and how can we both prepare and take advantage of this global shift?

Digital Currency and Social Credit Score

The current global debt right now is so much that the global economy is nearly insolvent, meaning the GDP of many nations is getting closer and closer to not even being able to pay off the yearly interest on that debt. Clearly this is not sustainable, and something is going to give one way or another, but what will it look like once the storm has blown over? Firstly, there is a huge push to go to all digital currencies using technology similar to Bitcoin, but completely controlled by each nation’s central bank.

Do you think all of the central banks of the world who have unbelievable amounts of power are just going to let de-centralized crypto currencies like Bitcoin take over the world economy? If you do, you’re kidding yourself. As we speak, 80% of the central banks in the world are developing their own digital currency, and China is leading the way having already implemented it as a part of their economy. This should scare you. Why? Because China is the way the world is going, and using this digital currency has further increased the government’s ability to spy on and control its people, knowing exactly what they are buying, when, and where. Pair that with the current social credit score in China and you now have a fully digitized and automated totalitarian state.

The social credit score I speak of works like this. There are certain socially acceptable guidelines, laws, and norms the government has created, and if you are caught by any of the billions of cameras that track your movements via AI and facial recognition, or your buying habits are considered to be going against those created social norms or guidelines then your score is lowered. For example, if you are caught on camera smoking in a designated no smoking area your score is lowered, or if you write something on social media that is considered unpatriotic or anti-government your score is lowered. If your score gets low enough you are banned from flying on airplanes or traveling on trains, your children cannot go to certain schools, you are unable to take out loans, etc. So there is no way that’s coming to my nation right? Wrong, they just aren’t calling it a social credit score. Instead they are calling it an ESG score which stands for Environment, Social, and Governance. It scores you and your business if you have one not based on your productivity, innovation, hard work, or track record of paying off your debt on time, but rather what your environmental footprint is, your application of “social justice norms”, and governance. If you’re a member of a major bank like Bank of America, you already have an ESG score.

What this means is if you have a business or if you have investments that are considered detrimental to the environment, do not line up with “social justice” norms, and are not considered to be good governance over your company or investments then you will not be eligible to take out loans of any sort, or the amount will be greatly decreased. This is the backbone of the Paris Climate Accords that Biden signed back into and is now the global model for nearly all central banks and large corporations. It is the reason you are hearing so many crazy stories like Coca-Cola giving diversity training on how to be “less white”, and why you see backlash from mega corporations against Georgia’s new voter law that requires you to show your ID to vote, because the liberal news media decided it was racist. They are now implementing these guidelines to have a better ESG score when banks make it a mandatory measure for both businesses and every person when the Economic reset is finalized. Learn more about ESG scores and the Paris Climate Accord here: Economic Re:Set plan uncovered

If this is starting to sound eerily similar to the mark of the beast spoken of in Scripture that will give you the power to buy and sell if you receive it, then you are catching on to why this is so alarming.

Why Gold?

To understand what these new currencies will be backed by, let’s take a look at the history of Fiat money. Fiat money simply means paper money, not backed by physical stores of value like gold or silver, but based mostly on the confidence of a nation’s economy and governance. There have been roughly 4,800 fiat currencies, and every time they failed or crashed, 100% of the time the next currency is created against the price of gold. Every Time. Should this time be any different? It is no secret that the price of gold and silver is manipulated to stay at an artificially low price. Why? Because the price of gold and silver is indicative of the health of a country’s economy, so if it stays low, people are not worried about the economy because they are not buying gold and silver as a hedge against inflation.

The only way that the real price of gold will be revealed is when it is in the best interest of central banks around the world. It would be advantageous to them because when the real price of gold is revealed it will be so high that the ratio of physical gold compared to current debt held on each central bank’s portfolio will suddenly reverse. Gold goes from 2,000 USD an Oz. to 25,000 USD overnight which is roughly its real value, essentially wiping out all debt immediately, but before they do that, the full system has to be in place. We find ourselves at the final moments until that happens. It is for this reason that it would be very wise to buy some physical gold and silver to take advantage once the gold and silver price cease being manipulated. When we say physical gold and silver we mean with you at your house, not in your bank and not a gold or silver stock, but the real thing.

Other countries that know this and are acting on it like China and Russia who have been buying massive amounts of gold for the past decade, plan on coming out on top when the economic reset is initiated and implemented.

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How Do We Get There, Inflation or Deflation?

Expect both to happen so that you can be prepared for both. An example of deflation is the Great Depression, when the stock market bubble bursted, and huge amounts of money, wealth, and debt disappeared, and looked very similar to the current stock market. An example of Hyperinflation is when a government increases the amount of money to such an extent that what used to cost 1 dollar now costs 100 dollars or a million dollars, similar to what is happening right now in Venezuela. Both have devastating effects, and in both cases a large portion of the population are forced to rely on aid from the government for food, water, shelter, and other amenities like electricity.

The people that tend to do the best when this happens historically speaking are the people who had the means to then buy land, real estate, stocks etc. when the market was at its lowest at extremely cheap prices. The other group that weathered the storm very well were the farmers who even though they had very little money, had more than enough by way of food and water to live like nothing had even happened. Why not take a hint from history and be able to do both?

Seeing as the numbers of farmers has drastically decreased since the great depression, reliance on the government for the most basic essentials would be extreme. COVID gave us a small taste of what it looks like when supply chains break down, and how quickly grocery store shelves can empty, and something of this magnitude would be catastrophic.

How To Prepare

Do Preppers sound so crazy now that you know what you know? In the worse case scenario it is best to have food, water, energy and shelter security, meaning you do not need to rely on the power company or the government for all of the above. So if you don’t have a garden or farm animals it would be smart to have a year supply of food for you and your family. Think also about extended family that do not have the means as well. Then double it, in case there are others who will also need help.

As believers we should be a Joseph’s storehouse for those in need and it is also a great tool for evangelism. For energy, look at alternatives to creating electricity and heating your home, like a wood burning stove, solar panels, etc. so as not to have to rely on the electric companies who are notorious for raising rates in times of crisis. For shelter, do your best to have your house paid off or paid down as much as possible, and in the case of renting try to save up enough for multiple months of rent money. Lastly, have a good store of wealth like gold and silver that you can easily barter in the case that money becomes worthless, as well as things to barter with like the store of food and water spoken of previously.

We pray this has been helpful to you and the ones you love, and that you will take this as a warning and wake up call not to be a deer in the headlights, but to move out of the way to live another day. Please tell you friends and family, your communities, and congregations so that we can be prepared not only for ourselves, but for those who will need help. We are not being alarmists, nor do we write this with anxiety or fear, but we believe Adonai has let us know in order to be as prepared as possible and to be good stewards of the knowledge He has set before us. Adonai bless you and keep you!

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