Our Father in heaven is truly more spectacular and incomprehensibly perfect than our collective imaginations can fathom.  Every day is a new mind blowing adventure with the Holy Spirit, an adventure that promises to keep one transfixed by the Glory of His Majesty with the certainty of experiencing the miraculous at every turn.  We may not know where we will be tomorrow or where we will lay our heads, but it is His promise and our reality that He is with us (Joshua 1:9), He is for us (Romans 8:31), and has only plans to prosper us (Jeremiah 29:11).  Knowing that God cannot lie, we should be more than ecstatic about these three simple, but exceedingly profound promises for our lives.  For every person on this planet that is willing to take the Word of God as literal Truth, and follow through with action, there is unimaginable love, joy, hope, and Shalom (wholeness) to be experienced as we live out what we have been created for.  Some of the best times with Yeshua are in the quiet place (Mathew 6:6), and some of the best times with Adonai are with other brothers and sisters in Christ who are truly of the same mind and of one accord, praying together, and worshipping Him in Spirit and in Truth.   For five days in Singapore a group of young Believers from all over the world came together in this way to worship Him and to fellowship as one body in Christ.  What transpired during those five days was a beautiful symphony directed by the Spirit of God, ending in a crescendo of wow.  It doesn’t take a stadium full of people for there to be a move of God, or to see radical transformation in the micro and the macro, it just takes two to gather together in the name of Jesus (Matthew 18:20).   It’s time to stop waiting for the next conference or the next church service, and instead get together with another person and know that just as He is present amongst a multitude of thousands, He is equally as present with you, just as big, just as perfect and just as in love with two as He is with a great gathering in His name.   Be violent in the Spirit with the person to your left or right, and declare freedom over every area of your life in the name of Yeshua Ha’Mashiah, and watch as the Great I Am fights your battles and makes the impossible look easy.

The dates of the gathering in Singapore had been planned many months prior to it commencement, which made it all the more amazing when it just so happened to be taking place during the five days leading up to the seemingly impromptu Trump-Kim Summit (http://bit.ly/TruKim       http://bit.ly/itsdonevdd7).  Around 100 young leaders, full of the fire of the King of Glory, from all over the world came to Worship the Lamb that was slain.  Young leaders as far flung as Israel, Russia, Brazil, Jordan and Egypt, as well as North and South Korea, China, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, the United States, Costa Rica, and many other nations were represented there.  The couple who were given the vision of this gathering, Matthew and Yily, are excellent examples of the new Joshua and Caleb generation.  They initially had zero funding for this gathering, only a God given vision along with willing and obedient hearts.  They understand that when you have been given a vision, He will give the provision.  When it came time for the conference to start, they had all of the funding needed to provide for many of the plane tickets of those attending, housing, and meals for everyone in attendance for five days in the same place that the 1972 revival (http://bit.ly/CLtower) sprung up in Singapore.   Look and see how perfect the plans of Holy Spirit are.  With nothing but the dates and the God given vision, they simply said yes, and the Lord did the rest.  Thank you Matthew and Yily for being obedient to the voice of Yeshua, for being a blessing to so many, and for putting in the long hours and hard work before and during that life changing gathering.

We had the treat of seeing again some of the incredible people we have come to know and love during these 8 months on the Asian Worship Tour.  We also had an amazing time making so many new Kingdom friends who are paving the way for the King of Glory all across the globe.  It was truly breathtaking to hear their inspiring testimonies, and to have a greater perspective of how mightily the Hand of God is moving in the nations of the world.  This generation of young people are going about the business of the Ancient of Days with the boldness of a lion, ferociously tearing down the strongholds of the enemy wherever they go.  They are violent in the Spirit, but full of the Love of the Father.  All we can say is watch out world, because a unified army of Yeshua is rising up in the nations of the world.  Young people in their twenties are starting houses of prayer and worship in Jordan, the young people in Brazil are fanning the flames of the Holy Spirit fire in their nation, young people in Indonesia and Malaysia are going into rural villages that are receiving salvation, the youth in Russia are waking up like never before, Israel is seeing a new wave of youth taking the gifts of the Holy Spirit to the streets, Korean youth are uniting in worship all over the country, the sold out Remnant in China will not be silenced, the young people in the United States are taking back the nation with the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit, Costa Rica is at the boiling point, and Singapore is coming into its destiny as the Antioch of Asia.  These are just a handful of the nations that are seeing miraculous uprisings of their youth who refuse to yield to the fallen kingdom of darkness and are so full of the love of Yeshua that the flaming arrows of the enemy return from whence they came.  If you are not seeing it where you live, be it.  You are not alone.  It will take a leap of faith.  The first time you pray for someone to be healed in the name of Jesus, you might be nervous, but no need to worry you aren’t doing it, He is.  The first time you have a prophetic vision you might be surprised, but your not doing it, He is. The difference between you before those things happen and after, all come down to one decision, to do what you tell your friends you believe to be the truth of the Bible.

As there were so many precious moments and divine encounters during our time there, it would be good to share the experience of one night in particular that was life changing for us and so many others that were present.  In the weeks before the gathering the Holy Spirit began to make it very clear to us that there was going to be a great move of God during those five days,  a feeling that only increased as the appointed time grew nearer.  To say we were expectant upon our arrival would be a huge understatement.

Just two days into the gathering, we had the amazing opportunity to minister to a youth camp that was being held at GK611 Church where we were welcomed once more by our incredible Kingdom family, Pastor David and Joanna.  For an hour and a half we spoke on identity and the importance of having an encounter with the Holy Spirit to 40 of the youth from the church as well their leaders, sharing both personal testimony and the Word of God as the Holy Spirit led.  After this time the Spirit of God led us all into a giant circle around the room, and what ensued next was straight out of the book of Acts.  If we can speak about the Glory of God, rest assured He wants us to experience it first hand.  We all began to worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth with one voice and one heart,  and as their motives were pure and there was a freedom in the Spirit, the fire of God showed up in a whirlwind, touching each person with purifying power.  As we went around the circle, everyone still in an atmosphere of adoration, the fire of the Holy Spirit fell on each person in a mighty way, giving off a physical heat from one person to the next.  People were weeping tears of joy and knees were buckling as the overwhelming love of Yeshua touched their whole being.  For nearly one hour worship continued, and one by one, each person had a personal encounter with the Living God.  We finished praying, drenched in sweat from the heat given off by the fire of the Lord, in awe of the greatness of what Abba had just done in our midst.  We left there knowing that the youth of GK611 was forever transformed by the finger of God upon their lives that night, giving every ounce of Glory to the Lord God Almighty, for He deserves it all.  It was a an amazing start to what turned out to be a continuous state of heavenly encounters.

After three powerful days of fellowship and fun, everything came to a head on the fourth night.  During the day leading up to that night, there were some astoundingly beautiful moments in the presence of the Spirit of God as we worshipped together in Spirit and Truth, many nations, but one body in Christ.  During that time there was a very rare moment, when we were all led to pray for the young lady that had escaped from North Korea.  The day before she had courageously shared her testimony of life in North Korea in grim detail, much of the time in tears.  On that fourth day, during the afternoon time of worship, we were led to pray for her and her as a representation of North Korea.  We all made our way to the stage, and with her at the center of us, we began to pray for her and her family that is still in North Korea, all the while still in the overwhelming presence of the Most High.  We prayed for thirty minutes straight, during which time she was filled to such an extent with the overflow of the Holy Spirit that she had to be helped up from the floor.  The love of the Father was palpable and physically upon us.  Had that been the only thing we came for it would have been more than enough, but Glory of Israel was just getting warmed up.

After a late dinner, twice as many people as before dinner packed into the small auditorium as if they had also been tipped off by the Holy Spirit as to what was about to take place.  David Damian and many other respected elders from all over Singapore and around the world piled into the room, making for a sharp contrast in comparison with much of the rest of the room being in their twenties and early thirties, a real Malachi 4:5-6 moment.  Still awash in the Spirit from the previous appointment with Yeshua, we began to worship the Lord of Lords once more, holding nothing back, totally surrendered and pouring our hearts out to the Rock of Ages as three generations and so many nations.  It was a testament to the fact that no matter the language, culture or age, the Holy Spirit is universal, seamlessly bridging every gap that keeps us from coming together in the unity of perfect love.  We came to a quiet moment in our adoration to the Prince of Peace when the Spirit of God led the hosts to call forward each nation one at a time to receive a special gift.  They had bought silver rings for all of us with Isaiah 42 engraved in english and Hebrew on the outside, and family on the inside of the band, signifying that we are a generation that is singing a new song (Isaiah 42:10) as one Kingdom Family.  After each of us had received our rings, the young generation came up to the stage, with all of the Israelis in the middle of the circle, surrounded by the Arab nations, surrounded by all of the remaining nations.  The stage was completely full, and holding the rings above our heads, all of the elders reached their hands out towards us and began to pray as the Spirit led.  The heavens were already open before they began to pray for us as a generation, but a lesson we have come to learn regarding King Jesus is that He always wants us to have more of Him, especially when we think there couldn’t possibly be more.  On the stage, everyone was squeezed together interceding for one another as the elders prayed, when suddenly, the presence of the Father entered the room.  Like a drop of water on a still lake, from the center of the stage to the periphery, we all went to our knees as the Glory of God fell upon us.  The weight of His presence kept us stuck to the floor, and we could not stand, let alone lift our heads.  The fear of the Lord gripped us as the Holy Fire of God ran through our bodies as wave after wave of Holy Spirit lightning bolts rocked us to the core of our being.  The room was a cacophony of noise that rose and fell with each new fresh outpouring of the Spirit.  For nearly 45 minutes we were either on our knees or on our faces on the stage as the Father remained in our midst, continuously doing a new thing in each of us.  When the weighty presence of the First and the Last had lifted, and we were able to get to our feet and we made our way slowly back to our seats.  It was a perfect ending to the night, gathering together as a Kingdom family.

When we are obedient to the voice of God, even in the seemingly smallest of choices, we will not miss our appointment with Him.  The Creator of the heavens and the earth wants to pour Himself into you, and to blow your mind everyday beyond what you ever thought to be in the realms of possibility.  Our prayer for you is to have a radical encounter with the Almighty that will shatter any chains, and open your eyes so wide to the truth of His perfect love for you, that things like worry, doubt and fear will be distant memories as you begin to walk in step with the God of Israel.   It is time to stop watching from the bleachers and get into the arena.  It is time for a new song to arise from your nation that prophecy victory in the name of the Everlasting God, that cries out united with the Brethren to see the return of the Lord of Righteousness.  Our prayer is that the divine encounters we had the privilege to experience in this gathering become your normal weekend out with your friends and family, that lead to an acceleration of your redemptive purpose in God for such a time as this.  Let’s not make the mistake of hindering Abba, and instead lift the restrictions of our imaginations to give way to His.

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