Importance of Biblical Times and Seasons

The importance of understanding the times and seasons as set out in the Word of God cannot be over-stated.  When we have the understanding like Daniel that the anti-christ seeks to change the times and law (Daniel 7:25), it behoves us as Children of God not to concede so lightly to the changes of the times and law that have already been so deftly implemented and ingrained into mainstream society.  To forget and downplay, or deny the fact that the Bible, the Word of God, goes by a different calendar than most of us follow is something we cannot afford to be ignorant of.  These allotted times and seasons were and are laid out purposefully by God.  It is true that we will not know the time nor the hour of the second coming of Christ (Matthew 24:6), but we are not to be ignorant of the signs of His coming, nor forget that Scripture has given us a detailed roadmap of the meaning of each biblical month, and revealed the redemptive purpose of the feast days celebrated during said biblical months.  We are not just to wait, but to watch and be prepared (Luke 12:35-36). As the end times draw closer, it is vitally important that we understand the importance of each biblical month in the now, so that we can be aligned with the timing of God rather than deceived by the enemy and miss the mark.


This is the interval of the year to receive refreshing and renewal for the preparation to enter into the fullness of God’s promise, and to eat of the fruits that are finally ripe to partake of and share.  It is the month to decide if we will let the enemy steal our inheritance in the Lord, or stand firm in the authority Yeshua has given us to receive His allotted portion for this season.  Do not let the thief into the orchard and steal all that has been labored over and waited on.  The time of the ripening is at hand, and the fruit is ready for harvest.  Shevat is the 11th month of the Biblical calendar lasting form ‪January 7th to February 7th‬ in the Gregorian calendar, and is the second of the winter months.  It is the height of the rainy season in Israel, and the same month of the celebration of Tu B’Shevat (New Year for Trees) on Shevat 15.  Tu B’Shevat coincides with the flowering of the almond tree in Israel, marking the end of the cold and rainy season and the beginning of Spring.  It was on this day during the Temple period when the “first fruits” of trees of four years old were given to the Lord (Leviticus 19:23-25).  It was on the fifth year of a tree bearing fruit that one was allowed to eat the fruit and increase its yield for oneself.  This is the season of your fifth year, when the fruits of your labor and the promise of increase are finally at hand.  Savor the taste of holding out for the fulfillment of God’s promise in your life and stewarding it with the heart of the Father.

“On the east side of the Jordan River in the wilderness, and in the fortieth year, on the first day of the eleventh month (Shevat), Moses spoke to the Israelites according to all that the Lord had given him in commandment to them” (Deuteronomy 1:1-3).  On the first day of this month, Moses began to address Israel, imparting upon them the whole book of Deuteronomy.  Moses reminded this new generation of all that God had done for Israel, reiterated God’s law, and the Lord made a new covenant with Israel before they marched into the Promised Land.  He spoke to a generation that had lived their whole lives in the exile in the desert thus far, and had witnessed first hand both God’s mercy and the consequences of provoking His wrath.   They had just gotten a taste of the victory that ‪Abba‬ was about to give them in the Promised Land, and now they were hungry for the rest of the pie.  Have you gone through enough deserts in your life? Are you ready for more than just a taste of the victory the Father has prepared for you?  Now is the opportune season to take heed of every lesson learned from the past, and prepare to run with the Lord of Hosts to receive every delayed promise, and take back that which has been stolen by the enemy.  Whether it is for your business, ministry, job, family, city or nation, the time is ripe to pluck the fruit from the tree and transition into spring.

Shevat comes up in a contrasting manner in Zechariah 1:7.   At this point in the history of Israel, during the same month as Moses’ warning to Israel of the consequences of going against the Lord, the tables are now turned, and those consequences have been meted out in the form of Israel’s exile to Babylon.  The book of Zechariah shows us God’s jealousy for His people and the mercy He has on them after the allotted time of their exile is over, going so far as to say, “I have returned to Jerusalem with mercy and compassion. My house shall be built in it” (Zechariah 1:16).  Even though Israel had prostituted herself to other gods and strayed from Lord, He had mercy saying, “My cities shall again overflow with prosperity, and the Lord shall again comfort Zion and again choose Jerusalem.” (Zechariah 1:16).  Have you backslidden? Do you know anyone who has? Was your nation once a beacon of Light, but has fallen back into darkness?  Just like Elohim’s forgiveness of Israel, the love and mercy of God has been fulfilled through Christ, now the Judge of the nations, dying and rising again for each and every one of us.  Restoration is at hand! Don’t just ask for it, declare it over yourself, over every person that has slid back into the sins of the past and over your nation!  He did it for Israel numerous times, so how much easier for one single person, or one nation for a second time?  This is the season of restoration, where the rains are being poured out from the heavens saturating the trees in preparation for the end of winter.  The blossoming of the almond trees is ushering in the beginning of spring when the warriors get back on their horses and prepare to ride into battle once more.


Asher was the 8th son of Jacob, the second son of Leah born of her servant Zilpah.   The meaning of Asher is happiness.  Asher and all of his descendants lived up to their namesake, and were very blessed.   When Jacob prophesied over his sons before his death, he said of his 8th son, “From Asher comes delicious bread, and he shall provide the delicacies of the king” (Genesis 49:20).  As far as prophecies are concerned, Asher definitely got a nicer word than many of his brothers that day.  When Moses prophesied over the twelve tribes, he said of Asher, “Let Asher be blessed with children; let him be acceptable to his brethren, and let him dip his foot in oil” (Deuteronomy 33:24).  Once again we see that it was only abundance and prosperity that was to be Asher’s inheritance, and it was even true of the land allotted to them after Israel had taken the promised land.  Located in the northwest corner of Israel, Asher had the coast of the sea as its western border and was a very fertile land.  They received more rain than the much of the nation with rich pasture and orchards, and were particularly known for their abundance of olive trees that produced huge amounts of olive oil.  They had wheat, water, wine and oil aplenty, with more than enough to export as well.  Just like the land of Asher, this month is a month of plenty, to receive not just enough, but to receive so much as to also be a blessing to others.  Asher produced so much olive oil in fact, that their tribe insignia was the olive tree.  Psalm 1 tells us that every righteous person is like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither. In all that he does, he prospers.  During this month of rain it is time to refresh and renew our roots so that the living water from the throne of heaven will course through us, bringing the fruit in its season.  We must be like the pure olive oil used in the menorah of the Temple from whence the flames burned, and be like torches in the night lighting a path to Yeshua.   Take your blessings from the Lord with happiness and joy.  Harken back to your first love of Jesus Christ, and remember to live in that love.  Refill your lamps with pure olive oil, and keep the fire burning into the night.  “Let your waist be girded and your lamps burning; and you yourselves be like men who wait for their master, when he will return from the wedding, that when he comes and knocks they may open to him immediately. Blessed are those servants whom the master, when he comes, will find watching ” (Luke 12:35-36).

It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows for Asher however, because the tribe failed to heed the warnings of Moses before entering the Promised Land.  They intermarried with the canaanites on their land and started to worship false gods.  When Moses told them specifically not to do this, it also came with a consequence.  “They will turn your children away from following me to serve other gods, and the LORD’s anger will burn against you and will quickly destroy you” (Deuteronomy 7:4).  After being one of the most blessed tribes of Israel, Asher did the one thing that they were told not to.   “Neither did Asher drive out the inhabitants of Accho, nor the inhabitants of Zidon, nor of Ahlab, nor of Achzib, nor of Helbah, nor of Aphik, nor of Rehob: But the Asherites dwelt among the Canaanites, the inhabitants of the land for they did not drive them out” (Judges 1:31-32). Later we see that Asher was one of the first tribes to be attacked by the Assyrians to the north, facing defeat after defeat at their hands.  However, we see that Asher also had a history of repentance, and though they strayed many times from the Lord, always humbled themselves and returned to worshipping only Yahweh.  As the Lord blesses you abundantly this month, be like the righteous man who is planted beside streams of living water, and not walking in the ways of the wicked who will perish.  It is never too late to turn back to Yeshua and repent of ones backsliding, and if that is you in this season, humble your heart oh prodigal and be welcomed back into the arms of the Father!  ‪Abba‬ will give us many gifts and blessings in abundance this month, and will continue to do so like He did with Asher, but how we steward those gifts is up to us.


Although Peter was not likely a member of the tribe of Asher, his life is as we see it in the Scripture is uncanny in its parallels to the tribe of Asher.  Peter was blessed with great abundance, and His life before and after Jesus’ resurrection was a series of falling, repentance and being restored to even greater strength and faith.  Peter was singled out by Jesus more than any of the other disciples, both commending and rebuking him in equal measure.  From the very outset of Yeshua meeting Peter, he was blessed with great abundance.  “When Jesus had finished speaking, He said to Simon Peter, “Put out into deep water and let down your nets for a catch.” “Master,” Simon replied, “we have worked through the night without catching anything, but because You say so, I will let down the nets.” When they had done so, they caught such a large number of fish that their nets began to tear” (Luke 5:4-6).  They were blessed with such abundance, that they had no need to even worry about their livelihoods when they made the choice to be Jesus’ disciples.  It was also Peter who answered correctly saying that Yeshua was the Christ (Matthew 16:17).  This no doubt made the rest of the disciples a little jealous.  However Peter was also the one disciple that denied Jesus three times after telling Him he would never deny Him, a treachery bested only by Judas.   Just like the tribe of Asher, Peter had been given much, but denied the One True God.  After Christ’s resurrection, Peter is singled out yet again, repents, is forgiven, restored and even commissioned as an apostle by Jesus to go and feed His sheep (John ‪21:15-17‬).  Peter had fallen the hardest, but was forgiven and restored to even greater standing.   Let us take note of the lessons of Peter’s life during this month of abundance and restoration.  When great provision comes, give all credit and glory to the Great I Am, and when we fall, no matter how far, even so much as to deny Yeshua, to be humble, repent and be restored in the fullness of ‪Abba‬’s love.


Aquarius, or Deli in Hebrew, meaning The Water Urn, is the constellation in the night sky over Israel in the month of Shevat.  Aquarius pictures a man pouring water from and urn in to the mouth of a fish.  It is appropriate that this is also the apex of the rainy season in Israel where the waters are being poured out from the heavens to quench the thirsty land in the natural.  As well as having a natural parallel, there is also a very spiritual one. In this constellation, the man represents God, the water as the Holy Spirit and the fish as us, God’s children receiving the Holy Spirit.  It shows us this month is a month of both natural and spiritual abundance from the Lord.  Isaiah 44:3 characterizes this month beautifully saying, “ I will pour out water to quench your thirst and to irrigate your parched fields. And I will pour out my Spirit on your descendants, and my blessing on your children. They will thrive like watered grass, like willows on a riverbank.”  The Father is pouring out both His Spirit and His blessings in a double portion this month.

Deli also reminds us that Yeshua has prepared a way for us so that we will never have to worry or be anxious of the next moments and days.  “He said to them, Behold, when you have gone into the city, a man carrying an earthen jug or pitcher of water will meet you; follow him into the house which he enters, and say to the master of the house, The Teacher asks you, where is the guest room, where I may eat the Passover meal with My disciples” (Luke ‪22:10-11‬).  Everything had already been prepared.   The Lord told them where to find the man who had what they needed.  This is symbolic of any kind of provision we need in our lives.  Then, Jesus tell his disciples exactly what to say to the man who had what was needed.  He gives us everything we need for the season we are in, but it is up to us to actually take the steps to accomplish the task.  When Adonai gives the vision as He did to his disciples, He also gives the provision, everything we will need to fulfill that vision.  If Yeshua told you face to face to go and do something for Him, I imagine you would do it to perfection. If you know you have a calling, vision or promise from God, act as though Jesus is standing right in front of you telling you He has given you everything you need to make it happen, and take a step of faith, then another and another until it is accomplished.


Tzadik is the eighteenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet and means righteous one.  When written, it even forms an image of a servant with their hands raised in humility to the Lord.   Tzadik is also the most similar letter to Aleph, the first letter of the alphabet which represents the beginning or foundation which is Yeshua.  Tzadik is known as the mate of Aleph,  like the Bride and the Bridegroom.  We are the witnesses and messengers of the Lord here on earth and are meant to be a reflection of Jesus.  We are meant to be Tzadik, righteous, and can only be righteous through Yeshua.  We are to be Psalm 1 people  who are a rooted in Him, nurtured by Him and taught by Him.  Tzadik is a reflection of the Aleph, just as we are meant to be as His children.  During this month of Shevat we are reminded to be righteous men and women, unless we prefer the way of the wicked who “are like chaff that the wind drives away” and who’s destiny is death (Psalm 1:4).  In this month of Shevat, the abundance of the Lord is being poured out, and our job as His children is to shout from the mountain tops all that He has done for us, and be a walking talking testimony of His perfect love.

NUMBERS: 11 & 15

There are two numbers that represent this month, 11 and 15.  The number 11 symbolizes disorder, chaos and judgment. In the Bible, 11 is used twenty-four times and “11th” 19 times.

Coming after 10 which represents completion, law and responsibility, the number eleven 11 represents the opposite, which is being irresponsible and breaking the Law, bringing disorder and judgment. We saw that this was the outcome of Asher’s disobedience to God.  We see the consequences of going against The Great I Am all throughout the Bible.  One very pertinent example that of this, and is a direct parallel to the times we are living in is in Genesis 11.  Nimrod rebelled against the Lord, and instead of using their unified language to do God’s will they did their own, resulting in God making them speak different languages and scattered them throughout the earth.  Today, more than any other time since then is the closest the world has come to having the same conditions as Nimrod did, with a universal language, the wish to be like God, and rebelling against Him.  Artificial intelligence, cloning, gene manipulation, gender fluidity, trans-humanism, etc. are all happening now throughout the world without regard to God’s law or the punishment that will inevitably ensue, because people now believe they themselves are God.  Be sure meditate on the Word of God this month so as not be fooled or deceived this season.  Do with the gifts He has given us the righteous thing, not the rebellious.

The number 15 in the Bible pictures rest, which comes after deliverance, represented by fourteen.  15 is the opposite of the chaos and confusion represented by 11.  The 15th day of the month in the Bible is chalk full of examples of rest and happiness.  The 15th day of Nisan is the first day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread, a day of rest for the children of Israel and for Believers. The 15th of Elul begins the Feast of Tabernacles, also a day of rest. ‪The 15th of this month‬ is the New Year for Trees, a time to rest and partake of the fruit of the trees.  After dying on the cross, Jesus’ body was placed in a garden tomb as the sun was setting to begin Nisan 15.  We see clearly that 15 symbolizes rest, but also remembrance.  Just as Moses reminded Israel of all that God had done before they entered into the promised Land, we must remember all He has done for us, to celebrate Him, rest in Him, and walk with Him.  Even during a time on the earth when people are trying to play God and seemingly everything is becoming relative and permissible, our rest comes from the Lord and we will do so this month.  Chaos, confusion and judgement are from and for the enemy. Rest, order and blessing are for us through Christ, and we declare that victory and blessing is the only outcome for us in every moment of every day this Shevat.


Turquoise, also known as Beryl in the Bible, holds a special place in the Scriptures that is easy to overlook.  It is a stone placed both in the Ephod of the High priest, representing one of the tribes of Israel (Exodus 28:20), as well as in the walls of the New Jerusalem (Revelation 21:19). It is a representation of life giving water and the Holy Spirit. It is also a representation of unity in the body of Christ, a synchronicity and strength that is held together by the perfect love of God (Colossians 3:14).  Daniel 10:6 says of the Lord, “His body also was like beryl, his face had the appearance of lightning, his eyes were like flaming torches.”  His body would look like the very water He tells us to drink of that we may never thirst again.  Christ says in John 7:37-39 “Anyone who is thirsty may come to me! Anyone who believes in me may come and drink! For the Scriptures declare, ‘Rivers of living water will flow from his heart.’” When he said “living water,” he was speaking of the Spirit.”  He is inviting us to be a part of His Body, full of the Holy Spirit, and partaking of His promises.  We have been grafted in to the tree of life, whose root is holy (Romans 11:11-31).  His water, the Holy Spirit, flows through us like water through the veins of a tree, our lifeblood and source of nourishment. Without it we are sure to wither and die.  Rivers of living water now flow from our hearts, which means we have within us the very river that we are meant to be planted next to.  Dryness and travails are not God’s plan for our lives!  Declare from your hear the blessings and promises God has for you, and watch as fruit begins to hang from your branches.  We are in Him and He is in us.  Rivers flow from our hearts and our roots soak it up in an endless cycle of life.  Speak life and live it to the full in happiness and joy this Shevat.


As the New Jerusalem has 12 gates, and we as intercessors of the Kingdom pray for the nations, each month of the year represents a specific region on the globe to pray for.  From each gate, a region of the world is covered, like a slice of pie projected from Jerusalem to the nations, and during this month, the United States, Canada, Spain and France are in the crosshairs of said gate.  Jaffa gate, which still stands in the Old City of Jerusalem to this day, is a representation of this zone of prayer to the nations.  As we pray for the nations this month, pray especially for the above mentioned, and take note that they will be int the spotlight of the news this month.    Please join with us in ardent intercession for these particular countries, for the perfect will of Hashem to be done there and the plans and schemes of the enemy to be thwarted at every turn.  Pray that each of these places will recognize and give all credit to the Lord God Almighty, and not turn away from His will, ushering in judgement rather than blessing from the Great I Am.  Yeshua is both the judge of the individual man and the Judge of the nations, and we must stand in the gap accordingly, praying without ceasing for our brethren across the globe, keeping the angelic hosts busy on the highways of heaven.   In this month of happiness and abundance, pray that the Remnant of these nations are blessed to overflow to fulfill their redemptive purpose in the Lord with excellence and without fail.  ‪Abba‬, please raise up the Joshuas and Calebs to take back there countries, paving the way for Your return!


Stand tall and strong trees of the Kingdom!  Shake free the fresh fruit from your branches to be eaten and enjoyed this Shevat, and be renewed by the living water of Yeshua which your roots drink deeply of.  Be refreshed and strengthened by the rain of heaven and prepare yourself for the Spring.  What is coming this month is just a taste of all the Lord has prepared for you, but do not forget to give credit where credit is due.  You will taste of the best the land has to offer, but do not bite the Hand that feeds you.  Give all glory honor and thanks to the Most High.  Be careful not to be tricked or deceived by the enemy who wishes to steal the blessing you have been gifted from the Lord.  Call the bluff of the serpent who has no right over your inheritance in Yeshua, and stomp it out with your heel to remind it who has authority over who.  Heed the warnings of the Lord, be encouraged by the great works He has already done in and around you, and take the next step into the fullness of His promise which He has placed before you.  Do not be afraid or frustrated by the world around you that mocks God and tries to be Him.  Stand firm in these end times of acceleration with your brothers and sisters in Christ, moving as one in the Holy Spirit, all drinking from the same River, and producing the same righteous fruit of the Lord.  It is time to rally the troops of the Kingdom, gather the provision and get ready to march.  We remember this Shevat that Moses gathered all of Israel together before his death to make sure they were all of the same mind with unwavering faith before entering into the Promised Land.  In the same season and the same spirit, we come into agreement with the Lord this month as a generation that has been prepared and equipped for the battles ahead to “be strong and courageous, not to be afraid or tremble in dread before our enemies, for it is the Lord our God who goes with us. He will not fail us or abandon us” (Deuteronomy 31:6).

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