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Statement of Social Media Migration

As most of us are becoming aware, centrallized social media has begun censoring and canceling content and people they deem to be inappropriate or contrary to their particular narrative. By centralized, we speak of the social media platforms that are currently woking together in tandem, meaning if you get censored or canceled on one platform you get canceled on the others. These platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and WhatsApp. We currently still have a presence on these platforms, but are being consistently told that we are not allowed to post certain content, specifically regarding Israel, Zion, Jerusalem, and anything having to do with politics and government in the United States and Israel. Due to this continued canceling of free speech we have taken the steps to move all of our content to other platforms as a precaution while maintaining a presence on the centralised social media platforms for an specific time. If you are interested in migrating to these other platforms, these are the counterparts of the centralised platforms that do not cancel or censor free speech that we are also on:

Instead of Youtube we are also on Rumble and Lbry. Instead of Facebook we are also on Parler, Minds and MeWe. Instead of Twitter we are also on Gap. Instead of WhatsApp we are on Telegram where you can join our channel to receive all of the most up to date content as it is released.

Although so many of us are comfortable and used to using the centralised social media platforms, we are now living in a time when making a change is necessary to safeguard free speech and freedom period in the United States and any place where people try to dictate when, what, and how you say something, or if you are allowed to have a differing opinion. Regardless, we are on all of the above platforms, and if for one reason we are censored or canceled by the centralized social media, you will know where to find us. Have an amazing and blessed day!

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