Summer Solstice: Time To Bless

The longest day of the year has just come to pass on June 21st, known around the world as the Summer Solstice. It is well known as a pagan holiday when witchcraft is rampant around the globe in places like Stonehenge and others deemed holy by people who practice witchcraft and all kinds of sorcery.

It is also the same day during this month of Tammuz that Ezekiel was taken by God to Jerusalem where he saw women worshipping Tammuz, a Babylonian god, and men with their backs facing the temple worshipping the sun (Ezekiel 8:14-18). For thousands of years people have worshipped false gods on this day and for Israel it led to God dealing with them in His wrath. This cycle of rebellion for Israel is marked on this day and a reminder that we are those like Ezekiel who wept over those being judged by God in Jerusalem. We are being called to pray for those that choose to worship idols and false gods for their salvation and redemption.

We are not to be scared and afraid of curses and false worship, but instead be filled with the love of the Father for those who have not known or experienced God’s perfect love. The fallen kingdom of darkness had a global worship time yesterday, but today we stand and cry out for the souls of the lost, the walking dead, so that they may be saved in every possible way. Our job is not to curse but to bless (Luke 26:27-28). May salvation rain down on those who curse us and hate us for they know not what they do and to what it will lead to when life in this world has finished. Adonai bless you and keep you!

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