On July 1, 2017 the Holy Spirit sent a team of The Mighty Men of David (VdD7) from Jerusalem to Istanbul, Turkey on a mission that was called LIONS GATE: LION BRIDGE.  We were on the previously known Bosporus Bridge, which is now called the Martyrs Bridge, changed by the Prime Minister one year previously due to the Martyrs of July 15th.  This bridge is very important because it is a transcontinental bridge that connects Europe with Asia over the Bosporus straight, a very strategic waterway that has been heavily disputed over in the past.  This straight connects two seas, the Marmara Sea and the black sea, making it a very important spiritual portal.  Just before arriving there, we were worshipping in Zion Gate in Jerusalem which represents the highest form of worship. Directly after that the Holy Spirit led us to worship in the Lion Gate which represents the Asian Nations, an important prelude to going to the prophetic act at on the Martyrs Bridge.  From that Bridge the Holy Spirit led us to prophesy that the Lion Gate in the Spirit was being opened in that moment, and that Koreans, Chinese and Indonesians would enter through the gate coming from Asia to Europe bringing the Gospel and the fire of the Holy Spirit back to the old continent.  This bridge represents the spiritual bridge that as the Lion Gate is opened they can enter.  They will be like blazing torches bringing the Gospel, worship and the fire of the Holy Spirit, and as they pass over the bridge they will ignite the fire on the seven hills of Istanbul entering Europe after that in the name of Yeshua Ha’Mashiah.  We also prophesied over the new generation, that if they have a spiritual assignment in Asia or Europe the doors are opened for them.  This prophetic act is very significant, because as we see this video that contains all of this: (http://bit.ly/EUPRG) , we are amazed, knowing that  one year ago we didn’t know we would be in Asia, already having had gone through 13 different nations.  We realized that the Lord in that moment activated this mission as well unbeknownst to us at that time.  Regarding the Asian Worship Tour, The Holy Spirit gave this specific vision to Emmanuel in 2008, giving him a list of nations and showing him going to these nations, activating the Lion gate and Golden gate so that the young generation of Daniels and Esthers can raise up like lions and eagles in the Spirit.  This entire time he had been getting prepared for this mission and praying for the region, but even when we were in Turkey, we still had no idea we were so close to the mission starting.  As you see, the importance of being led by the Holy Spirt is paramount to everything we do, and, that the importance of prophetic mapping cannot be understated. When we speak according to the Spirit of God, our words are creative words, and we become the oracle of God to speak what He is doing in the nations and the regions of the world.

It was no coincidence that after Turkey, in the same month of July, the Lord sent us to Prague, Czech Republic.  As we arrived, the Holy Spirit sent us to the Prague astronomical clock at the main and oldest plaza in the center of the city.  The first mention of the clock dates back to 1410, making it over 600 years old, with artwork and decorations being added throughout the year.  The Lord sent us there, and this is what we prophesied.  “As the clock was marking 12 noon we declared that it was the time for a prophetic revolution in the Spirit.  We asked the Lord to stop the advancing of the clock of the fallen kingdom of darkness, and replace it with the aligned eternal times of God.   Then in the center of the ancient plaza, the Holy Spirit led us to pray around the monument of Jan Hus, who represents the heart of the city.  The monument commemorates the 500th anniversary of the death of this Martyr.  He was a Dean at Charles University in Prague, but is best known as an extraordinary reformer, considered by most to be the first reformer of the church, and was used by God to bring the Word of Truth like Ezra, to the people.  He was burned at the stake for heresy for going against many doctrines of the Catholic Church.  He won the hearts of the people of Prague as he proclaimed the good news of the Gospel of Peace, showing it to them as a prophetic teacher.  This is an important monument of revolution, as the people after his death began to stand up to the King saying that he only preached the truth.  All of his followers rebelled against the hierarchical system of the Catholic Church, and they began following in his footsteps, spreading the Gospel of Truth.  In the monument there is a young lady nursing her baby, and for us, the baby represents the new prophetic young generation that the Lord will raise up in the nation.  Jan Hus once prophesied that the whole nation would raise up for the Lord, watch the video here: (http://bit.ly/PRG-Revolution).  The Holy Spirit sent us to reactivate this ancient prophesy, and believe that the ashes of this martyr, will be released in the same way that in the end times the spirit of Elijah will be released (Malachi 4:5). The spirit of Elijah represents a revolutionary movement that is the awakening of the Spiritual DNA of a generation that will raise up with passion to spread the gospel, not only to Prague, but to every corner of the nation, and from there, to every corner of Europe.  We prophesied that apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers (Ephesians 4:11) will bring the Word of God to the people in a real way with signs and wonders.  We understood that the original design of God for Prague, and the redemptive purpose of the nation was to carry, in these end times, a revolutionary movement that will spread the gospel, worship in Spirit and Truth and the Word of God as the world has never seen.  We discerned in that moment in the Spirit that there was the enactment of a reform in the city.  We prophesied that the manifestation of that revolution would be soon.

The Holy Spirit reminded us of these missions, and we understood there was a great connection in the Spirit between the actions of then and now.  We understood that it was no coincidence the Czech Republic was the first European nation to move its Honorary Consulate to Jerusalem last April, and that as the Americas has begun to align to Jerusalem, the time for Europe has come.  We understood that in this month in July, 2018, there is a switch in the Spirit from Adonai in Europe, and as the Czech Republic is aligning to Jerusalem, other nations will be activated to do the same.  Please pray for the Czech Republic to completely move the embassy to Jerusalem, and pray for the youth of the nation that they can hear the bell of the prophetic clock of God ringing in their ears for such time as this.  In conjunction, we want to encourage young people to begin operating in prophetic mapping, as it is very important to take the cities back with the keys of the Kingdom to change atmospheres. The Lord has not called us to be dormant in the cave, but rather active and doing His will in the nations.  The young people with a territorial assignment are sent and directed by the Holy Spirit to make modifications, at the spiritual level, to the heraldry, attributes, statutes, structures, walls, doors, towers, buildings, foundations and symbols of the cities, through prophetic worship in Spirit and Truth, to plant heavenly designs, establish, raise and re-construct the walls of the immovable Kingdom. – Isaiah 58:12.

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